Urgent News from Uvira, DRC

Urgent News from Uvira

28 September 2017

by Raphael Bahebwa Kabambire

It is reported from people in Uvira that there is violence today between Mai Mai and government troops backed by MONUSCO.

This has taken place in suburbs of Uvira which is 125km from Bukavu, capital city of South Kivu.

We have been informed that since yesterday the people`s army (Mai-Mai) have been engaged with FARDC ( DRC government forces) who are backed up by MONUSCO, UN peacekeeping forces.

Heavy combat is taking place right now in Kalundu Port of Lake Tanganyika which is about 15km from Burundi.

The amazing side of the story is that government forces (FARDC) are fleeing in direction of Bakavu. It is now MONUSCO troops fighting with the people`s army (Mai Mai). It is also being reported that MONUSCO is obstructing civilians trying to flee the violence.

The question is are MONUSCO  defending Kabila or is it there to serve the population? At this point people are confused as to what the UN peacekeeping mission has as its designated role!

The border with Burundi is closed and the road to Bakavu is closed to civilians but MONUSCO are allowing FARDC to run away.



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