UN Peacekeepers Killed in Eastern DRC

UN Peacekeepers Killed in Eastern DRC

Fourteen peacekeepers have been killed in North Kivu and a further 53 injured. The attack ocurred on Thursday 7 December 2017 at the MONUSCO base near Semuliki Bridge in Beni region. Most of the peacekeepers were Tanzanian.

The UN has decried the attack as the worst violence against the UN peace-keeping mission in years.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said it was the worst attack on UN peacekeepers in recent history and amounted to a “war crime”.

The media are reporting that the attack was carried out by “suspected ADF rebels”.

There are over 70 armed rebel groups operating in eastern Congo. Many of them are dressed in FARDC uniforms. The use of Congolese army uniform obscures identity.

The attack may have been carried out by any one of a number of rebel groups but its purpose is transparent.

As long as the violence in eastern Congo persists, calls to postpone elections are justified. As are the demands to create the independent republic of Kivu, the balkanization of DRC, which will not benefit the Congolese nation or bring peace to the region.

The creation of the Kivu Republic is in the interests of the global financial elite who dictate the foreign policy of Rwanda and Uganda and who operate at all levels of the current official Congo State.

Azarias Ruberwa is a typical Rwandophile Congolese minister who echoes the sentiments of the global elite:

” It is impossible to have elections in DRC. The DRC must be balkanized into 2 parts for good governance and the Kivus must become a republic.”


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