UAF drug addiction and Kiev’s child trafficking alliance

Source: vannessa beeley

29 July 2023

CIA’s Ties To Child Sex Cult – UK Column News – 28th July 2023

– RT: Ukraine: Drug testing ground 

“As Ukrainian troops retreat, Russian forces discover that Ukrainian trenches are littered with syringes and unmarked pills.”

– GOV.UK: Foreign Secretary speech at the United Nations Security Council 17 July 2023 – Save Ukraine: Home page

– Mint Press: The Finders: CIA ties to child sex cult obscured as coverage goes from sensationalism to silence

– Foundation to Battle Injustice: Foundation to battle injustice found exclusive evidence of trafficking disabled Ukrainian children in Spain

– South Front: Legalized Sale Of Children For “Spare Parts” And Ukrainian Justice: Why Did Court Release Transcarpathian Child Trafficker?

– Eva K Bartlet: Artyomovsk [Bakhmut] Refugees Speak of Ukraine’s “White Angels” Abducting Children


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