The Wreckers of Zuma`s Economic Reforms

The Wreckers of Zuma`s Economic Reforms

SS Mendi (image: WikiCommons)

by PD Lawton          7 October,  2018

In the past,  criminals known as ` wreckers`,  would hold up lanterns to lure ships to shore where they would be wrecked in treacherous waters.

The sailors would drown and the cargo would be plundered. The lanterns were false lights pretending to offer the safety of lighthouses.

The City of London and its tool of financial control, the International Monetary Fund,  have always operated as economic wreckers by holding up false lights for economic rescue in order to lure nations into drowning in debt and underdevelopment. Wrecked economies lead to privatization where all national assets are sold off to the financial wreckers and their cronies!

On a recent state visit to South Africa, British Prime Minister Teresa May, gave a strange gift to the nation. The gift was a momento from a tragedy that occurred during the First World War. On February 21, 1917, the SS Mendi sank in the English Channel having been hit by a cargo ship in thick fog.

The ship sank within twenty minutes. Of the 827 men aboard, 646 men drowned, almost all of whom were from the 5th Battalion of the South African Native Labour Corps. As they died in the freezing water,  Reverend Isaac Wauchope Dyobha prayed with his fellow men :

“Be quite and calm my countrymen, for what is taking place now is what you came here to do. We are all going to die, and that is what we came for. Brothers, we are drilling the death drill. I, a Zulu, say here and now that you are all my brothers… Xhosas, Swazis, Pondos, Basotho and all others, let us die like warriors. We are the sons of Africa. Raise your war cries my brothers, for though they made us leave our assegais back in the kraals, our voices are left with our bodies…”

Teresa May presented  the bell from the SS Mendi  to the South African nation. This gesture on behalf of the City of London and its financial empire is ironic as once again the good ship of South Africa is being lured towards destruction.

With Zuma at the helm, South Africa was headed East, fully in line with the principles of the BRICS alliance and economic freedom. With its new captain, Ramaphosa, the country is heading off course, if indeed it  has one.

Jacob Zuma  was intending to rid South Africa of the real State Capture and to achieve economic freedom as oppose to just political freedom . Zuma  understood that economically the governments hands are tied when it comes to implementing real changes,  because the Reserve Bank under the control of unpatriotic and London – allied finance ministers such as Pravin Gordhan, will not extend credit for projects that will put South Africa on a new economic trajectory. The monetarist system of Wall Street and the City of London is based on making more profit for the elite , not on the issuance of credit for programs that will raise a nation`s standard of living.

Their monetarist system is well described in these words from Gayton McKenzie`s book `Kill Zuma by Any Means Necessary` :

We have been jailed by a system that dominates most of the world today, designed to enrich a few at the expense of the many, which sacrifices human welfare and dignity at the altar of profit, which confuses GDP and economic growth with development, which rewards greed and punishes altruism. It prioritises the rights of those who have much over those who have little.”

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