The Oligarch`s proxy war in Tigray, Ethiopia.

Development in Africa , which is the alleviation of poverty , is primarily being realized through partnership with China`s Belt and Road Initiative. This is because China lends ( and gives) financing for hard infrastructure, transport and energy projects.

Ethiopia is the foremost African country in China`s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). Destabilizing Ethiopia is attacking development in Ethiopia, which is attacking development in the Horn of Africa which is saboutaging development across the continent which is ultimately an attack on China as China expands development of the physical economy through the BRI.

Andrew Korybko gives a highly lucid and intelligent assessment of the Oligarch`s proxy war in Tigray, Ethiopia in an interview with Prime  Media:

“We see a country, the second most populous in Africa, with a very proud, anti-imperialist history and a very proud legacy of never having been colonized, standing up for itself, fighting against a rogue former political faction that turned into terrorists and are committing terrorist acts. They [the TPLF] are holding people de facto hostage in their region, starving them as they have previously done in the 1980s, but the whole story is not being said because the United States and other countries want to put pressure on Ethiopia……”
“…while there is a lot of talk about the upcoming Asian Century, there is no Asian Century without there being an African Century. The Asian Century is centered on China`s rise and China requires Africa to continue growing and rising and visa versa.

Because Ethiopia is China`s top Belt and Road Initiative partner, I mean we see the recent creation of the Addis-Ababa Railway which is a very important Chinese investment in Africa, it is the flagship project, actually [of the BRI]. And we see all the Chinese investment in Ethiopia, we see the political cooperation, we see the training programs [high skills and technology transfer], we see all of that!

If Ethiopia is destabilized that could eventually impact not only on Chinese-Ethiopian relations but also more broadly on Chinese-African relations. And against this new Cold War paradigm of the Asian Century being dependent on the African Century and visa versa The United States believes they can kill, proverbally, two birds with one stone, by striking at one of Africa`s most important countries, Ethiopia. And striking via proxies.

This proxy war is multi-faceted. The United States is waging it indirectly through support of the TPLF, through corrupt UN officials who are suspectedof arming and equipping the TPLF as well as providing them with fuel and vehicles.
It is also being waged through economic means, sanctions through the US and the influence the United States exerts over international financial institutions, such as the International Monetary Fund, with which Ethiopia is presently trying to negotiate a debt deal.
Now another way is information warfare, this goes back of course to your first question : Why is Ethiopia in the news so much?”

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Source: Prime Media World

Andrew Korybko on the intent of coordinated international pressure on 🇪🇹 Exusively on Prime Media

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