The Conspiracy to Diminish Eskom

The Conspiracy to Diminish Eskom

by PD Lawton    18 February 2019

South African labour unions and certain political parties have been campaigning vociferously against the unbundling of Eskom. Unbundling is a new term for privatization. Outrage against Ramaphosa`s proposal to sell off the power stations and split the utility into 3 parts has lead to government backtracking and rushed press statements from various quarters denying that there is a nepotistic conspiracy between Ramaphosa and his brothers-in-law, Patrice Motsepe and Jeff Radebe, to clean up the spoils of Eskom. This fantastic level of hypocrisy is laughable considering the narrative of State Capture and everything they fired at Zuma.

However the importance of this episode will get obscured by the all too obvious nepotism. It is not Patrice Motsepe`s relationship to President Ramaphosa, the family conspiracy , that is the real issue. Motsepe`s African Rainbow Minerals is Oppenheimer`s AngloAmerican with a black face, it`s nothing more than that. Motsepe was gifted entry into the ruling elite`s system to give it (WMC) a semblance of power sharing.

African Rainbow Energy and Power (AREP) was formed in 2012 by Motsepe to spearhead South Africa`s transition to renewable energy. AREP`s holding company is the only African company that is a partner in Breakthrough Energy Ventures (BEV).

BEV was started in 2016 by Bill Gates after the Paris Climate Accord. It is a coalition of some of the world`s wealthiest individuals and includes notable names such as

George Soros, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerburg, Richard Branson, Meg Whitman, Reid Hoffman and more.

These individuals are some of the well known globalists.They operate the Western world`s corporatocracy. Bill Gates is a self-professed genocidalist. He is on record saying that vaccines will be the most effective way of reducing the global population.

Transitioning South Africa to a green economy is another method of population control when done in conjunction with anti-nuclear legislation.

It is not simply that renewable energy cannot provide sufficient power to drive a thriving industrialized economy, nor is it that solar and wind are not better for the environment, nor is it that the theory of Man-Made Global Warming is based on utterly fraudulent science that condemns CO2 as a pollutant; it is the fact that renewable energy is a strategy of de-industrialization which is population reduction.

George Soros is a key asset of the British Financial Empire who has funded currency destruction, nation state destruction and has violated the human rights of millions of people. His role, like all the top globalists, is to usher in a New World Order on behalf of the Rothchilds, the Oppenheimers and the rest of the European oligarchy who own the central banking system of Wall Street and the City of London through which they operate their monetarist empire.

The very real conspiracy is between AngloAmerican/African Rainbow Minerals/ AREP and the City of London`s financial empire to destroy South Africa`s industrial capability.



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  1. Fix coal fleet, build nuclear . Keep coal for stable baseload . Increase renewables – way of using carbon credit and beneficial from a trade risk perspective. Balance in the mix.

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