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Stop massacre, exploitation and oppression in DR Congo

On 15th of April 2017 the CONGOLESE SOLIDARITY CAMPAIGN conducted a panel discussion on how to build social cohesion and national identity among the ethnic groups in the Democratic Republic of Congo. In order to survive in the short and long run, the nation must have a population that possess some sense of unity. Its citizens must adhere to some common values and common allegiance that will bring them together as a nation. This does not mean that all people must necessarily share the same culture, and religious beliefs but they should at least regard themselves as members of the same nation so that they can build a diverse, socially cohesive society with a common national identity. The panel was facilitated by the president of the Congolese Community in  KwaZulu-Natal, Denis Mbasha. The panel was organized in aim to create social cohesion and national identity.


On the 04th May 2017 Congolese Solidarity Campaign  organized a picketing protest; outside  the Durban International Convention Centre . The event was held from 09:00 am to 12pm.


Since 1997, The Democratic Republic of Congo has endured bloodshed and brutal, political and economic repression from its government. Congolese people’s lives remain in a state of permanent insecurity. These African countries were involved in causing instability in our country –  Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi and Sudan.

Rwandan troops and DRC rebels (Rally for Congolese Democracy in 2002), both financially and military supported by President Paul Kagame and Museveni of Uganda, took over many towns in the eastern part of Congo, where they created chaos. Women were raped, men were slaughtered and children were used as child soldiers.

Rwanda together with Uganda,  including the rest of the Rwandan regime which organized the 1994 genocide, massacred the people of DR Congo by sending troops under the pretext of attacking the Hutus (Interahamwe).

Under the pretext of looking for their enemies,  the Hutus , both Rwanda and Uganda created and supported many rebel wings such as CNDP-Goma (The National Congress for Defense of the People) led by Rwandan commando General Laurent Nkunda in 2006-2012 and ADF (Allied Democratic Forces) in 1996, while extracting mineral resources (such as Coltan, diamonds, gold etc.) belonging to the people of DR Congo.

The war created a humanitarian crisis in our country. The children worked as labourers in the mines. This is a form of exploitation that is taking place right now in DR Congo.

All these resulted in atrocities which amounted to over 11 million people killed.

In 2002, as soon as President Paul Kagame took over as president of Rwanda, He sent more than10 000 soldiers who were HIV positive to spread the disease.

Paul Kagame is a hypocrite and should not be trusted. He is a murderer who should not be given the responsibility of leadership. Today DR Congo is in a state of violence because of Kagame. He should be tried in the International Court for all the human rights violation that he has caused in our country.

We as the Congolese Solidarity Campaign and the DR Congo community in Durban and others parts of the land of Tata Mandela have raised our voices and said no to the continued plot of destabilization of our motherland.

We, the people of DR Congo call on all human rights activists and all countries that respect and acknowledge the rights of the people in the world to come to our support when we say that all those who are involved directly or indirectly in the gross violation of human rights in our country must be brought to justice.

We as the Congolese Solidarity Campaign together with the Congolese community in South Africa vow to continue with the struggle for the people of DR Congo, those who are inside the country and those who are in exile.

The purpose of the picketing is for Congolese people to demonstrate their dissatisfaction with the current political instability, corruption, economic mismanagement, massacre, rape, torture, gross violation of human rights and democracy deficit in the Democratic Republic of Congo  which is engineered by self-serving political and business elites from the City of London and Wall street.

written in Durban, South Africa,   by the Congolese Solidarity Campaign

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