South Africa`s GMO Maize-Based Staple Diet

Recently a report was released that showed the extremely adverse affects of maize-based diets on the wildlife of France.

In that  article it states that : “ Improperly cooked maize-based diets have been associated with higher rates of homicide, suicide and cannibalism in humans.”

Poverty rates in South Africa are extreme and on the rise.  Very low income people in South Africa are financially forced to rely on a daily meal of pap, also known as maize meal, also known as iputu. Unlike in Italy where maize meal is widely eaten, South Africa refines the maize, it is white not yellow. Over 80% of the maize grown in South Africa is GMO.

The effects of GMO food are described here and here. It is detrimental to health and designed for population reduction.

The following is an article originally published in 2015 on this website. Very poor people in South Africa are at risk of ingesting a lethal diet that could be the cause of much of the violence that is taking place in areas where there is no employment, no future and no hope.

AIDS – South Africa`s MKUltra ?

edited on the 22/11/2017

by PD Lawton 10/12/15

According to recent media headlines South Africans are now asking to be supplied by their government with ARVs to prevent HIV. That tragic state of affairs is the result of a pharmaceutical-media propaganda campaign, a New World Order success for depopulation and the profits of Big Pharma. The public`s fear of contracting AIDS is now at such an extreme level that they are demanding the State provide precautionary antiretroviral to be given to `at risk` sectors of society.

Who benefits from HIV ?

HIV status is a public relations program run for the benefit of the pharmaceutical industrial complex. HIV has yet to be proven to cause AIDS. HIV is a concept and AIDS in Africa is an umbrella name for a multitude of already existing diseases, some of which have been exacerbated by either environmental conditions or vaccines. In the case of South Africa it has reached the level of a national psyop and indirectly resulted in the resignation of a former president, Thabo Mbeki and his replacement by Jacob Zuma.

The largest HIV lobby group Treatment Action Campaign (TAC), funded by US pharmaceutical companies, has been the effective tool in what is part of a colour revolution in South Africa. This colour revolution is to over-throw the ANC government and derail the country`s membership of the BRICS nations.The BRICS is Africa`s only alternative to IMF/World Bank debt-inducing policy and is the political intention of creating a new paradigm of development and prosperity for the continent. Through public pressure organized by TAC, who are responsible for the red T shirt campaign promoting the idea of HIV status as `Proud to be HIV Positive`, the ANC were brought under pressure to sign agreements with pharmaceuticals such as Glaxo Smithkline and Pfizer to supply AZT to the public. Former President Thabo Mbeki had been insistent that his government was being targeted by subversive forces through the AIDS lobby due to the stance his government was taking in re-negotiating unfavourable terms with the WTO and the first steps that would later lead to the country`s joining of the BRICS in 2010. He went as far as to point at the CIA [1]

He maintained his view that HIV had not been proven to be the cause of AIDS under advice from scientists including Dr Peter Duesberg and South African advocate, Anthony Brink who published a book in 1999 – `Debating AZT`. Due to Brink`s research Mbeki`s government and chief health advisor, Prof Sam Mhlongo condemned the use of AZT.Prof Mhlongo stated that AZT was in his opinion a highly toxic drug and that there were multiple reasons for the epidemic of sickness in South Africa but that the main cause was poverty-related malnutrition. Prof Mhlongo later died in a car crash which was likely an assassination. Prof Mhlongo and the ANC under Thabo Mbeki openly accused drug companies of obscuring the facts as to the link between HIV and AIDS. Prof Mhlongo said :

The drug companies found that other parts of Africa do not have the logistics or capital, no chance of making massive profits. South Africa has the infrastructure to enable them to make the massive profits that they do. All the drug companies are here. South Africa is the epicentre for drug companies to supply the rest of Africa. So if you dismiss the question of HIV causes AIDS, then the drug companies will loose out.” [2]

In 2007, Anthony Brink filed an indictment with the ICC against TAC leader, Zackie Achmat for the genocide of thousands of South Africans from ARV poisoning. Included in the Pariculars of the Charge :

“Achmat directs Treatment Action Campaign (‘TAC’), a professional lobby group that he founded in South Africa to shill on behalf of the multinational pharmaceutical industry by promoting the patented chemicals that it markets as so-called antiretroviral drugs (‘ARVs’) for the treatment of AIDS. Although the TAC has criticized the pharmaceutical industry on the pricing of ARVs (thereby burnishing their commercial reputation brightly), and makes a show of being financially independent from it (but collaborates with organizations openly funded by it), to all practical effect the TAC functions in South Africa as its marketing agent.” [3]

Today, the tenders for producing antiretrovirals in South Africa are worth well over R5.9 billion for competing pharmaceutical companies, 70% of which are South African based. [4] With millions of dollars pouring into the country from the USA,UK and Europe in the form of grants to support ARV treatment, HIV counselling, community and social awareness, educational programs and medical training and research, a single virus has now become one of the strongest economic growth sectors with tens of thousands of citizens employed in its ranks. An industry in itself, the AIDS Industry, clearly proving that institutions like UNAIDS have little to do with science or health and everything to do with political advocacy; in the case of South Africa, a soft-power tool to manipulate the government of Africa`s mining giant.

The vested interests in South Africa are enormous. There are all these people who are doing research in relation to Wellcome and Glaxo. And they have research grants via the MRC, the Medical Research Council, and if they`re wrong- and in my view they are wrong- if they`re proved to be wrong then the research funding will stop and their careers are at stake and the `orthodox` view is extremely worried about the `non-orthodox ` view – that is the question that we are putting forward about the existence of HIV.” Prof Sam Mhlongo [5]

The higher the figures, the higher the funding

6.3 million South Africans were recorded as having HIV/AIDS in 2013 according to WHO statistics , with 200 000 deaths per year attributed to the disease. That is the highest rate world-wide. A national survey in 2014 found an astronomical increase of people testing positive for HIV, 400 000 new cases, up from 2012. As of 2014 statistics there are now 6.8 million South Africans who are HIV positive. That is approaching one fifth of the population. In KwaZulu Natal which is an eastern province, nearly half the population (40%) have AIDS.

The HSRC (Human Sciences Research Council of SA) national survey results showing the dramatic increase in affected people has resulted in the implementation of a World Health Organization program to administer precautionary antiretroviral treatment to sectors in society considered most at risk. The WHO guidelines recommend that ” Oral PrEP…should be offered as an additional prevention choice for people at substantial risk of HIV infection as part of combination HIV prevention approaches.”[6] This is the largest ever roll out program of ARVs ever under taken.

UNAIDS reported that one of the highest risk sectors of society are adolescent girls between the ages of 15 and 24, with 7000 new HIV cases each week, a 30% increase in sub-Saharan Africa. As part of the UN Sustainable Development Goals for empowering women, organizations such as DREAMS will be working with this age group to ensure they have access to the new combination pre-exposure prophylaxis ARVs. DREAMS stands for `determined, resilient, AIDS-free, mentored and safe women`. It is a public-private partnership with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.[7] Their mantra is that focussing on adolescent girls is key to ending AIDS. Or is it sterility?

The WHO is also funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation, both infamous proponents of eugenics and depopulation.

Given the scale of AIDS in South Africa and the fact that antiretrovirals are mind and mood altering are we looking at South Africa`s version of MKUltra? Project MKUltra was/is a covert CIA mind control program using drugs like LSD and other techniques to control the behaviour of individuals by manipulating mental states and altering brain function.


Apart from the highest AIDS rate, South Africa holds another global record and that is for violent homicides. It is one of the most violent countries in the world and since 1994 rape and homicide have spiralled. [8] With an increase of 4.6 % in the last year, 49 South Africans are murdered each day in what are often horrifically violent homicides. 17 805 murders each year for a population of 54 million is a world record breaker. An example of what homicide in South Africa means can be seen on the Afrikaner Genocide Museum ( which is documenting the slow, controlled eradication of a White race of people that has been African for the last 600 years. We can only hope that such torture is conducted by men who have been mentally debilitated. The country`s child homicide rate was reported by the WHO in 2013 as more than double the global average. What the WHO did not report were the numbers of children murdered with knives, knobkerries (batons), machetes and by sexual abuse.[9]

In 2008, a paper was published by a leading South African psychiatrist, Prof. Matshepo Matoane after she had conducted extensive research into AIDS and psychiatric behavioural traits of patients on medication, that revealed the increase in violent tendencies of patients who were on a combination of drugs for TB and AIDS. The study revealed that the combination of these two medical treatments changed the patients natural behaviour making them violent and sadistic. Her warning to the government of the real danger was based on the fact that 40% of the military force are on the AIDS/TB medical combination. Prof Matoane gave her report in 2008 in an address to the South African military academy in Cape Town. Except for one source there was a total media blackout. [10]

TB is on the increase world-wide but yet again South Africa scores 3rd highest for rate of TB with an estimated 490 000 cases. 63% of whom are on AVRs. Silicosis induced TB is common among the mining work force due to silica dust exposure. TB is a disease in partnership with poverty.History and logic declare that to true.

Big Drug Lords and little drug lords

Developed by Merck , Efavirenz is an antiretroviral known by its brand names Sustiva, Stocrin and Efavir. Efavirenz is a psychoactive drug that has been proven to have the same effect on the mind as LSD.[11]The side effects taken under normal conditions are insomnia, depression, anxiety, confusion with more extreme psychiatric side-effects being aggression and psychosis. Using ARVs as hallucinogens is common practice in South Africa where it is the street drug known as Nyope or Whoonga. A mix of tobacco, marijuana and ground up ARV with a dash of rat poison gives a huge high and is also one of the most addictive of substances. Drug addicts in KwaZulu Natal on Whoonga are a major part of the spiralling crime and gang culture associated with extremely violent robberies involving rape, torture and murder all committed to get a daily supply of ARVs. With 73% of South Africans under the age of 35 unemployed (source: COSATU,2011) it is not surprising that the official CDA statistics for heavy drug users is 15%. South African society is being undermined by the level of crime and much of this crime is AIDS drugs related.


The mining labour force of South Africa is among the cheapest world-wide and has continued to be since 1994.The platinum, gold, diamond and coal mines are some of the deepest. Inadequate health measures can almost guarantee that a miner will after 10 years in such conditions develop some form of lung disease either related to asbestos or silicosis induced TB. AIDS has been an umbrella condition for mining corporations. To this day the extremely high rate of AIDS among miners is attributed to sexual promiscuity with references common in the media such as this :”AIDS is a particular problem in the mining industry because many employees are migrant workers living in hostels often hundreds of miles from their families.”[12]

A case is currently in the South African courts against 32 mining companies .Thousands of former miners are suing for what they estimate are 780 000 cases of occupational lung disease. If the case goes forward it will be the single largest class action suit in the history of the country.[13] ( This court case is now closed – AngloAmerican and DeBeers are `settling out of court` which means many more 1000s of miners will die in the future)

Dr Nancy Turner Banks has written extensively on the vested interests of corporations in promoting a new disease called AIDS in her award winning book `AIDS, Opium, Diamonds, and Empire`. The convenience of a disease that is contracted by sexual promiscuity as oppose to working conditions is undeniable. By the time, if ever, this deception is realized by the majority South Africa`s mine labour will have been replaced by a fully automated robotic technology.

A stranger case then for KwaZulu Natal where 1 in 3 people have AIDS because the province`s economy apart from coal is agricultural with a staggering 70% of people unemployed. However the main agriculture is sugarcane and one company has a monopoly over it, Huletts-Tongaat. Anglo American is the main share holder. Much of the cane harvesting is still done by hand and the one guaranteed condition that is prevalent among cane croppers is malnutrition due to the wages. Rio Tinto operates KwaZulu Natal`s coal mining. Two of the main investors in Rio Tinto are The Wellcome Trust and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation who also fund the majority of the region`s clinics and hospitals which are where a person will be screened and treated for HIV. The Africa Centre for Health and Population Studies has its headquarters in KwaZulu Natal. It is one of the three largest sources of employment in the region where 70% of people are unemployed. Its primary aim is to combat HIV. The Africa Centre for Health and Population studies is funded by The Wellcome Trust and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. [14] You cannot get your head around the scale of this psyop.

The Tentacles of Empire

Since 2002 Anglo American, South Africa`s largest private company and employer have issued free ARVs to their 135 000 staff. Miners in Botswana working for Debswana also receive free ARVs, as do their families. Debswana is a joint venture 50% owned by the Botswanan government and DeBeers (now Anglo American.) Debswana is the largest employer in the country which has the 2nd highest rate of HIV globally.

Other companies in South Africa that issue free ARVs are AngloGold, a subsidiary of DeBeers, DaimlerChrysler and London listed drinks group – South African Breweries.


Whatever you perceive AIDS to be the stark reality of South Africa is that if you are jobless; you will be unable to afford basic nutrition. At least 50% of South Africans live below the poverty line. The highest percent of poverty in any ethnic group is among the Afrikaners, one third of whom now live destitute in squatter camps.[16]

15% of children are born underweight, 5% of whom are so underweight they are diagnosed wasted at birth. 21.4 % of pre-school children have anaemia as do 50% of pregnant mothers. 13.2% of children have abnormally low calcium levels and vitamin B deficiency is endemic among the lower income majority who also live on the only grain that is deficient without nixtamalization in vitamin B, maize. Low levels of vitamin B have been proven to contribute to immune deficiency. [15] In a logical world : you are what you eat and health is a direct consequence of nutrition.

AZT was first produced as a treatment for cancer. It is a chemotherapy drug and therefore like all chemotherapy practices it damages your immune system. The following is a quote from AIDS, Opium, Diamonds, and Empire by Dr Nancy Banks:

Chemoantibiotics (anti[against], bio[life]), liberally given to both humans and domesticated animals,destroy the normal gut flora that aid in digestion and assimilation of our food and make it impossible to utilize the nutrition that is taken in. Many antibiotics and environmental toxins also damage a cellular organelle known as the mitochondria. It is in the mitochondria that our energy is produced in the form of a molecule of ATP (adenosine triphosphate). These fascinating organelles that at one time were ancient bacteria have their own DNA separate from nuclear DNA. Mitochondrial DNA is inherited through the maternal germline. Because of the intentional industrial attack of these organelles with drugs and toxins, not only is permanent genetic damage being passed on to future generations but this practice is also creating a significant rise in current chronic diseases, such as Alzheimer`s, cancer and acquired immune deficiency.”

Upto 80% of SA`s maize harvest is genetically modified.The staple diet of the nation is maize ground into maizemeal and cooked as a porridge. South Africa is the only country in the world that has a GM staple diet and has had for the past 3 decades.

Maizemeal is South Africa`s most affordable meal. It is cheap, traditional and filling. It is the only substance that the very poor can afford given that food prices in South Africa are no different to food prices in Britain and Europe.

40% of the genetically modified maize grown in South Africa is a Monsanto special – RoundUp Ready NK603 which is banned in Russia and proven in France to result in cancerous growths i.e immune suppression. Contrary to mainstream media coverage, the Seralini Study conducted in France has not been discredited.[17]

You do not need a man in a white coat to conduct research into the link between genetically modified food and damaged immune systems. It is a logical conclusion.

Mozambique neighbours South Africa with a high amount of interaction and trade between the two countries. 11.5% of Mozambican adults between the ages of 15 -49 years are HIV positive giving a total figure of 1.6 million cases of HIV as oppose to 6.3 million in neighbouring South Africa. Is this because Mozambicans are less promiscuous? Or is it because they have a staple diet of rice and a lack of Anglo American enterprises?

Positive or negative – a definitive science ?

Screening tests for HIV antibodies in South Africa are done primarily through mobile clinics. This quick and cheap method of detecting the presence of antibodies instead of the virus is not permitted in Germany due to its unreliability.


One of Prof Sam Mhlongo`s many questions about HIV was why it affected Black Africans more than any other race. If he were still alive today he would now have his answer. HIV is not a disease or a virus. It is a gene expression of a gene commonly carried by Africans. If Prof Mhlongo had the opportunity of reading German virologist, Christl Meyer`s research and the extensive research of Dr Nancy Turner Banks, he would have welcomed to learn that it is not surprising pregnant women in South Africa have a high chance of testing positive because their condition naturally creates antibodies. He would also have his worst fears confirmed about ARVs and administering them to 92% of HIV pregnant women in South Africa. As Christl Meyer answered to the question: So it sounds to me like this is some kind of genocide against Africa, against pregnant women who are producing the next generation and against homosexuals. Would you agree with this?

“I agree that this is a genocide.”[18]


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