Somalia , Civil War

This article was written in 2014. It was published by and appeared in the Somaliland Times. It is re-published here in the original despite the tone and other flaws. The contents were the best known situation to me, the writer ,at the time. Please note that at the time of writing ETHIOPIA was under the genocidal government of the TPLF who slaughtered about 50 000 Somalis. The TPLF under Meles Zenawi were fully backed, and still are, by the UK/USA/Israeli complex and in very recent times have been used in an attempt to destroy the progressive government of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and create civil war Ethiopia.


Civil War

by PD Lawton, 2014

Image: FAMINE WAR SOMALIA AUG 1992: A Somali child sifts through dirt for dropped grains of rice outside an NGO feeding scheme in Berdale, Somalia, during the famine of 1992 that was caused by drought and civil war between opposing clan. (Photo by Greg Marinovich / Getty Images)

The Somali have always been united by one language, Somali, and one religion, Islam. They are the Irish of Africa, the last to submit to colonialism. “It is this deep personal belief in belonging to the Somali nation handed down from father to son which has driven our people to fight against impossible odds, to endure defeat, only to fight again and again and again.” Source: Dr Hussein Mohammed Adam from `Limit to Submission ‘documentary by

The history of Somalia is as ancient as mankind, part of the greater region of the Kingdom of Kush, the roots of civilization lie beneath the Somali soil. The similarities between the Somali language and Chinese languages (Sino-Tibetan) grant proof of the vastness of the Afro-Asiatic Kingdom. Islam arrived in the region around 800AD.Mogadishu is one of the oldest ports in the world, an important part of the Silk Route where wheat, barley, livestock, spices, gold, ivory and most famously cotton and textiles were traded. “During the Ajuuraan period, the sultanates and republics of Merca, Mogadishu, Barawa, Hobyo and their respective ports flourished and had a lucrative foreign commerce, with ships sailing to and coming from Arabia, India, Venetia, Persia, Egypt, Portugal and as far away as China. Vasco da Gama, who passed by Mogadishu in the 15th century, noted that it was a large city with houses several storeys high and large palaces in its centre, in addition to many mosques with cylindrical minarets.” Source: Wikipedia, Somalia. Historically the Gulf of Aden has always been extremely well sought after and the reason for conflict. “After the Roman conquest of the Nabataean Empire and the Roman naval presence at Aden to curb piracy, Arab and Somali merchants by agreement barred Indian ships from trading in the free port cities of the Arabian peninsula to protect the interests of Somali and Arab merchants in the extremely lucrative ancient Red Sea-Mediterranean Sea commerce. However, Indian merchants continued to trade in the port cities of the Somali peninsular, which was free from Roman interference.” Source: Wikipedia, Somalia.

In the mid-1970s Somalia was a paradise, self-sufficient in food, with booming food exports and the beginnings of a progressive industrial base, this under the leadership of Mohamed Siad Barre. This government finally collapsed in 1991 unleashing hell. Mogadishu which means `seat of the shah ‘with its strategic command over the southern point of the Suez Canal became the focal point of hell on Earth. With a war to retrieve the Ogaden Province from Ethiopia and Ethiopian funded rebels in the north, Somalia had already been witness to years of bloodshed. Siad Barre was driven to extreme lengths to retain unity of his country, annihilating many of his own people and razing to the ground the northern city of Hargeisa, by the time he was ousted by the residents of Mogadishu the cauldron was already boiling. In 1991 Mogadishu became a city at war. The one half under the control of a rebel leader and the other under Saudi/Djibouti installed interim president, Ali Mahdi Muhammad. (Saudi Arabia close neighbour across the water was a primary trading partner of Somalia, mainly in livestock.)Within one week the centre of Mogadishu is blown to hell, 8000 people are admitted to clinics, most in need of major surgery for shredded limbs. The fighting continued with Ali Mahdi Muhammad controlling the north and Mohamed Farrah Aidiid controlling the south with a no-man’s land in between where anything that moved was shot to pieces. With the port inoperable food supplies did not come in and in the rural areas like Baidoa, where fighting had restricted all normal farming practices people began dying in their hundreds by the day. Children, little skeletons died in their mothers arms and bodies carefully wrapped with love left by the roadside by people who had neither the energy or tools to dig a grave.

The feeding frenzy unleashed in Somalia is a macabre story as yet unfinished, plotted in the minds of men who defy even the words psychopathic and evil. There is no description that fits the mercy giver who comes to save the Dante’s Inferno of suffering that he has created. Order out of chaos is Somalia. The thousands upon thousands of victims of starvation and utter trauma are collateral to control of the Suez Canal. This filthy, dirty double dealing of faces bearing guns and aid, this schizophrenic theatre of war has proved glory to the warlords of Washington and Westminster who lord over the creation of a so-called stable democracy of Somaliland.

Every so-called warlord in Mogadishu held up a banner saying-food not forces. Just why the hell are aid agencies, humanitarian angels STILL not wanted in Somalia, can these brainwashed philanthropy-junkies not get themselves to ask that simple question. Your victims may be black, may be starving, may be frayed from decades of war, but one thing they are not, is ignorant. This entire process has had as its objective one thing and that is to exhaust this nation into submission.

Slow voices are coming out of aid agencies, namely Medecins Sans Frontieres, questioning the humanitarian effort in Somalia. ”In Somalia, when the Medecins Frontieres (MSF) plane circles a runway to assess it for landing, we are immediately accused of gathering intelligence. When our staff uses mobile phones, they fear being labelled spies. In recent years, numerous aid agencies have been shut down by warring parties, usually without justification but routinely with the accusation of having an agenda other than humanitarian……….Certain elements of the results of the British Department for International Development (DIFD) aid reviews, released last week, have been precipitated by earlier announcements. Thirty per cent of DIFD`s budget was already dedicated to fragile and conflict-affected states by the Strategic Defence and Security Review, unveiled last October. That Somalia would feature prominently among those states was clear from the tripling of the UK aid effort previously announced. For a country suffering drought, floods and an on-going conflict which has ravaged the lives of millions, leaving half the country in urgent need of life-saving humanitarian aid, the mobilisation of increased levels of assistance is essential. However when that assistance is underpinned by UK national security interests, the result is limiting and dangerous for the millions in need of assistance and for those who risk their lives to deliver it. On the grounds that “aid for Somalia is aid for Britain too”, London justifies the uplift in aid to the country in an attempt to counterbalance the growing threats of piracy, migration and terrorism. That aid effort includes an increase in emergency humanitarian assistance such as nutrition and healthcare-in other words immediate, life-saving activities. Presumably this assistance is to be provided, on the basis of need, to the millions of civilians displaced from their homes, caught in the crossfire or worse, targeted, who have no access to adequate shelter, water, sanitation or healthcare across Somalia. But when humanitarian assistance of this nature is presented as beneficial to Britain`s national security, one`s ability to reach those most in need is fundamentally undermined. The issue is how the aid is delivered and how it is perceived. Humanitarian aid with a political agenda is a contradiction in terms. It places Somali people in the difficult situation of receiving aid from those directly, or indirectly, involved in the conflict-parties with an agenda based on something other than people`s needs. It fuels suspicions militants harbour about the intentions of humanitarian staff-namely that the humanitarian effort is conducted to benefit the interests of western governments, considered enemies by the militants-increasing the risk of people being wrongly targeted. It is for these reasons that MSF is strictly independent, takes no funding from governments for our programme in Somalia, and provides life-saving services based on medical need alone. Even then, it is challenging and often dangerous. DIFID`s decision to channel the increased emergency aid package to Somalia-£10.5 million-through the United Nations illustrates this narrative of a politicised, humanitarian aid effort. The UN in Somalia is far from neutral as it is heavily aligned to one side of the conflict, thereby compromising its ability to safeguard independent, humanitarian assistance in the face of the country`s politics. The UN Resident Coordinator for Somalia wears the UN`s political as well as humanitarian hats-a sign for many in Somalia that humanitarian assistance acts in service to the UN`s political aims. His recently announced intentions to further integrate these two forms of UN action at a `strategic’ level cast yet more doubt on the purpose of humanitarian aid in the Horn of Africa nation. The challenges of politicised aid are not unique to Somalia. In other theatres of war, such as Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, the linking of aid with political and security objectives presents a similar challenge to the provision of desperately needed humanitarian assistance to those caught in the crossfire.” Source: Marc DuBois, executive director of MSF,` AlertNet AidWatch-UK undermines its own Somalia aid with a political agenda. Bernard Kouchner, co-founder of MSF was the French minister of Foreign and European Affairs in the Sarkozy government from 2007-2010.A busy man, he is considered the 15th most influential Jewish person worldwide by the Jerusalem Post. Source: Wikipedia, Bernard Kouchner.

When America`s invasion of Somalia transparently disguised as a peace-keeping force failed disastrously and only allowed for some Hollywood movies about Mogadishu to be made and an arsenal of firearms to be left behind, the UK took over and has since used the cover of humanitarian assistance to further destabilize this country. By the day it looks more likely that the UN will assist in razing the entire country, justification of course granted by increasing false flag terrorism laid at the door of Al Shabaab. From the start, the UN`s effect in Somalia has primarily been one of MILITARIZATION and not negotiation. ”The UN role in Somalia has been absolutely disgraceful. The whole situation really came to a head at the height of the Gulf War which really didn`t help Somalia at all because everyone`s attention was focussed a little further north. But it also happened when Perez de Cuellar was ending his secretary generalship and it wasn`t until Boutros Boutros-Ghali took over that anyone paid the slightest attention to events in Somalia.” Source: Richard Dowden, from `Somalia, A Paradise Destroyed` by SAAFI, uploaded on YouTube by Mohamed Abbasheikh , titled `Somalia before the Civil War.’ In fact the American UN-sanctioned invasion in 1992 authorized by George W Bush to `safeguard NGOs in their efforts to provide humanitarian assistance`, called Operation Restore Hope resulted in the death and maiming of over 22 000 Somalis, a fact unreported by the media. Since 1992 there has remained a contingent of US elite forces based permanently along the coastline (to fight off Somali pirates/nationals)These elite forces have for the last 2 decades regularly made incursions into the interior and using commando-style troops and drones kill Somali nationals indiscriminately. The initial efforts of the UN after the outbreak of Civil War in 1991 were strongly criticized by the UN special Representative to Somalia, Mohamed Sahnoun, who criticized the UN`s utterly ineffectual relief program for its slow progress, in adequate food supplies, quality of supplies and cited difficulties he encountered with the UN bureaucracy. He was forced to resign and left Somalia in October 92, by which time 300 000 people had already died of hunger and another 250 000 died between October and January of 1993.

Somalia has long since had a war waged upon it by the `democratic` regime of Ethiopia who are actively involved inside the country. Further assistance is being given to Museveni of Uganda, to slaughter at will in his African brothers` country. Britain cannot pump enough money to the `democratic` regime of Museveni, it is an open tap of liquid cash going from the UK to Uganda, labelled development aid. Al Shabaab justifies Museveni`s ever increasing military budget. America cannot pump enough money into the pro-Western so-called government of Somalia, while Americans live in their millions on food stamps; the Obama administration supports the TGF (Transitional Federal Government) to `contain terrorist groups in Somalia and the region’. Between 2009-2012 the US has provided to the TFG an estimated $723million.This figure does not include the `material support to TFG forces`. Source: Congressional Research Service, report by Ted Dagne, 2011.

In 2011 alone, between May and August 30 0000 Somali children have died of lack of adequate food. That is over 300 children a day.

That is genocide in Africa.

That is called depopulating Somalia.

“I have been displaced more than 10 times in my life”, a 25-year-old woman from Lower Juba region told MSF.” My husband died in an attack, and two of my children died because I was not able to give them food. I try to stay strong but this situation that our country has been facing for too long is killing us.”
“An estimated 12.4 million people are in need of assistance in the Horn of Africa region.”…”An estimated 3.7 million people are in need of assistance, (within Somalia) and one in three children are malnourished. There are an estimated 792,544 Somali refugees in neighbouring countries and 1.7 Internally Displaced People.”, report by Ted Dagne.

This vile fabrication of a country called Somaliland is NOTHING other than a BRITISH program for the control of Aden and the re-establishment of Britain`s former colony in the same location called British Somaliland; an extremely passive act of aggression conducted under the disguise of international development, which is even fooling Somalis, and who could blame their submission after 30 years of hell. This British program is the fulfilment of the vision of Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin in the post WWII Bretton Woods Third World development plan, which was never anything more than an agenda for the continuance of hidden colonialism, a masonic British plot.(Ernest Bevin`s 1946 proposal was strongly opposed by America, so transparent was it in control of the Gulf of Aden.) “The United Kingdom and Somaliland government has concurred on the imperative need of not only sustaining prevailing security cooperation but further enhancement as well. The two governments made the agreement during a meeting in London between the Somaliland Interior minister Ali Mohamed Waran`ade and foreign and security officials from the British government….various issues pertaining to security and other bi-lateral partnerships not only be enhanced but developed to more sustainable levels……confirmed that the UK authorities are very determined to continue boosting Somaliland`s development agenda at all fronts……Briefing on his other mission to the UK the interior minister said that he and other ministerial colleagues held very impactful meetings with Genel Energy, the Anglo-Turkish firm that is under Somaliland government contract to explore and extract oil in eastern regions of the country. The ex BP chief Tony Hayward fronted Genel Energy which has invested over $70 million in its operation that has resulted in factual evidence of billions of barrels in oil reserves in Somaliland…”Source: Somaliland Sun,14 December 2013, `Somaliland: UK to Enhance Anglo-Somaliland Security Cooperation.`

“In 1888, after signing successive treaties with the then ruling Somali Sultans such as Mohamoud Ali Shire of the Warsangali Sultanate, the British established a protectorate in the region referred to as British Somaliland. The British garrisoned the protectorate from Aden and administered it from their British India colony until 1898. British Somaliland was then administered by the Foreign Office until 1905 and afterwards by the Colonial Office.” Source: Wikipedia, British Somaliland.

The resistance to British occupation was initiated in 1899 by Sayyid Mohammed Abdullah Hassan who led the Dervish rebellion of the Somalis. A guerrilla war ensued for the next twenty years of brutal and protracted resistance, including four major battles against the British Somaliland Camel Corps. Until finally the British, using the then new technology of air raids, bombed the hell out of the region, bombed into temporary submission in 1920.This period coincided with the British attempted extermination of the Kurds in Iraq, and French/British subjugation of the Middle East in the colonization of the Ottoman Empire post its defeat in WWI. Not only were the Somali resistance fighting the British occupation but Italy at this time laid claim to areas within Somalia as well as occupying/colonizing Ethiopia. The Dervish under Sayyid Hassan fought against Italian, British and Ethiopian occupation, an effort of extreme will and defiance still present in Somali blood ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTEEN YEARS LATER.

In an ambush of peace negotiations between the British and Sayyid Hassan, held in the Dervish capital, Taleex, shortly after, the British further attempted an extermination of Dervish leadership in an aerial raid but failed to murder Hassan who with the remnants of the resistance retreated to the Ogaden where Hassan died in 1921. The vision of Somalia`s independence, freedom and unity as a nation would lie in ruins until a man who saw himself as the re-incarnation of Sayyid Mohammed Abdullah Hassan, rose to power forty years later, Siad Barre. 1960 did not bring what Somalis viewed as independence or sovereignty for all Somalis. This nation of people stretched from the Ogaden, western Ethiopia to northern Kenya and the shrunken region of this once great Islamic empire , Somalia, was far from complete. The Somalis in Djibouti were still under French rule, the Somalis in parts of Kenya were still under British rule and the Somalis in the Ogaden were still under Ethiopian rule. The Ogaden and the Haud were given to Ethiopia by the British in 1897, despite being ethnically and historically Somali. This was done by the British to appease the Ethiopian Emperor Menelik. In northern Kenya, the Northern Frontier District despite being almost exclusively populated by Somalis, was granted by Britain in the early 1960s to Kenya, against the will of the vast majority of the region.

The resulting war between the newly dependent Somali Republic and Ethiopia over the Ogaden was a war between Somalia and the super-powers. In the early 1960s Ethiopia was getting 60% of all American military aid to Africa. The US supplied and trained Haile Selassie`s imperial air force. By 1964 Ethiopia was fully at war against the Somali Republic. With unlimited military budget from the US and Britain Ethiopia dwarfed the military capacity of Somalia. The Somali government turned to the West for assistance but was offered a far better military package deal by the Soviets whose assistance they accepted. In exchange for access to the world`s most lucrative shipping waters, Russia supplied Somalia`s military which became a formidable fighting force by the early 1970s. Meanwhile in Ethiopia, with Tigre fighting for succession from imperialist Ethiopia, war simmering in Eritrea and most of the Ogaden retrieved by Somalia from Ethiopian control, Colonel Mengistu overthrew Haile Selassie, leading an impoverished nation with a state of the art military force, which for years had superseded all the nation`s other needs. By 1977 the Ogaden war was all but won by Somalia. However with the newly formed alliance with Colonel Mengistu, The USSR and $2billion of aid, replaced American/British power in Ethiopia and masterminded with 15000 Cuban troops the Ethiopian counter-offensive in the Ogaden. The Ethiopian counter –offensive was so utterly brutal in the Ogaden a trait which still marks it out to this very day with Ethiopian military torture and rape sprees, that well over 1 million refugees poured out of the region into the Somali Republic, visions of hell fresh in their minds. By 1980 I in 4 people in Somalia was a refugee. Somalia has been collateral to the Cold War, a pawn of Soviet and US war mongering.

The formation of the Somali republic at independence in 1960 was seen as a compromise by many Somalis. The republic constituted the 2 former colonies of Britain and Italy but excluded the Ogaden and areas in Kenya and Djibouti which were home to Somalis. The likes of Siad Barre viewed the republic and its constitutional government as a colonial puppet operation run from behind the scenes by Britain. Nine years later in a blood-less coup the military took power. Lieutenant Colonel Salaad Gabeyre Kediye as head of the Supreme Revolutionary Council (SRC) was the `Father of the Revolution`. Major General Mohammed Siad Barre who became head of the SRC was not Marxist or communist but played the game with the USSR, to ensure continued aid and technological support for the country. He used the ideology of Marxism to de-feudalize traditional practises and to advance the peoples own sense of equality within society. Barre, like so many including Nasser, Kwame, dissolved all political parties and eradicated `democracy` as a necessity against foreign subversive forces, rather than to form a dictatorship. His vision was to restore sovereignty over all Somali land and people, namely in the Ogaden. This issue has obscured, historically his leadership. Under Siad Barre Somalia initially prospered brilliantly. Infrastructure was revolutionized, food exports boomed, Somalia exported goods as diverse as cigarettes to processed fish to boxes of matches to pasta and ceramic tiles. Education and literary levels soared, tourism boomed with coastal hotel complexes and safari parks. Livestock exports reached record highs with the Arabian states and within Africa due to the quality of Somalia`s naturally reared cattle, sheep and goats. Barre installed an environmental program whereby hundreds of thousands of kilometres of desert dunes were planted with scrub to halt desertification; people did this voluntarily as a social event on their days off. Life for the first decade was illustrative of how things can and should be in this beautiful country, no internal war, no famines, no displacement, no refugees. Barre nationalized major industries whilst initiating a drive for Somali self-sufficiency. Ultimately this was THE REASON Somalia had to be DESTROYED. Not only was industry, the economy and standard of living in Somalia becoming a resounding success story but Barre was gaining in reputation and standing in the international arena. In 1974 Somalia joined the Arab League as well as hosting the OAU and as chairman pressing for further African economic unity. Refusing to accept the theft of Somali territory in the Ogaden, Barre began funding the rebels in the Ogaden, the Western Somali Liberation Front, and by July,1977 Somali government forces escalated the rebel efforts into a full scale war with Ethiopia. Barre had been increasingly diversifying his choice of aid partners and had begun making deals with USA and Britain but the Somali military was exclusively funded by Russia. Ethiopia by 1977 was under the rule of Colonel Mengistu and had switched allegiance from Britain and America, under Haile Selassie, to Soviet alliance. Barre`s invasion of the Ogaden resulted in complete withdrawal of all Soviet aid and by Nov 1977 Somalia found itself fighting alone against Russia, Cuban forces, Yemen and armed to the teeth Ethiopia. Sustaining heavy losses, thousands of civilian deaths in the region and an influx of Somali refugees into Somalia, the government forces retreated in March 1978.

Crippled by the war, with an influx of refugees from the Ogaden to support and a collapsing economy (Saudi Arabia had begun importing its livestock from Australia) Barre was forced to re-align and accepted in 1980 a US deal. In return for aid, the US was given unlimited access to airspace, airfields and ports, namely in Mogadishu, Kismayo and Berbera. This , to combat the growing Soviet influence in the Horn, i.e. Ethiopia.
By 1982 what would become the source of the civil war for the next 30 years and current began with a rebel movement called the Somali National Movement in the north of the country in the area so-called Somaliland today. The Somali National Movement (SNM) began life funded by Ethiopia and comprised of the Isaaq ethnic group. This was a Soviet/Ethiopian effort to destabilize the north and counter Somalia efforts in the Ogaden from within Somalia. The SNM began a guerrilla war against government forces in the northern areas.

In April 1988 Ethiopia and Somalia finally signed a peace treaty. This left the SNM without funding from Ethiopia. However despite the peace agreement the SNM continued their guerrilla war and occupied Hargeisa, the largest city in the north. Barre orders the rebel movement to be attacked; in a full onslaught he orders the city of Hargeisa to be bombed. The Somali airmen refuse to carry out his orders and kill their own people. Mercenaries are hired and Hargeisa is razed to the ground.
Barre recognized the SNM for what they represented. This has now become evident and apparent in the fabrication of Somaliland. Somaliland occupies what was once the British colony of British Somaliland. Somaliland is also the original territory of the SNM and the Isaaq people. Barre`s fear and reason for the extreme and brutal attack on Hargeisa has been realized- DISUNITY, the further fragmentation of the Somali people and their land. What has followed has been a carefully crafted theatre of funded rebel movements, human suffering all resulting in NATIONAL DISUNITY and a broken state and near broken people. Those set to benefit are those who will gain full control of the Horn of Africa, a protracted version of the 1956 war in Egypt, with the colonial power of Britain, her lapdog the American administration, adversary of Gamal Nasser, still exercising the imperial powers of the Empire.

General Mohama Farra Aidiid, once imprisoned by Barre, to keep him out the way, and then sent to India as ambassador, returned from India and funded by Ethiopia sets up the United Somali Congress which in the up and coming trend of the time thanks to foreign intervention, was based on a specific clan.
Barre was becoming increasingly ruthless in his attempts to hold on to power and maintain unity of Somalia from international meddling. After the bombing of Hargeisa against the Ethiopian backed forces, his popularity was dramatically declining. When he was publicly humiliated by a number of people `booing` him, he retaliated by ordering soldiers to fire into the crowd. This was the nail in his coffin and Barre was forced to flee from Mogadishu. General Aidiid displayed his true colours and began an operation that would turn a city into hell by November 1991.With Barre ousted, a delegation in Djibouti elected a millionaire hotelier, Ali Mahdi, as interim president.
In the early years of 1990s Somalis were dying of hunger and yet Somalia had been so well-equipped with arms by Russia and America that it could have maintained an economy as a weapons exporter. There were more bullets in Somalia than there were grains of rice. How does a situation like this come about? Once again the UN fulfilled its role by not fulfilling it. With the world`s attention on Kuwait and the Gulf War, Somalis died in their hundreds of thousands.

The SNM of Somaliland were the first foreign backed rebel force. The Isaaq ethnic group have been used to foment disunity of Somalia. This break-away state did not break-away unaided. Foreign powers have DIVIDED to RULE. They have polarized the entire country into 2 mind-sets. One mind-set believes in Somali sovereignty and national unity under the Islamic faith and the other is buying the lies/aid and believing the `development for your benefit story’. Not an easy task it would seem, to maintain the latter mind-set, as Puntland, another break-away state in the north (with vast oil reserves) has to have its own CIA, PIA, Puntland Intelligence Agency which maintains a `terrorist` free Puntland through torture and fear/terror.

Following on from the SNM, came Somalia`s first foreign (Ethiopia) funded warlord, General Farrah Aidiid and to oppose him and help to create hell in Mogadishu in 1991, Djibouti installed Ali Mahdi. Aidiid played the role of the rapist, looting, murdering, warlord while Ali Mahdi and his Saudi/Djibouti inspired Manifesto Group represented on the face of it, the opposite, however between them Mogadishu was turned within one week into sheer hell, allowing for Operation Restore Hope and the occupation of Somalia by the USA. With the supposedly failed US operation pulling its troops out of Somalia and being replaced with African Union troops and the UN taking control, Somalis had themselves by the latter 1990s salvaged law and order with a Somali system of law and order, some thousands of years old called the Islamic Courts. When it became apparent that the Islamic Courts were gaining ground in re-building stability within the country and claiming back law and order from FOREIGN BACKED AND EQUIPPED WARLORDS who were wreaking fear and violence, maiming, destabilizing and terrorizing; the US engineered the Ethiopian Invasion in 2006,and replaced the Islamic Courts Union with the puppet administration of the Transitional Federal Government in Jan 2007.The warlords (like Aidiid) who were/are being supported by the US, were being forced out by local initiatives organized by the Islamic Courts. Stability within the country under the Islamic Courts was a threat to the US project in Somalia for the control of the Horn of Africa. Britain paid $400 million to Ethiopia to invade Somalia as part of the War on Terror. British secret service masterminded the Ethiopian Invasion in 2006.The language used in the UK press was DEVELOPMEWNT AID to Ethiopia.50 000 Somalis died over the following 3 years due to the Ethiopian invasion. Hundreds of thousands died and continue to die of starvation. This shortage of food is BEING CREATED to continue an environment of desperation and to JUSTIFY HUMANITARIAN IMPERIALISM/DESTABILIZATION. Today in territory held by Al Shabaab, 9 out of 18 regions, half the country, food shortages are NOT acute as in areas under propped-up warlords/militias.

Currently there are 5 military forces involved in `peace-keeping` and `anti-terrorist` activities in Somalia. Ethiopia is the primary force under the same Ethiopian administration that attempted the national genocide of Eritrea and routinely massacres its own people. Ethiopia has been funded by Israel throughout its so-called Marxist past. Uganda is the second, justifiably called-occupying force. Museveni is being PAID by Britain to `fight terrorism ` in Somalia. Kenya, is as always a pro-western puppet of Westminster and Burundi under Tutsi rule acts on behest of Britain and Israel. Djibouti’s presence as the fifth occupying force in Somalia is France`s finger in Somalia`s geographically strategic oil pie.

After the 2012 conference held in London, instead of Mogadishu, on the future of Somalia, in which it looks increasingly likely that David Cameron might get himself `a good war`, like Tony Blair in Sierra Leone, a few days later it turned out Britain had held secret talks with Somali representatives-protection and humanitarian assistance for resources being the deal/ agenda. The potential oil wealth of Somalia is not a recent discovery and is mentioned in several 1960s and 70s documentaries on Somalia. The public outcome of this conference where over forty nations decided the fate of another nation was approval to continue supporting African Union troops, continue to increase humanitarian aid and to crack down on piracy. Muammar Gadhafi has been about the only leader to enter into dialogue with the Somali pirates. He made his opinion of them and their objectives very clear in his 2009 address to the UN General Assembly. In a non-western, anti-imperialist world these men are Somalia`s freedom fighters and they are operating in Somalia`s territorial waters; these are no other nation`s territorial waters, these are Somalia`s territorial waters, all 17 012 587 acres of them. Of course their transgressions will be false flagged, enhanced and highlighted to accommodate international military presence in Somalia`s territorial waters. The humanitarian aid increase although desperately needed will remain cover for foreign occupation and will be used as it always is, for every means possible and then lastly to feed and medicate the needy. The African Union forces which are the forces of Ethiopia, Kenya, Burundi, Uganda and Djibouti are in no manner at all NEUTRAL just as the UN in Somalia is not neutral. The AU forces are OCCUPYING Somalia according to the majority of Somalis who remain more than capable of resolving their own destiny if only given the holy grail and holy ghost of democracy-sovereignty, genuine sovereignty. As decided at the 2012 conference AU occupying forces will be increased from 12000 to 18000.The main bulk being Ethiopian. The people of Somalia having been invaded by the Ethiopians in 2006, well remember the deaths of 50 000 Somalis at the hands of a man they unanimously view as a war criminal-Meles Zenawi. Why on Earth would Somalis regard Ethiopian troops as neutral peace-keepers???Chairman of the Alliance for the Re Liberation of Somalia, Zakaria Mahmoud Haj Abdi, is a former Somali Cabinet Minister, who along with most of his cabinet colleagues quit their posts in a western-backed administration and formed the Alliance for the Re Liberation of Somalia in 2007,who are a political opposition to Somalia`s current parliament.(This political movement was not invited to speak at the UK-based 2012 conference on Somalia.)The current Somali parliament a liberal-looking foreign (British) coup, it is a highjacked parliament. This politician, Zakaria Mahmoud Haj Abdi has more integrity, intelligence and dignity than the entire human content of Westminster. According to him, the Somali nation was expecting from this conference held about their nation the following: “… 1; an assertion of the sovereignty, independency, territorial integrity and the unity of the Somali people.2;Stop invading Somalia with foreign forces.3;Assist Somalis to have an ownership of their own government. That government will solve all the problems whether they are Somali problems or concerns of international or regional neighbouring countries. Unless you have a national unity government that guarantees rights of their citizens, peaceful dialogue within the Somalis, guarantees reconstruction and restoration of the Somali state, guarantees the security of the Somali borders, whether it is marine borders or land borders, unless you have that type of government, you will not go anywhere; you are actually creating problems. This is what the Somalis are expecting from the British prime minister`s call for having an international conference on Somalia.” Source: Zakaria Mahmoud Haj Abdi, `Somalia: Britain`s next war? The Big Story 02-29-2012, by PressTVGlobalNews.

Currently Somalia is divided into about eighteen regions, with al-Shabaab controlling the majority middle sector, secessionist Somaliland and Puntland in the north. The identities of the regions are based on clans, a situation not dissimilar to Scotland in the 1700s; and by no means backward, when chiefs ruled clans and regions in what was once a very well-functioning global system of clan-based federal democracy. The British in Scotland engineered a technique which they used to destroy Scottish unity, they selected the most pliable, buyable or unpleasant Scottish chiefs and through such men set clan against clan, fuelling long held grievances between clans (McDonald vs. McGregor), which prior to that had been a perfectly natural and but for an amount of posturing of battle, status quo. The British have done the exact same in Somalia.

The Somali regional parties/movements hand selected by Britain to represent their nation`s interest at the 2012 conference are a selection of the most pliable political leaders and their numbers did not include any who could remotely be described as nationalistic. Britain even included in their list politicians that have even been ousted from the current Somali parliament and afforded these men the right to speak for their nation. Britain is grooming stooges for Somali public relations to perform for the media. Al Shabaab is the most extreme of the nationalistic movements and naturally having been branded a Foreign Terrorist Organization by Secretary of State of America, Condoleezza Rice in 2008, were not on the list even though they now control the majority of the country. Al Shabaab is an Islamic movement because Somalia has been Islamic for the last two thousand years. Al Shabaab has most likely been well infiltrated and the more this organization is responsible for killing civilians the more international military retaliation will be justified. Al Shabaab is an extremely recent player in Somalia, having only coordinated and surfaced in 2007.Fortuitously for the war on terror, and even more so since it has formed an alliance now exists between Al Shabaab and Al Qaeda, what luck for Washington and London. After the bombing in July 2010 in Kampala, Uganda Al Shabaab issued a statement saying that “we are sending a massage to Uganda and Burundi, if they do not take out their AMISOM troops from Somalia, blasts will continue and it will happen in Bujumbura ( Burundi`s capital) too.” AMISOM, the African Union Mission in Somalia is a United Nation`s out-sourced military occupation of Somalia. Since the collapse of central government in 1991 Somalia has been under a MILITARIZATION program, outside forces have probably been selling AK47s to primary schools, it has been a process of arming and destabilizing an entire nation. The sole and only reason for the existence of Al Shabaab is a REACTION to the deaths of 50 000 Somalis at the hands of Ethiopia between 2006-2009.Al Shabaab is a reaction to the deaths of tens of thousands of mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and children. Before 2007, Islam was represented by Islamic courts that metred out justice according to religious law. How does anyone respond to 50 000 deaths in 3 years???Extremism, fundamentalism, Al Shabaab is a SYMPTOM not a root cause of conflict in Somalia. See `Is Western policy stoking up more tension in Somalia?`PressTVGlobalNews,7 March 2012.See highly recommended YouTube channel : Zakaria Haji Abdi. ”In early June 2006,the forces of the Islamic Courts captured Mogadishu, forcing ARPTC militia to flee the capital. The chairman of the Islamic Courts, Sharif Shaykh Ahmed, stated that his group would negotiate with the TFG. In response to accusations that the Islamic Courts Union was associated with or had harboured international terrorist elements, Shaykh Ahmed stated that “we are not terrorists and we will not allow anyone to hijack the capital. We have said hundreds of times that America`s talk of terrorism in Somalia is fabricated and serves suspicious political purposes.” “Source: report by Ted Dagne, August 31, 2011, Congressional Research Service.

The Islamic Courts represented Somali sovereignty to Somalia. The Islamic Courts represented a threat to US/UK control of this oil rich geographically strategic country. The Islamic Courts were an ages-old system of government, non-militant and non-extremist. Al Shabaab is militant and extremist. The UN/AU/Western occupation of Somalia has fuelled this movement both ideologically by the occupation and destruction of their country and recently proven, in hard cash. In order to justify thousands of drones, in order to justify continued military occupation of this country by foreign forces, in order to prop up a phony government, in order to justify humanitarian imperialism, Al Shabaab has to become/presented as a global threat and a reason for the US War on Terror. Al Shabaab has been infiltrated by extremists most likely brainwashed, connected to British Intelligence, funded by British Intelligence, former refugees in Britain and the US, who as dupes are prepared to take Al Shabaab to another level. President Mubarak of Egypt accused Britain of funding terrorists in 1997.”….Mubarak has continued to publically denounce the British policy of harbouring terrorists responsible for massacres throughout the Mideast, in the aftermath of the Nov 17 shootings in Luxor…The reason for this harbouring policy, as EIR has emphasised, is that the core of British imperial method has always been to rule orchestrating conflict and war, made possible by systematically organizing, funding, protecting, and deploying the most irrational and violent, opposing sides of each and every important conflict, anywhere in the world.” Source: Joseph Brewda, EIR,, vol 24, no 51 Dec 19, 1997. This is the game British Intelligence plays. And why the opposition to humanitarian assistance in Somalia? Unlike the prevailing ignorance of the British public concerning the actions of their government, Somalis are not fooled. Britain’s Department for International Development secures British economic interests in foreign countries under the banner of `Aid from the British People`. This department does indeed dish out humanitarian assistance but that is far from all it does. It is one of the few sectors (along with the national security/surveillance/intelligence budget)that has not undergone any government cuts but has in fact increased. ”DIFD works in some of the most dangerous places in the world, including Somalia, because tackling the root causes of poverty and instability there ensures a safer world and a safer UK…..We work with our partners to design programmes that protect our investments from misuse or theft.” In 2013 it came to light that £480 000/$750 000 worth of humanitarian materials and supplies was accounted for as lost/stolen in the small print of DIFD`s accounts for operations in Somalia.

The media and western politicians continue to enjoy a field day of complicating Somali politics current and of the last two decades. We are continually presented with the same picture of warring factions, of people unable to keep their fingers off a trigger, the same old would be picture of Africans in Africa, waging war against each other, chopping up little babies, unable to feed themselves or find clean drinking water, unable to govern themselves obviously. This picture benefits the `civilized`, western nations, us calm lot, technologically developed, well-educated, intelligent and peace-loving folk. This is a carefully crafted and engineered representation of what is the ultimate irony. What has been occurring in Somali is destabilization, forced submission, submission to the values upheld by a corporate-run Christian, democratic world; for the sole purpose of securing pro-western powers in yet another oil rich region that is one of the geographically most strategic countries on Earth. What has made this war of submission, this war for control, quite so protracted and prolonged for the imperialist powers has been an un- ineradicable sense of nationalism, of unity, inherent in this unbreakable Somali people. The colonial powers, namely Britain and France developed a new tool, carefully crafted to continue the colonial control in Africa , post-colonial and neo-colonial times, in our modern day Africa is governed by New African Leadership, so instead of sending in the 30 000 American troops as they did in 1992, they can now occupy Somalia with African Union forces, the forces of countries run by men like Meles Zenawi and Yoweri Museveni, who with black skins can do their dirty work for them, whilst being most honourable New African Leadership, sucking in the aid money from Britain, France and America.

Somalia has since 1991 and the ousting of Siad Barre, not seen a representative government, representative of Somalis. Not representative of Somalis but representative of Djibouti (France), Ethiopia (first Britain, then Russia and now back to Britain and the US), representative of Kenya (Britain) and representative of Uganda (Britain).And throughout these twenty-three years of orchestrated violence, militarization, starvation and utter hell, the United Nations has in one way or another over-seen this so-called peace-keeping, overseen the Ethiopian invasion in 2006 and the murder of 50 000 Somalis, over-seen the hundreds of thousands of small parcels of skeletal children, over-seen the militarization of every discontented teenage rebel group, over-seen the destabilization of an entire nation, over-seen the installation of the Transitional National Government run by Ethiopians and claimed with logistical support from the UK and USA; by an administration led by a British backed war criminal, Meles Zenawi. And is now over-seeing since 2009 the Transitional Federal Government (TFG) run from and installed by Djibouti.
“Through their focus groups; these guys know that you will not trust a single individual but you will trust a group of guys. So what they`ve been doing is installing transitional councils. The Syrian Transitional National Council, it is comprised of people that have been chosen by the Saudi Arabian government, the UN and the EU and the US State Department under Hilary Clinton. And they are waiting to sit down as soon as Asad is completely removed. ”Susanne Posel on the Vinney Eastwood Show, 25 Feb,2014.The Ukraine is about to receive its Transitional Council government. After civil wars most African countries have had power placed into the hands of Transitional Councils/governments. Examples are Egypt, DRC, Ethiopia, Liberia, Zimbabwe, Libya, recently the CAR and of course Somalia.

The TFG government forces/army is run by CIA, MI6 and French intelligence, trained and co-ordinated by international MERCENARIES and so-called security companies. The airport in Mogadishu has been up until recently, run by a Dubai based air and logistics private security company, SKA. THIS IS A COUP IN OPERATION. Not only is the delightful western proxy government of the UAE deciding who and what comes in and goes out of Mogadishu airspace, US super-mercenary force Blackwater operate in Mogadishu along with Denel and South Africa`s regular army of guns for hire, British ex SAS and according to a UK rights group, Reprieve, the CIA has established the TFG governments own Guantanamo in the capital, in a base underneath the presidential compound, where children as young as 14 are held indefinitely without access to lawyers or sunlight. There are 3 bases according to the Alliance for the Re Liberation of Somalia. One is under the presidential compound, 1 is under the airport and the 3rd is in the previous HQ of the Somali Secret Service. All this as part and parcel of the United States led COUNTER TERRORISM program which pays for the equipment, training and salaries of the TGF`s so-called army. This is not a Somali national army, it is a MERCENARY army occupying Somalia. In order to pay this mercenary army, to bribe and pay its agents and warlords, the US and UK fly in plane loads of CASH. The cash comes usually via Kenya in the form of US dollars. With fellow mercenaries, SKA and Blackwater operating Mogadishu`s airport, job done for the bribe money, easy in a country where people die of starvation, in a country running on a war economy. Yet another mercenary force in Somalia is a private security company with the mis-leading name of Bancroft Global Development based in Washington.
“…the Somali people resent the TFG, so-called TFG government who have no basis anywhere in the country. They were installed by Djibouti, by Ambassador Abdullah, the special representative for the Secretary General of the United Nations. This is not an actual government. This is a puppet government. It has been installed by Abdullah .” Source: Zakaria Haji Abdi, `TFG means a total sell-out`, uploaded by arsparty somalia. The TFG are responsible for FRANCHIZING Somalia. In payment for their respective roles as UN/AU peacekeeping/occupying forces, Kenya has been granted a large portion of Somalia`s territorial water by the TFG, it has also been granted the bureaucracy of Somalia`s tax-collection, its Inland Revenue. The TFG is currently selling off all Somalia`s national resources. This is the Great Privatization Game that has played out IN EVERY SINGLE AFRICAN STATE. What is happening in Somalia is a farce, it is a war crime on a national scale, it is a British/American heist, coup, high jacking done by neighbouring countries of Ethiopia, Kenya, Burundi, Uganda and Djibouti, counties run by white men in black skins, by `openly unpatriotic sons of Africa`.
“On January 17, 2007, the Transitional Federal Parliament ousted the Speaker of Parliament, Sharif Hassan Sheik Adan, from his position. The former Speaker, who has been a vocal critic of the Ethiopian intervention and the US air strike, has a strong following in Mogadishu and was active in reaching out and engaging the Islamic Courts officials when they had control over Mogadishu. Then US Assistant Secretary of State for Africa Jendayi Fraser stated in mid-January 2007 that “the no-confidence motion brought against the Parliament Speaker is likely to have a negative impact on this process of dialogue.” In late January, the TFG elected Sheikh Adan Mohamed Nur Madobe, a former warlord and an ally of President Abdullahi Yusuf, as Speaker of Parliament.”,report by Ted Dagne for Congressional Research Service.
So how exactly do the warlords and famine benefit the controllers? A story has to be presented of anarchy, of black savages killing each other. It has to be accepted by the western world that Somalis are anarchic in the sense that they cannot govern themselves, and like all Africans –do not know how to farm and feed themselves. The roots of this fabricated story of Africa go back to the law of Terra Nullius, the Berlin Congress and the historical and cultural annihilation of an entire continent.
“As regards humanitarian assistance, the security personnel envisaged in the agreements were to provide protection and security for the United Nations personnel, equipment and supplies at the seaports and airports in Mogadishu and escort deliveries of humanitarian supplies from there to distribution centres in the city and its immediate environs………The Secretary-General recommended the deployment of four additional United Nations security units, each with a strength of up to 750, to protect the humanitarian convoys and distribution centres throughout Somalia. Also, in accordance with his earlier proposal, the Secretary-General recommended the establishment of four zone headquarters of UNOSOM………On 8 September, the Security Council also approved the Secretary-General`s plan to deploy three logistics units totalling up to 719 personnel to support the enhanced UNOSOM operation. Consequently, the total strength of UNOSOM was to be 4,219 all ranks, including the unit of 500 authorized in Mogadishu and 719 for logistics units.” Source:,Somalia UNOSOM I and II.
In order to justify UN presence not just in war-torn Mogadishu in 1991 but UN presence throughout Somalia, there had to be a need for security in order for the UN to offer its insidious gift of protection. Warlords, bribed/paid/equipped would ensure that ports, bridges, airfields were blocked to all humanitarian aid supplies. The story would be enhanced that these warlords were restricting the distribution of aid and all this thereby necessitating an overwhelming presence of UN troops, job done aka Sierra Leone, Cote D`Ivoire, Liberia, Mali, CAR and the mother of all African orchestrated disasters-the Congo. The 30 000 US troops of Operation Restore Hope in 1992 leaves the mind boggling. How in any form of rational thinking can 30 000 foreign troops be necessary to `restore law and order` in a port city of a comparably small country on the other side of the world. Had Somali nationals all become raving mad, had an entire nation swallowed a pill that turned ten million people insane? No. The story for the people of this country was that the 30 000 troops were needed because Somalis en-masse were RESISTING OCCUPATION. As they still are which is why David Cameron`s 2012 conference on Somalia`s interests recommended the UN/AU force be raised YET AGAIN to 18 000, because Somali nationals are still RESISTING OCCUPATION. ”On 3 March 1993, the Secretary-General submitted to the Security Council a report containing his recommendations for effecting the transition from UNITAF to UNOSOM II. He indicated that since the adoption of Council resolution 794 (1992) in December 1992, UNITAF had deployed approximately 37,000 troops in southern and central Somalia, covering approximately 40 per cent of the country`s territory……….The Secretary-General concluded, therefore, that, should the Security Council determine that the time had come for the transition from UNITAF to UNOSOM II, the latter should be endowed with enforcement powers under Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter so as to be able to establish a secure environment throughout Somalia.” Source: UN report on UNOSOM I.
The UN/AU have been CREATING WAR in Somalia, they control all airfields, borders, ports, coastline, they close markets and means of food distribution, livelihood and trade in their insidious hunt for so-called terrorists. They orchestrate many of the attacks on UN and NGO personnel in order to justify their presence. They herd people into `distribution centres` and pick through them in their insidious hunt for terrorists, they restrict normal farming practises and ordinary life by arming idiot warlords aged fifteen and under, by laying landmines by the million just as they do in the Middle East and all across this blood soaked continent of Africa. They are traumatizing entire nations into submitting to cornflakes and shopping malls. Americans may jump up and down when gun legislation attempts to remove their constitutional rights and firearms when the UN is doing this very same in countless African states. In somalia …..”On 19 December, the Secretary-General presented to the Security Council a report in which he described actions taken to implement resolution 794 (1992) and set out his thinking on a new mandate for UNOSOM and the transition from UNITAF to continued peacekeeping operations. The Secretary-General recommended that the Council defer its decision on such a transition until it became clear whether UNITAF had achieved its goal. He suggested that it should await the establishment of a ceasefire, the control of heavy weapons, the disarming of lawless gangs and the creation of a new police force.” Source: UN report on UNOSOM I. This was the plan way back in 1992.Since then not only has the UN created a new police force which they control and pay (just as in Sierra Leone-administered by the British), but they have created a new army and a new government which they control and pay called the Transitional Federal Government.

“Somalia has untapped reserves of numerous natural resources, including uranium, iron ore, tin, gypsum, bauxite, copper, salt and natural gas. Due to its proximity to the oil-rich Gulf Arab states such as Saudi Arabia and Yemen, the nation is also believed to contain substantial unexploited reserves of oil. A survey of Northeast Africa by the World Bank and UN ranked Somalia second only to Sudan as the top prospective producer. American, Australian, and Chinese oil companies, in particular, are excited about the prospect of finding petroleum and other natural resources in the country. An oil group listed in Sydney, Range Resources, anticipates that the Puntland province in the north has the potential to produce 5 billion barrels to 10 billion barrels of oil, compared to the 6.7 billion barrels of proven oil reserves in Sudan. As a result of these developments, the Somali Petroleum Company was created by the federal government.” Source: Wikipedia, Somalia


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