Senegal`s Scientific Ingenuity is Inspiration for the World !

Senegal`s Scientific Ingenuity is Inspiration for the World !

by PD Lawton    28 April 2020

Senegal is not rich and yet it is doing more to combat Covid-19 than many Western countries and it is doing this by using ingenius scientific methods .

It is hypocritical, to say the least, when America, Britain and France are still trying to see how long they can blabber on about things, as a way of postponing doing anything meaningful to stop the spread of the virus, and Sweden isn`t bothering to do anything at all; while lockdown in parts of Africa has meant real hardship, real hunger and real sacrifice .

The warmongers in America and Britain blame their soaring death rates on China while Africans have taken an intelligent approach. They have heeded China and South Korea, who have been the most successful in saving lives from Covid-19, and are using their methods. They have enforced lockdowns and curfews in most major cities even though that has really hurt. Many African governments have already  made it obligatory to wear masks in public.

And unlike the Western anti-China warmongers , not one African government has blamed the spread of Covid-19 across their continent on European tourists as most infections in Africa were started not by people from Wuhan but by Italian and French nationals.

Now Senegal has invented an anti-body test which costs $1 to produce which it hopes to distribute across the continent.

The Pasteur Institute is a medical research facility in Dakar, capital of Senegal. Researchers from the institute, led by the institute`s administrator, Dr Amadou Sall, have adapted a test previously used for diagnosing Dengue Fever into a test for Covid anti-bodies.

They aim to test everyone in Senegal, not just those with symptoms, in a determined effort to eradicate rather than manage the virus. They can do this because the test is cheap to produce, quick, it only takes 10 minutes to analyse a drop of blood or saliva, and it can be done, like a pregnancy test, at home.

“There is no need for a highly-equipped lab. It is a simple test that can be done anywhere. The idea is to produce 2 to 4 million kits, not just for us but for African countries so that we can detect and isolate patients quickly,” said Dr Amadou.

Senegal is treating cases of Covid-19 with anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine which clears the virus from the lungs giving patients with severe symptoms a better chance of surviving. They have the highest recovery rate in Africa and the third highest in the world!

More ingenuity from this inspirational nation, comes in the form of a ventilator. Before a recent invention the country had 50 ventilators for 16 million people. Now Senegalese engineers are making ventilators with 3D printers. Instead of costing $16,000 to buy in, these home-produced ventilators are costing $60 !

Senegal is an inspiration not just for Africa, but for the world!



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