Random Violence in Kiliba, DRC

It is reported that on Thursday 2/10/17 an incident took place in Kiliba involving 2 FARDC soldiers. The incident highlights the undisciplined and immoral nature of the DRC government forces.

Kiliba is a town in eastern Congo, located  north  of Lake Tanganyika in the province of South Kivu. It is located about 17 km from Bujumbura, the capital of Burundi and 25 km north of Uvira.

At around 7:30pm on Thursday evening 2 FARDC soldiers walked into a café where people were eating an evening meal. One of the soldiers dropped a bullet on the floor of the café. The other soldier allegedly said : ” You have dropped a bullet, you should pick it up.”To which the first soldier allegedly replied:” It is not my bullet, I didn`t drop it. Someone in this room dropped this bullet.” He then proceeded to aim his firearm at various people in the café. His colleague told him not to shoot but he fired into the crowd. As a result one man aged around 30 is dead and another man has been seriously injured in the leg.

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