Ramasimong Phillip Tsokolibane, Leader of LaRouche South Africa, Remembered

                                   Ramasimong Phillip Tsokolibane

                                                                              1959 – 2022


Ramasimong Phillip Tsokolibane died on Wednesday 2 March at his home in Evaton, Gauteng, South Africa. He leaves behind his wife,Mmateboho, and two grown children.

Ramasimong is remembered by his friends and colleagues.More than a political activist, he was  truly a thinker. As a student of the political economist Lyndon LaRouche, Ramasimong applied the ideas of the late Lyndon LaRouche to his own country, the Republic of South Africa. Ramasimong wrote regularly for his own website LaRouche South Africa. He was also a regular contributor to Executive Intelligence Review, the world`s leading journal on geopolitics, and which promotes the adoption of Lyndon LaRouche`s philosophy.

His perceptions of events in South Africa have broadened the scope of thinking for those wanting to understand the nature and actions of the malthusian forces that have kept the Republic of South Africa a captured vassal state of Wall Street and the City of London oligarchs. Ramasimong guided South African political thought to a higher level and explained that what happens throughout the continent will remain crafted by the malthusian operations of the oligarchy until national sovereignty is achieved politically and financially.

It was through his work and that of his colleague from the LaRouche Organization, David Cherry, that the colour revolution against former president Jacob Zuma, was exposed.
His analysis has proved to be perfectly correct.

Ramasimong was a lifelong member of Mangaliso Robert Sobukwe`s Pan African Congress. Sobukwe`s PAC was founded on humanistic principles, that beyond anything, it is the `agape`, love of mankind that matters. It was that principle that drew him to the ideas of Lyndon LaRouche.

He joined LaRouche South Africa 30 years ago, when it was founded by Philemon Sekoatle in 1991. Ten years later, when Sekoatle died, Ramasimong succeeded him as the leader.

In 2013 former US president Obama made a state visit to South Africa. While many South Africans fawned over the colour of his skin, Ramasimong and the LaRouche South Africa organization protested his visit with placards depicting Obama as Hitler. Obama declared his malthusian intent during his state visit when he lectured Africans that they must not aspire to Western living standards because , according to genocidal pseudo-science, that would cause the planet to boil.
At that demonstration, Ramasimong and Frank Sukwana were interviewed by Reuters, AP, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Iran’s Press TV, and others. They explained that American foreign policy under Obama had killed more people in Iraq and Libya, and by drone warfare in Somalia than Hitler had done.

LaRouche South Africa consistently pushed for further adoption of nuclear energy as a means of industrialization of African economies. In an article co-written with his colleague David Cherry, Ramasimong outlined the dire consequences should South Africa neglect nuclear technology.

In 2015, Ramasimong delivered a lecture at the Citizens Electoral Council Conference in Melbourne, Australia, celebrating publication of the book-length proposal for a new economic paradigm, The New Silk Road Becomes the World Land-Bridge (Vol. I), jointly developed by the Executive Intelligence Review and the Schiller Institute, which promotes international co-operation and peace through development.

During his speech he referred to his own funeral and asked that he be remembered not for material possessions but for the vision he leaves behind for others to take up and continue in the universal fight for a better world.


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