PD Lawton Interview – Gaddafi was murdered for financial reasons

in this interview with Norwegian podcast Antijantepodden, PD Lawton discusses why Gadaffi was murdered and how the NATO alliance created the conditions that have resulted in mass immigration and the rise in Islamic extremism

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AJP 115 | PD Lawton – Gaddafi was murdered for financial reasons

PD Lawton is the founder and editor of africanagenda.net. In this episode she explains the underlaying reasons why Norway and several other Western countries bombed Libya in 2011. Former President Muammar Gaddafi made Libya incredible wealthy by nationalizing their oil and the banking system. The country had big gold and silver reserves, and no depth to The World Bank or International Monetary Fund (IMF) – which is exceptionally unusual in the region. At the time that Norway invaded and dropped 588 bombes over the country, Gaddafi was in the process of creating an African currency backed by gold. He also held a speech in the UN General Assembly, where he addressed Western corruption. Lawton believes that the financial interests of “the bankers” are behind the Libyan war – as well as the current ones in Ukraine and Israel/Gaza.

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