Part 2 : State Capture of Eskom

The following is the second part of an interview conducted by Sifiso Mahlangu of ANN7 with Dr. Ben Ngubane.

Source: Afro World View TV

Sifiso Mahlangu: “…and who stands to benefit when Treasury captures Eskom? I think you put it so bluntly in our previous conversation that Treasury is putting the hackle on Eskom to produce things that they cannot. Who stands to gain when Treasury possesses or opposes or oppresses Eskom?”

Dr Ngubane: “Well, it`s people who own the wealth and the power in the country who want to control Treasury. We are on a Washington consensus model of expenditure. For a newly liberated country this cannot work. We need to find a model that addresses developmental agendas of the country. Now when a minister of finance stands up on every platform and says that the state enterprises are corrupt and does nothing to implement the PFMA or charge the people he is calling corrupt; that minister is conditioning the mind to justify paying R5 million to the public protector to hastily put together a report, without interviewing the respondents in that report. And then push it out as state capture and damb everybody.”

Siphiso Mahlangu: “Hold on Dr Ngubane, just a minute! So who paid who to release the State of Capture Report?”

Dr Ngubane: “Pravin Gordhan when he was Minister of Finance gave funding to the public protector to hurry up the State Capture Report. It was in the dying days of her contract as public protector. That is why we were not even given a chance or a hearing. Our documents we submitted were never studied. That is why the report was hastily produced, without findings, mind you, but only remedial action requiring a judicial commission. That was, as far as I am concerned, a hatchet job on state enterprises. But in that hatchet job it`s only Eskom that was targeted. And it was clear that it`s because we bought coal from TAGETA. It was clear that the general impression that was being created about TAGETA was being affirmed through an organ of state.”

Siphiso Mahlangu: “Very serious Dr Ngubane, what is the way forward with this? Can you take it up with the S.A.P.S or with the Hawks or what action can be taken, from what Mr Gordhan did ?

Dr Ngubane: “Well, we want a proper review. He must come there and give any reasons why in the dying days of the public protector`s term, he gave money to hurry up the State of Capture Report. Which is totally inadequate, which is totally unconstitutional in terms of giving the right of the [_] principle which is the corner stone of our judicial system, ride rough shod of all reputations, make Brian ( Molefe) absolutely demoralized, and putting in danger a very important state institution which is Eskom.”

Siphiso Mahlangu: “Dr Ngubane, you have served this country for many, many years. In the days of pre-democracy , leading to the government of National Unity, CODESA, and beyond to this day. You `ve just resigned from Eskom, what does the future hold for Dr Ben Ngubane?”

Dr Ngubane:” I am going to look out for business opportunities because now when I die, at least I must leave a little bit of wealth for my family.”


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