Nongqawuse Calls for the Second Sacrifice

Nongqawuse Calls for the Second Sacrifice

by PD Lawton    4 July 2020


Nongqawuse, South African child who promoted asset sacrifice

Energy Minister Gwede Mantashe, who represents reason with regards to South Africa`s paramount need for investment in its nuclear industry, has struck out at the likes of Anton Eberhard and his green cronies.

Eberhard is a snake-oil salesman for the bankers of Wall Street and the City of London and their Green New Deal. He promotes `renewable energy auctions`. He wants South Africa`s national energy to be a part of the casino economy where punters can lay wagers and bet on the stakes. And he calls such strategies `reform and regulation`.

Anton Eberhard, South African economist who promotes energy auctions

President Ramaphosa appointed Anton Eberhard to the Eskom Sustainability Task Team in 2018 as South Africa`s national asset was primed for privatization. Eberhard occupies this position alongside other economic hitmen such as Sir Michael Lawrence (Mick) Davis who represents London`s extractive interests, Glencore-Xstrata.

Eberhard expresses a curiously backward notion in a recent article in the South African press. He says that Minister Mantashe`s coal and nuclear proposals will be ruinous for the country`s post-Covid economic recovery.

In brief, Eberhard wants to sacrifice South Africa`s priceless asset, its nuclear industry, in return for the illusory rewards of the `great wealth` that renewables will bring.

Minister Mantashe reminded Eberhard that national suicide had occurred once before in South Africa`s past.

The Great Cattle Killing began in 1856 after the prophesy of a juvenile seer, Nongqawuse, who claimed the ancestors wanted all cattle killed and all crops destroyed; then all would be made new and no one would want for anything. Tens of thousands of the Xhosa, having sacrificed all their assets, cattle and crops, died of starvation. Did Sir George Grey have anything to do with the manipulation of Nongqawuse who at the time was only a child?

Eberhard criticizes Mantashe`s proposals, saying for one thing, that they will take too long to implement and are too costly. He displays his `slash and grab ` economic thinking by saying such as this: “The future is uncertain. … Does long-term planning still make sense?” Eberhard `s answer is, of course, no.

He, like other economists such as Grové Steyn, want South Africa to cower under an umbrella of `uncertainty`.

Grové Steyn, in a paper that was critical to the halting of former president Zuma`s nuclear plans, stated that `the future is uncertain and therefore we must not plan for it.` Eberhard and Steyn are not original, they are simply repeating Wall Street and the City of London`s clap-trap which, in a word, spells one thing, and that is a continued policy, for Africa, of under-development.

It is a basic and simple truth that South Africa will not be able to increase industrialization of the economy using wind or solar.

For the depopulationists, who abhore humanity, the `greening` of energy production is essentially about reducing the world`s population by decreasing energy output . They want the `useless eaters` either dying of diseases like Covid-19, malnutrition, or the ensuing violence which is the predictable outcome of intolerable suffering.

In an article recently published on this website, authors David Cherry and Philip Ramasimong Tsokolibane, point out the dire need to implement the policies of the late American statesman and economist, Lyndon LaRouche, whose enduring love of humanity designed a system that is the antithesis of imperial thinking. The following is a quote from their article `South Africa: Nuclear Power or Bust !`:

“Yet it is not enough to build new nuclear power plants. Many who appreciate the benefits of nuclear energy do not understand the fundamental principle that requires a nuclear-driven economy. It is this: If energy is not generated in sufficient volume and with sufficient efficiency, society’s needs cannot be met, and the population must shrink. When that unhappy condition of “undernourishment” prevails (literally and figuratively), humankind also becomes susceptible to diseases of all kinds. The bugs take over, as now with COVID-19, the preceding epidemics, and foreseeable future epidemics and pandemics unless something is done. In technical terms, energy-flux density has fallen below the existing level of potential relative population-density.”

Eberhard condemns coal on the basis that a coal-powered plant can only be clean if CO2 is removed from the emissions. He shows himself to be highly unscientific in his thinking. CO2 is food for plant life. Pakistan, with China`s assistance, has recently completed construction of one of the cleanest coal plants in the world. Sahiwal emits almost zero SO2 (sulpur dioxide) which, unlike CO2, is a pollutant and health risk.

(See article on this website: BRI`s Flagship Project in Pakistan Shows Creativity Can Solve Energy Needs, 6 August 2019.)

Mantashe`s comparison of the Great Cattle Killing and the green, anti-nuclear proposal is perfect; the two are alike. The globalist policies of the IMF create the situation, through debt repayment and monetarist policies, that impoverishes African states, in order that national assets be sacrificed to the vultures of  the Wall Street and  City of London casino.

In the case of South Africa, will history repeat itself?





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