Laurent Gbagbo Returns Home to Cote D`Ivoire

Laurent Gbagbo Returns Home to Cote D`Ivoire

Despite the media`s efforts to downplay it, there appeared to be a rapturious welcome for the former president, Laurent Gbagbo, as he returned to his country for the first time since he was extradicted to The Hague in 2011. Which is where he was charged by the kangaroo court of the ICC for crimes against humanity, a charge of which he was finally acquitted.

There is an underground passageway between the French Embassy and the Presidential Residence in Abidjan. When Laurent Gbagbo became president in 2000, he blocked this passageway, he had it concreted shut. That in itself says everything about his presidency and why the oligarchy tried so hard to destroy him.

Italian film-maker, Sylvestro Montanaro made a chilling documentary about the so-called civil war that erupted in Cote D`Ivoire in 2010. His documentary pointed at the foreign interference that orchestrated the atrocities in the country and the subsequent occupation by French military…a story all too familiar for Francafrique.

This is his documentary:

Source: ACC Cote d`Ivoire

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