Kizito Mihigo – Igisobanuro Cy’urupfu (English Subtitles)

This is the song Kizito Mihigo was imprisoned for in Rwanda. He was tortured to death in 2020.

Source: RDI-Rwanda Rwiza

Music video by Kizito Mihigo performing Igisobanuro Cy’urupfu/ The meaning of Death (English Subtitles)

The meaning of Death, Igisobanuri cy’urupfu is a song composes by Kizito Mihigo, a popular Rwanda Artist. The song calls for reconcilitition in Rwanda because of genocide that took millions of lives both in Rwanda and the great lakes region in Africa.

Kagame, the controvertial visionary darling tyrant president, dubbed the song as revisionist and it got banned in Rwanda. After a week of disappearance, on Monday 14th April 2014 Rwanda police admitted to having Kizito Mihigo in their custody. He is now charged of terrosism, divisionism, working for parties and rebel groups that oppose kagame regime FDLR and RNC, which is the charge that Kagame regime use to throw anyone that they see as a threat in jail. Share the message and go tell the world what War Criminal Paul Kagame has done to Rwanda.

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