Japan’s Prime Minister tours Africa

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Japan’s Prime Minister tours Africa

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Amidst the news of chaos in Sudan, it is easy to forget other news happening at the same time across the continent. When it comes to Africa, the Western media have a chic to make us focus only on the worst things on the continent, and rarely the good. After all, if anybody watches the news, they would not think that there is joy and happiness, prosperity, and abundance in Africa; not everything is as portrayed in the news. This week, Japan’s Prime Minister, Fumio Kishida, is touring Africa. The tour started last Sunday in Egypt, followed by Ghana, then Kenya, and Mozambique (Japanese banks are among the international banks financing the multi-billion dollar deal involving the French firm Total in Mozambique (Who/What did we say goodbye to in Africa in 2020?)). In this tour, Japan has vowed to give 500 million dollars in financial support to Africa over the next three years to promote stability and peace on the continent. The New Scramble for Africa is on… are Africans awake? Excerpts below are from AfricaNews.

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Japan’s Prime Minister tours Africa

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