Is Ramaphosa Preparing Eskom for Privatization?

Is Ramaphosa Preparing Eskom for Privatization?

by PD Lawton

The City of London, having successfully removed Jacob Zuma by character assassination, is continuing its coup of the South African political and economic spheres using a carbon copy of a program that was used against another major BRICS nation, Brazil, and the administration of Dlima Rousseff.

The next phase of neutralizing this BRICS member is the privatization of South Africa`s state-run sectors.

Having conjured up a contagious Ebola-like disease called `state capture` or Guptaritis, the South African `Deep State` , operatives for the City of London, can now incriminate any opposition to their version of how South Africa is to be run.

This week the City of London`s puppet president, Cyril Ramaphosa, who is a longtime associate of the Oppenheimer controlled South African mining conglomerates, has assembled what can only be described as a hatchet team to sell off the country`s energy supplier, Eskom.

Last week Ramaphosa sent his Energy Minister Jeff Radebe to fire the CEO, Dr Kelvin Kemm and the entire board of the South Africa Nuclear Energy Corporation (NECSA). This outrageous act based on bogus pretexts, is an attack on South Africa`s world class status within the nuclear community and as with Eskom, its ability to implement the urgently needed economic growth that will provide all South Africans with a dignified standard of living.

The City of London hate Eskom and in particular they hate the likes of Brian Molefe, Jacob Zuma, Mosebenzi Zwane, Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma and any member of the ANC who has the temerity to stand against its imperialist, oligarchical death grip on this beautiful country and any move it makes to attain genuine national sovereignty.

They hate Brian Molefe because under his watch at Eskom, the decades- long coal contracts with City of London`s Anglo-Swiss MNC, Glencore, were under scrutiny and not necessarilly up for renewel.

Now they want to sell off Eskom to the private sector. That private sector will be a pre-selected group of corporations. Not only do they want to destroy the South African state-owned energy provider but they also want the industrial giant of Africa to go green.

They want renewable green energy because unlike the unwitting anti- fossil fuel, anti -nuclear dupes, they know that solar panels and windmills will not support the industrialization of Africa. Windmills will not power industrial plants that are needed to produce steel, run factories and fire the growth of manufacturing.

Renewable energy will not provide electricity to each and every household in Africa which is a real human right.

The City of London wants renewable energy because green energy will not support a large and healthy growing population. They hate the idea of more people, they hate the idea of flourishing African populations, they hate Humanity because we are all in their eyes, poor dirty savages, the `useless eaters`.

The City of London particularly hates nuclear energy. Since the time of Bertrand Russell they have been running a virulent propaganda campaign against nuclear science. They hate the idea of nuclear energy for African countries because that would lead to energy security, and cheap, clean, plentiful electricity.

Ahead of next year`s elections,Ramaphosa is dismantling everything his predessessor`s administration tried to achieve. Zwane`s New Mining Charter has been turned into a Christmas present for the Oppenheimers. At the Treasury, it has been a case of out with the new and in with the old as Ramaphosa`s Finance Minister, Tito Mboweni, is a Goldman Sachs advisor.  He can implement Wall Street and City of London policy on their behalf. When he`s done he can get a job with the Rothchilds like Trevor Manuel. Perhaps Pravin Gordhan will be knighted, perhaps a CBE?

South Africans are already awake. The ANC already know that the operation against Zuma was an attack to destroy the ANC. As Deputy secretary-general of the ANC, Jessie Duarte, said recently ” the governing party is perceived as being on trial at the state capture inquiry.”

The backlash against Ramaphosa and South Africa`s genuinely captured institutions, namely the judiciary and the media, urgently needs to happen. For South Africans, millions of whom are already deeply impoverished, it is a matter of life or death.





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  1. Fix coal fleet, build nuclear . Keep coal for stable baseload . Increase renewables – way of using carbon credit and beneficial from a trade risk perspective. Balance in the mix.

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