Insights into Nigerian Insurgency Problem

these are very interesting insights into the bandits/militants and those that call themselves Boko Haram. Most interesting is they are clearly identified as non Nigerian nationals. In some cases they may look like Fulani but they do not speak any Nigerian languages. Exact same is being said of insurgents in eastern DRC. Also possibly Mozambique. These are paid mercenaries. So who is paying them and where are the weapons coming from. Guns in Africa were meant to go silent by now but it looks like things are being started up again.

Source: TVC News Nigeria

Today on the programme, Nigeria’s COVID-19 cases surpass 50,000 mark with 593 new infections, as 7 more WASSCE candidates test positive for the virus in Gombe State, Inspector-General of Police says armed banditry in Nigeria has international connection, as Director-General of DSS preaches peace among Kebbi communities, and later on the show, Finalists emerge in the UEFA Champions League.

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