If Nigerians Elect Buhari Will They be Allowed to Keep Him?

The Nigerian elections will be on the 16 February. President Buhari is way too visionary, determined and incorruptible to be the choice of the Western financial oligarchy so will he be elected and if so, will he be allowed to stay? President Buhari is the champion of the Transaqua Project which the presence of Boko Haram is hindering.

Lawrence Freeman is in this  interview on RT. His website and further information on Transaqua is :


  ‘Anyone who intervenes will leave in a body bag’ – Nigerian official warns of ‘Venezuela option’   

Published on 9 Feb 2019

The Venezuela crisis is causing concern in other troubled nations facing difficult elections. Nigeria goes to the polls next Saturday, and an ally of the president there has threatened opponents of the current government with deadly consequences if they try anything similar.

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