History Turning Full Circle for Congo

 History Turning Full Circle for Congo

by PD Lawton, 26 Febuary 2023

These are strange times we are living in, the deja-vu of the Universe correcting itself back to Natural Law after the rocky horror freak show of the world post 11 September 2001. Things that should have been, are they now returning?

Laurent-Désiré Kabila   ( Image : Atlas Obscura)

Félix  Tshisekedi Tshilombo (Image: Africa Intelligence)

Laurent-Désiré Kabila became president of the DRC in 1997. He was assassinated in 2001. Installed by the USA/UK backed coup leader of Rwanda (1994), Paul Kagame, Laurent Kabila asserted his own will within a short time. He renounced Congo`s debt owed to the World Bank, that had been accumulated under his predessessor, Mobutu Sese Seko, who in turn had been installed by the UK/USA/Belgium after they assassinanted Congo`s beloved leader Patrice Émery Lumumba in 1961. Laurent Kabila was to preside over a sovereign Congo and use the bountiful resources to develop the country for the benefit of Congolese. Hence his assassination.

In 2002 his son by his second wife, was inauguarated as president, Joseph Kabila.His presidency allowed for the wholesale looting of eastern Congo by Paul Kagame`s Rwanda, on behalf of Silicon Valley and the extractive industries of Wall Street and the City of London, resulting in the deaths of around 6 million Congolese.

Paul Kagame was inauguarated as president of Rwanda in 2000 on the 22 April, just 2 days after Adolph Hitler`s birthday.

Paul Kagame ( Image MIT)
The catalytic event that heralded the `Stratégie du chaos et du mensonge` ( Strategy of chaos and lies) in the Great Lakes, was the shooting down of a plane in 1994. On board were the presidents of Burundi and Rwanda,Cyprien Ntaryamira  and Juvenal Habyarimana. Paul Kagame was involved in this assassination that lead on to the genocide in Rwanda and the resulting genocide in Congo.

Rwandans are routinely subjected to their holocaust memorials which are presided over by their president and his Tutsi elite, where the washed scull and bones of the victims of 1994 are displayed. Kagame is said to wear a bullet proof vest on such occaisions.

Rwanda Genocide Memorial (Image: Jewish World Watch)

Felix Tshisekedi is reclaiming Congo from the foreign marauders. He has broken the silence of international diplomacy and officially stated that Rwanda is backing the M23 army in North Kivu. He has expressly stated that it is Paul Kagame who is the problem and not Rwandans.
On January 23 of this year Rwanda attempted to shoot down a Congolese fighter jet as it was about to land in Goma. Tshisekedi government called it a ‘deliberate act of aggression that amounts to an act of war’.

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