Guterres in Niger

Guterres in Niger

by PD Lawton, 4 May 2022

UN Secretary -General, Antonio Guterres, visited Niger yesterday. He addressed a crowd of singing, dancing tribal women, the favoured photo-opp for the likes of David Attenborough and British royalty, the sort of Out of Africa days of the Raj and Big Game Hunting.

Apparently he promised Nigeriens lots of humanitarian aid and military aid because Niger is practising Good Governance Democracy. In his eyes, Niger is one of the last bastions of a fine democracy amid a growing number of African states that have kicked out the French military, UN peace-keeping missions, along with former presidents who did the bidding of multi-national mining corporations.
Jihadists in the Sahel justify the worn-out narrative of George Bush`s War on Terror. It is old news now. Twenty plus years of terror and we know it was you who unleashed the terror, who funded the `moderates` in Syria and destroyed Libya. We know it is you who run the global narcotics trade through al CIAeda.

People in Africa do not want your military aid and if they were not so much a need for it, your humanitarian aid.
People in Africa want electricity.

Nigeriens want electricity like the French have electricity from nuclear energy which is made possible with Niger`s uranium.
But Guterres preaches the green ideology, the arcadian bliss of windmills under the Great Green Reset which shows that the financial oligarchy are still operating under Henry Kissinger`s NSSM200 which stated that the `developing` world must not be allowed to progress as it will endanger the security of America and the availibility of natural resources, a more militarized version of the Club of Rome`s handbook on zero-growth policy, Limits to Growth, the eugenicist`s bible.

Guterres has called for the total disinvestment of carbon based energy exploration and production and for all subsidies to be exclusively for renewable energy.
How can a man stand in a sea of poverty and human despair and preach about the scenario of an environmental catastophe?

These hypocrites are leveraging life.

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