Gaza: State of Emergency

Gaza: State of Emergency

by PD Lawton, 18 October 2023

In the evening of 17 October Israel struck the compound of Ahli Baptist Hospital in Gaza. 500 Palestinians dead. Live feed from within the hospital on Al Jazeera news agency showed casualties being brought in, many children among the victims. Hospital in state of chaos with the sheer numbers of injured and distraught people. Among the seriously injured a young boy appeared burnt, barely conscious and vomiting. People being treated on the floor of the hospital as no more space available.

Families were sleeping in the outside compound of the hospital because their homes are destroyed or have been told by Israel to evacuate residential areas. Israel is blockading all basic necessities of water, food, electricity, fuel and medical supplies. Reports say hospitals running out of painkiller, operations being performed without. Gazans now restricted to 1litre of water per person per day.

On Tuesday 10 October Israeli missiles struck a UN refugee school where people were also sheltering. 6 dead. Two other UN refugee centers targeted.

23 ambulances targeted in the last 11 days since 7 October. 22 health facilities including clinics and pharmacies targeted.

18 paramedics, ambulance staff killed.

3500 Palestinians killed since 7 October.

Yesterday after the attack, Hamas offered to return all hostages in exchange for a ceasefire.

On morning of 18 October Israeli military spokesman stated that the missile was not launched by Israel. He states that the blast was caused by a misfired Hamas rocket. He states there is none of the evidence of a missile strike. However, in footage of the scene you can see a crater in the tarmac that bisects the compound and many completely burnt out cars.

Biden arrived in Tel Aviv today. His presence is exacerbating the situation. Egypt, Jordan and Palestinian Authority have in the last hour, all cancelled talks with Biden.

Rejection of Biden is a symbol of the dying hegemonic order. The polar opposite is taking place at the same time as China celebrates the 3rd Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation. The Summit started yesterday in Beijing and is being attended by delegates from 140 countries.

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