Gaza and Goma : here we go again!

The `powers that be` want us cowering infront of Genocide TV, want us to think that nothing can be done to save these people , the 1.2 internally displaced Congolese in Goma and the 1.2 internally displaced Gazans in Rafah ( how bizarre!) Both the Congolese and the Gazans are in imminent threat of death by military attack, en masse. And to neither is this situation anything new. For both it has been going on for decades. For both are being terrorized by aggressive occupying forces that want to steal their land and resources.Israel wants to steal Gaza and its oil and gas. Rwanda under Killer Kagame, the butcher of Kigali, wants to steal North Kivu and Ituri Provinces in eastern DRC for the gold, coltan etc. Both aggressors or more aptly put, both terrorizing parties (Israel and Rwanda) are supported, armed, funded, trained and politically backed by the West. So if Britain and America stop backing Israel, the Gazans live. If the EU and Israel and America and Britain stop funnelling cash down Kagame`s throat, the Congolese get to live.

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