Flood devastation in Durban’s shantytowns an indictment of ANC ineptitude

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Flood devastation in Durban’s shantytowns an indictment of ANC ineptitude

By Imraan Buccus , 13 April 2022

If the ANC had brought the same energy to resolving the housing crisis that it brought to running the World Cup in 2010, or enforcing the recent Covid lockdowns, we would not be in this terrible situation.

The vast shantytowns spread out across Durban have been devastated by the recent floods. People’s homes have been destroyed and their possessions lost. Many people have died. The death toll is still mounting and many people are still missing.

The scale of the disaster is staggering, and coming so soon after the July 2021 riots it has left the city, which has been in steep decline since Jacob Zuma’s supporters first took over the municipality, reeling.

The assumption that a huge percentage of the residents of a city like Durban can go on living in shacks year after year is a damning indictment of the city’s politicians, and of course national politicians too. The floods have made it very clear that shacks are not a safe form of habitation and the housing crisis should have been treated as a national emergency from the first day that the ANC took office in 1994.

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