Ethiopian Airlines has adapted, while SAA may die

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Ethiopian Airlines has adapted, while SAA may die

By Victor Kgomoeswana    26 April 2020

Aviation is among the biggest losers during the global lockdown imposed by the outbreak of Covid-19. Since the World Health Organization (WHO) advised against travel, countries shut their borders, airlines are forced to survive without the oxygen they breathe: passengers.

How ominous that when the international price of crude oil is at its lowest, airlines remain grounded! Fuel can account for about 40% of the cost of running an airline.

There are two airlines on the continent that tell contradicting stories: Ethiopian Airlines (ET) and SAA. Both are state-owned national carriers. Both have a significant international coverage, connecting their countries to the rest of the world and to the regions in which they are domiciled. Their hubs of operation are the two largest airports in Africa; ET’s home base is Bole International in Addis Ababa while SAA rolls out of OR Tambo International.

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