DEMOCRACY NOW? spreads the lies again and again.

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DEMOCRACY NOW? spreads the lies again and again.

All the media reports about the commemorations of the 30th anniversary of the Rwanda genocide — and the events themselves — are universally perpetuating a false narrative. ALL OF THEM.

This includes liberal establishment propaganda rags like The Atlantic Monthly (who began their recent November 2023 article about the hysterical pitch of Donald Trump by comparing Trump to Rwandans (extremist Hutus) in the buildup to 1994) and the speeches of Biden and, of course, Bill Clinton, but it also includes Democracy Now?

The result is the continued impunity of the Kagame regime — and it’s Ugandan and Western backers — for war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide committed in Uganda, Sudan, Rwanda and the Congo.
The US, UK, Canada and Israel’s involvement has been completely covered up, but they remain involved in the death and destruction in Congo today.
An example of the bias is a segment on 9 April 2024 aired by Democracy Now? (considered a flagship show in alternative media). There is nothing about the Democracy Now clip on the “commemoration of the genocide” that educates anyone. It is disinformation. From the first words of introduction it is reductionist over simplification and caricature of reality.

They play the numbers game: over a million Tutsis dead [almost double the number of Tutsis actually living in the country, according to the 1991 census]. Over 250,000 women raped. This is genocide /atrocity porn. Oh and don’t forget the “moderate Hutus.”

What kind of genocide is it where the celebrated victims—Tutsis—are also the victors and the celebrated killers–Hutus–are also the victims?

I challenge Amy Goodman to hold a debate.

Look at the sources Democracy Now? chooses.

The propaganda system manages its narratives and “the spectrum of allowed debate” in great part by its selection of authorized sources.

Amy Goodman contributed to the psyop regarding Rwanda, promoting disinformation to her viewers.

The Rwandan refugee Noel Zihabamwe is a genocide survivor but we are told and learn nothing factual about the circumstances of his tragedy: more superficiality. No nuance. No depth. His first language is Kinyarwanda: he is hard to understand, even for people accustomed to African speakers (like me) and he repeats himself, numerous times, with general platitudes, and offers only shallow comments. He is obviously a trauma survivor and can’t be blamed for being one of the chosen four sources being used by DN? as their token Rwandan, but by using/choosing him it seems Democracy Now? seeks to intentionally sow confusion.

2. Look at Bill Clinton’s body language, eyes, tone and demeanor in the old clip of him that DN? airs: this is classic evidence he is lying and knows he is playing the role of actor maintaining a charade. The U.S. was not a “bystander to genocide.” Clinton is a war criminal and should be tried for his role in aiding and abetting the Rwandan Tutsi and Hutu genocides, the Congolese genocide(s), and the war crimes and crimes against humanity in Congo-Zaire. By choosing to replay that old trite fraudulent Clinton statement Democracy Now? is, again, saying as much as they can (that is meaningless), without saying anything at all (meaningfully). This is gloss.

3. Using Mad Maddy Albright as a source offers only a regurgitation and perpetuation of the shallow false narrative: “genocide is a technical term, a precise term, that has to meet certain standards”…. Blah blah blah. This is worthless filler of space that will not offend Democracy Now? sponsors or censors.

4. The last speaker of the segment, Kenneth Roth, from Human Rights Watch, perpetuates the myth that Hutu extremists carried out all the killings and that Clinton did nothing to “stop the genocide”—when in reality, he was supporting the RPF takeover of Rwanda and mass killings. Roth ran Human Rights Watch throughout the era where more than 10 million people were killed, slaughtered, or died by secondary causes in Central Africa, but gave all this short shrift.
Alison Des Forges worked under Roth as Human Rights Watch’s primary Rwanda operative, and she produced the time “Leave None to Tell The Story”, which is meant to further the false narrative about the Rwandan genocide. There is, of course, no mention of the U.S. military involvement, arms shipments to and through Uganda, or of the Israeli spy master David Kimche’s role or Israel’s covert role.

Why has Amy Goodman for more than 25 years perpetuated the false narrative(s) of Central Africa?
On 18 September 2004 Amy Goodman spoke at the First Churches in Northampton MA. Sponsors included the American Friends Service Committee, then run by now state senator Joanne Commerford.

After her talk, as the crowd was thinning out, I approached Amy Goodman and spoke to her personally. I introduced myself, and asked her to please take a look at the documents I then handed her. I kept my comments brief, as there were clearly others who wished to speak to her. One thing I said was that Central Africa was awash in blood and the United States had/has a deep hand in that, the war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide being committed predominantly by the western guerrilla proxy army the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF)
led by Paul Kagame. I also said the truth of the Rwanda genocide has been covered up by Kagame, Human Rights Watch and other US interests.

In September 2004 I had recently returned from my mission to Central Africa, my second experience in the Congo (my first was Uganda and Zaire in 1991), where I spent four months documenting the crimes of the RPF.

I thanked Amy Goodman for taking a moment to speak with me and stepped back. As I was turning to go, Joanne Commerford literally ran up to Goodman and pointed at me and said something about me that deterred Amy Goodman.

Joanne Commerford has a deep seated hatred of men, During her time as director of the American Friends Service Committee this hatred was projected on me over and over and over, to the point of blocking my every effort to draw attention to the humanitarian crises in Africa, exclude me from events, to spread rumors about me.

I know that many, many people tried to communicate the importance of my work to DN? and that they pleaded with DN? to interview me but to no avail. Now, 30 years later, DN? is still producing the most blatant propaganda in support of one of the worlds most accomplished mass murderers and frauds, and all of his foreign military backers, and all the compromised journalists and media hacks and propaganda rags that have spun the webs of lies and wagged the dogs of deception, and the hegemonic nationalistic war mongering human rights nexus, and, of course, the huge array of “genocide scholars” more interested in their careers than the innocent victims and survivors hurt by their bias, dirty dealings, and nihilistic personal achievements.

The Rwanda Genocide Industry is like the Holocaust Industry.
J. Brian Atwood
Roger Winter
Condoleeza Rice
Susan Rice
Philip Gourevitch
Joshua Hammer
Catherine Watson
William Pike
William Jefferson Clinton
Hillary Clinton
Thomas P. Odom
William Thom
James Rubin
Christiane Amanpour
Gerard Prunier
Gerald Kaplan
David Kimche
Andrew Young (the very same sellout who was on the balcony with MLK when he was shot)

Rwanda will explode again. The people of Congo suffer under the most horrible abuses, abandoned by the caring people of the world to the predators of it.



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