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Source: The 4th World

The legacy of colonialism remains alive to this day – through the perpetual poverty of The Third World – which is a system of transnational colonialism; designed for the elites’ supranational corporations to plunder it annually for hundreds of billions of dollars from unpaid taxes, subsistence-level wages, inhumane working conditions, and its superior natural resources. ​

As a result, the poorest 40% of the Third World, living in this inhumane impoverished reality, make up 80% of the human population.

​ Poverty is the number one cause of world hunger, therefore directly contributing to the deaths of 9 million people annually and 22,000 children each day, as well as half of all child deaths under the age of 5. 821 million people are afflicted daily by hunger and starvation, with 98% of them coming from Third World countries alone. ​

Modern-day slavery is a very real phenomenon in 2020 and poverty is a leading cause; incredulously, 1 in 200 human beings are a slave and 1 in 4 of those slaves are children. ​

Shockingly, slavery remains big business still, generating as much as $150 billion in annual profits, whilst 96.2% of the human slave population come from Third World countries. 24.9 million humans are in forced labour, working against their will [sometimes unpaid] in inhumane conditions and under the threat of intimidation or coercion, with the majority of this exploitation taking place in the private sector; under the jurisdiction of corporations.

The original colonial empires – that violently colonised, enslaved, and impoverished the vast majority of the non-white populations of the human race – were founded upon elitist and racist white supremacy. The continued developing destitute of the Third World, the largest concentration of mostly non-white human populations, is the proof the dark soul of colonialism still endures; particularly on a corporate level. ​

On an even deeper level, “Corporate Colonialism” is aimed at exposing the elites of humanity behind their corporations who, through an unaccountable secret-society network steeped in the occult of dark spiritual malpractice, formulated a globalised system of oppression – those colonial empires of white supremacy – to create a world divided primarily along poverty, elitism, war, and racism; which still continues to operate and fuel such injustices to this present day.


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