Congo`s Mountain of Gold

Congo`s Mountain of Gold

I want to know why Western TV is full of programs about people in Alaska and Australia who make a living prospecting for gold. These people have earth-moving equipment, graders, metal detectors etc and get spot value for their finds. They earn tens of thousands of dollars a year with which they support families, pay off mortgages, send the kids to university etc. So why is it when Africans prospect for gold…..people in the West scream illegal artisanal mining and child labour…..And why are the people who are tripping over diamonds, sapphires, coltan and mountains of gold in Congo still so impoverished? !!!

Hey guys in that village in South Kivu……take it home, dig a hole and HIDE IT until we can rid your beautiful Congo of sociopathic financial vultures….then sell it

WAOOOH! Congolese Villagers discovering a whole mountain full of Gold! Africa is blessed.

Source of video : Make Afrika Great

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