Chinese-built hydropower dam largest of its kind in Cote d’Ivoire

The Soubre hydroelectric power station is operational since 2017, and is the West African country`s largest. It is on the Naoua Falls on the Sassandra River. It has capacity of 275MW. Cote D`Ivoire already has 2000 MW which means it can now be a regional supplier of power.Construction began in 2013 by Sinohydro of China. Construction was completed ahead of schedule.

Soubre was on the drawing boards since the 1970s but it was only realized in recent years thanks to funding from China`s Exim bank with an 85% loan.The Gribo-Popoli hydro-plant , 15km downstream, will expand on Soubre and increase output by another 112MW

Source: New China TV

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