BLF’s cases against Maria Ramos who admits to Absa’s manipulation of the currency

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BLF’s cases against Maria Ramos who admits to Absa’s manipulation of the currency

By BO Staff Writer

Recent news of Maria Ramos admitting to ABSA’s role in the manipulation of the currency is not new. She has already in February 2017 apologized for Absa’s role in rand fixing.

Black First Land First (BLF) on its part has instituted action in two matters involving the criminal actions of Maria Ramos.

In March 2016 BLF laid criminal charges, as well as lodged a complaint with the Office of the Public Protector (OPP) and requested President Jacob Zuma to institute a Judicial Commission of Inquiry (JCOI) – in respect of corruption (which includes state capture) by the following white monopoly capital (WMC) interests:

1. Johann Rupert (SA Businessman and Chairman of Richemont)
2. Maria Ramos (ABSA Group Chief Executive, Barclays Africa Chief Executive Officer)
3. Colin Coleman (Goldman Sachs’ South Africa head)
4. Stephen Koseff (Investec Bank’s global CEO)
5. Mark Lamberti (Imperial Holdings’ CEO)
6. Ian Kirk (Sanlam CEO)
7. Bobby Godsel (Business Leadership South Africa chairperson)
8. Johan van Zyl (Toyota Europe CEO)
9. Johan Burger (First Rand CEO)

Attention was brought to, amongst others:

1. The subversion of the Constitution and the Arms of State including the Legislature to which the President is accountable – via the people.
2. Illegal usurpation of the constitutional and other legal powers of the President.
3. The firing of Des Van Rooyen and the hiring of Pravin Gordhan as Minister of Finance
4. Manipulation of the currency in December 2015 so as to force President Zuma to fire Des Van Rooyen and hire Pravin Gordhan as Minister of Finance which in turn cost the country R500 billion in two days.

The criminal case was opened at the Hillbrow Police Station under case number 39/4/2016.

Regarding the manipulation of the currency, BLF points out that on 10 December 2015 the currency went into free fall evidently losing around 5% of its value. Moreover on 11 December 2015 the currency fell to R16 to the US$ and R24 to the British pound. This was a huge concern for white capital and hence the loud calls for Zuma to go, at that time.

Of utmost significance was the urgent meeting that was convened on 13 December 2015 between the leaders of white industry (which includes Maria Ramos) and ANC leaders who subsequently urged Zuma to change his Finance Minister so as to save the country from economic meltdown. After this meeting Zuma announced the sacking of Van Rooyen and appointment of Gordhan as Minister of Finance.

In another matter, on 29 July 2017, BLF laid criminal charges at the Hillbrow Police Station under case number 916/07/2017 against 18 banks including ABSA for collusion, corruption, fraud, money laundering, and theft, in that they had engaged in criminal activities relating to price fixing and market division.

“These banks have been involved in various criminal activities from at least 2007 up to the end of 2015. BLF believes that the banks have not stopped any of their criminal activities – they continue with impunity”, the Black Consciousness (BC) movement said.

In this case too the manipulation of the rand in December 2015 which made the country sustain a loss of R500 billion and resulted in Gordhan being appointed as Minister of Finance at the behest of WMC, is instructive. This is massive corruption that has been swept under the table by the white owned media.

The fact that Maria Ramos has admitted to ABSA’s role in the manipulation of the currency, supports the charges against her and 8 others relating to state capture by WMC, as well as the charges against the 18 banks in respect of their conduct relating to price fixing and market division.

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