Africa, low vaccination, covid over.

Population of Uganda 44 million. Only 24 million doses of vaccine administered, including first and second dose. Only 50% of population had 1 dose. 75% of population had zero dose.  4000 deaths due to Covid.

More people died during the pandemic of preventable diseases like Malaria. Tragic high rates of suicide due to stress of being prohibitted from earning a daily income, unable to feed family. Stringent lockdown measures in Uganda. Banned public transport including motorbikes. All markets closed. No travel between districts. 2 years of lockdown.

“People suffered more from the lockdown measures than Covid itself.”

Observation: rural areas suffered zero Covid deaths. More affluent more likely to have co-morbidity like diabetes or cancer. Higher death rate of higher income groups.

Common parasitic infections helped build immunity to Covid.

Source: Dr John Campbell

14 September 2022

Despite very low vaccination rates, Uganda is now essentially over the pandemic. Do watch this video, we in the West can learn a lot.

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