Crisis In The Congo: Uncovering The Truth


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The Congolese Solidarity Campaign was launched on the 17 Jan, 2015 in Durban, South Africa.It is a grass roots social movement committed to bringing about much needed peace and stability in the Democratic Republic of Congo.Through education and awareness campaigns, the CSC will be providing the Congolese community, exiled in South Africa, with much needed support. In the words of the elected CSC President, Bahebwa Kabamire “We are finding a way back home“.

The Congolese Solidarity Campaign is fully endorsed by S`bu Zikode, President of Abahlali


25 February 2015

To Whom It May Concern

The Congolese Solidarity Campaign (CSC) is a grass root social movement of the Refugees based in Durban, South Africa. They are committed to the uplifting of the refugees quality of life and to peace and stability in DR Congo.

Their rights to human dignity is often compromised and their lives threatened by local residents. At times the state harasses them or rather fails to protect them from various forces and criminal elements.

The lack of peace, justice and democracy back home in DR Congo is the matter that has forced Abahlali to to act in living solidarity with them, hence they find it morally binding to urge all of us to help restore peace and stability in DR Congo.

In the light of the above I on behalf of Abahlali endorse their request for funding and support.

Yours in struggle,

S`bu Zikode

President Abahlali baseMjondolo Movement SA

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CSC is a grass root social movement of the refugees and the poor. It is committed to building a strong movement that will be working for social change, equality and dignity. The movement has been conceived as from 2012 for peace restoration, security and justice and has been officially launched as from the 17 January 2015.The movement will stand to combat all forms of injustice and inequality in political, social, economical, and cultural spheres. The movement will work to democratize all forms of decision making, to replace top down systems with bottom up systems, and to struggle for an equal right to the cities, right distribution of land, wealth, and other resources.

Resource Curse theory justifies how much more rich-country resource, greed-driven states exacerbate situations of countries’ economic growth. Instead of creating prosperity, resources have too often fostered corruption, undermined inclusive democracy and economic growth, incited armed conflict and damaged infrastructures and the planet. The Democratic Republic of Congo, the Heart of Africa due to its geographical and mineral –rich background has become the Heart of Darkness.

More than 11 millions have been massacred, this is an holocaust. The country has raged into the highest rates of murder and rape in the world. Rape is highlighted as a magic power. Men raped, Women raped, and Children raped. The conflict has escalated into unprecedented violence. Children are being forced into the army. Women and children are being slashed open like grass on the path way. The abhorrent and horrendous actions defy description. The country has been doubly baptized,  Rape Capital of the World  and The First African World War.


Raising the World’s awareness of the horrific silent situation of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Plead for the World to stand and break the silence. Build bridges and advocate on the country’s behalf.


Building Unity, Peace and Stability, Justice and dignity.


To struggle for social justice and equality and build a free, open and unified DR Congo with a special focus on peace and securing, freedom and justice, respect and dignity, human right and gender equality, social cohesion, good governance and development
To struggle for uniting African people by building an African identity through our diversity.

The work will take the following form:

• Working towards empowering citizens participation in democratic society
• Working towards creating social cohesion and national identity

• Working to develop sustainable democratic society and self managed co-operative projects aimed at generating income for poor people.

• Working to establish and sustain social projects within the country as, but not limited to :crèches, community media, vegetables gardens, cleanings projects, reading and writing group, open discussions, theatre projects, sport groups, music groups, and ongoing workshops, trainings and meetings on social issues.

• Working to encourage the development and flourishing of the Youth League Women’s League and Old Aged Activities Groups.

• Working to ensure our people are able to express their views loudly, clearly and directly in all areas and levels of society.

• Working to ensure that our people are aware of their rights under the DR Congo’s Law, and are able to access and defends these rights.
• Working to ensure our people receive support from the state, due to them by Law such as, but not limited to access to free education, state grants, health care, disaster relief, land and housing.

• Working towards creating grounds for a meaningful engagement between, Government structures and grassroots level community structures.

• Working to genuine democratic participation in the making of Policies that affect the lives of our people directly or indirectly.

• Working to offer maximum support to our people living with and or affected by HIV/AIDS.
• Working to actively oppose all forms of prejudice within our community including but not limited to: sexism, racism, tribalism, xenophobia, ageism, regionalism and HIV/ AIDS stigma.

• Working towards challenging and discouraging undemocratic leadership in our country and, should this arise, within any of the movement’s structures

• Working to advance the status and rights of women and children countrywide.

• Working to defend the interest of marginalized people in the formal and informal economies.

• Working to ensure that poor people are aware of all state, corporate, university, local and international organisation, NGOs, CBOs, projects policies and programmes that may affect their communities.

• Working to challenge the policies and actions of the state, corporate, universities and international and NGOs when they are not in the interest of our people in general.

• Working to provide care, support and solidarity to all who feel forgotten and hopeless because of unkept promises around the issue of services delivery, genuine democratic participants in policy making.
• Working to ensure whenever possible the skills and equipment to do the work of CSC be developed and acquired by the Movement to make sure that the poor people have maximum control over their movement.

• Working to develop direct action strategies to meet the needs of poor people for land, housing, water, electricity and access to food. This can include non-violent civil disobedience like land occupation and community organised connections to water and electricity’

• Working to engage in public protest against the oppression of the poor when and where this is necessary.

• Working to reclaim dignity and equality for the poor people.

• Working to unite African people




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By Kapele Mutachi
December, 27, 2014
On Sunday 7 December, Kabila unveiled a long awaiting national unity government including three senior figures from the Movement for Liberation of Congo (MLC), the second largest opposition party. Though the three men were subsequently expelled by the MLC, their decision has weakened the party’s leadership (AFP).
The delay, and sudden release of the new government which was supposed to be unveiled last year is mainly formed by the members of the ruling party (PPRD), this is the same games and tricks that the architects and the engineers of the destabilization of DR Congo continue to utilize in order to manipulate the local and international opinion. It is one of the large strategies of Kabila’s regime to delay election process so that he may remain in power beyond the 2016 presidential and legislative election.
The regime attempt to amend the constitution for Kabila to run the third term was met by local and international outcry that has handicapped the conspirators to continue with that project. Despite that, the regime is trying all options possible to maintain Kabila in power, and this is the reason why they have decided to unveil the so called national unity government to make sure that they manipulate as they always do the already weak institutions that will enable them to delay the elections.
Our people are adamant to avert any amendment and manipulation of our constitution, just simply because they are already tired with the regime of mercenaries that is failing to protect, defend, and represent its own people. The government that does not have a clear transformation plan to take the country out of vicious cycle of suffering, rape, and extreme poverty. DR Congo is a failed, collapsed, and stateless state in all its forms because the suffering of our people dated back in early 1885, these are the people who have been victims of injustice, oppression and economic exploitation throughout the four periods of the history of DR Congo which started with Colonization, adjustement and crisis, dictatorship and the decade of conflicts that our people are still facing up until today.
During the colonization period that started in 1885 to 1960, the King Leopold II owned the Congo Free State as his own property, under his leadership it has been estimated that 10 million people had died in labor camp. This situation has led to international outcry that pushed the King to relinquish power to King Bodwa of Belgium in order to continue with the plunder of our natural resources. Though atrocities and affliction declined during Congo Belge but Belgium failed to improve the lives of Congolese people. They structured the Congolese economy so that it could feed the Belgium economy.
The period of adjustment and crisis was led by the popular uprising of our people led by Patrice Lumumba demanding the independence which was granted in 30 Juin 1960 by Belgium. However, few weeks later the country was plagued into crisis that led to Katanga and South Kassai secession backed by Belgium and Western powers. The idea of Balkanization of DR Congo started long time ago, and Lumumba was assassinated because of his radical ideology of Pan Africanism and his wish of a unified Congo regardless of language, region, beliefs, and culture.
His assassination ushered the period of dictatorship of Mobutu from 1965 to 1997. The western policy towards Mobutu was rationalized on the ground of fighting communism and soviet influence in Africa. During this period, the World Bank and IMF policy towards our country had given the decades of hardship and socio economic conditions of extreme poverty, but our people were able to bear the consequences of these destructive policies that denied our people a great prosperity in their own land of birth.
Decades of conflicts began in 1997 when Mobutu was deposed by the forces of Kabila. Since then our people have been exposed to brutal killings, massacre, rape, diseases, hunger, use of child soldiers, and economic exploitation. Even though Mobutu was a dictator, but he managed to keep the country in one piece. What we are experiencing with the regime of Kabila is the humiliation of our people, and the infiltration of our institutions by mercenaries who are working around clock to facilitate the Balkanization of Congo and establish the Hima-Tutsi Empire in Great lake region.
Our people want change of government only for one reason, they believe the constitution of 2006 that was promulgated by Kabila was meant to heal the wounds of civil wars, prevent the return of dictatorship in our country, and create a stable political and economic environment that will enable our ordinary people to have a chance to better their own lives. Since he came into power, our people are experiencing a decades of conflicts that proves us that there is no end insight that shows sooner or later our people will be free and safe in their own country. The government fails to mobilize capital and technology to transform the country, yet it still does not see that it has failed its people on national security, governance and clear economic vision to improve the living conditions of our people.
Service delivery is the center stage of every democratic government around the world, and if it fails to deliver, it should be kicked out and replaced by a new, uncorrupted, and disciplined government that will manipulate the system in favor of the poor and national development. Today, it is become more and more difficult for our people to speak out freely because the government does not want to be held accountable by anyone. Human right defenders, opposition leaders, Journalists, and ordinary citizen are subjected to unfairly arrest and some of them end up in jail for being the voice of the people.
Our constitutional democracy is under threat by the same government that has vowed to abide by the principles of democracy that are enshrined in our constitution. Our country can only be strengthened when our constitutional process is properly implemented and upheld by the government. However, what we are experiencing in our country is the return of dictatorship; we are seeing a gradual development of autocratic rule and the undermining of our constitutional democracy.
In a democratic country, there are certain democratic values that should be followed which include widespread participation by citizens and public accountability of those in power. If our government is democratic, it must guarantee our people equality, political tolerance, accountability, transparency, citizen participation, freedom of assembly, demonstration and expression, economic freedom, protection of human rights, rule of law, control of the abuse of power, and contested elections. In collective, these democratic values enable us to ensure accountability, openness and responsiveness of our government.
Our country is suffering from institutional failure since the departure of Belgium and this has hindered the development of our country. The country is failing to maintain social and economic order which makes very difficult for economic participants to operate efficiently and effectively. To remedy this problem does not require a lot of resources, but it is up to the government to come up with new laws and practices. Unfortunately, our leaders are making laws that support their actions so that they may continue to transfer state resources into their personal coffers, leaving our country bleeding dry.
We are the ones who suppose to make a noise if our leaders do not act within the laws, and if we try to do so, some of us end up in jail and other get persecuted. Human right defenders, journalists, opposition leaders are being arrested, put in jail and assassinated by the regime of Kabila for breaking the silence and becoming the voice of the neglected people of Congo. Our democracy has been hijacked by a group of political adventurers and opportunists who are busy accumulating the wealth of our country at the expensive of the majority of poor Congolese people.
The 2006 election was expected by many Congolese to be the new dawn of the history of our country. We all thought that our political and economic landscape will lead the country to a great prosperity. We were expecting that the new political leadership will tackle the harsh and socio economics conditions of extreme poverty that our people inherited from early 1885 up until today. The Kabila regime has failed and it continues to fail us on many issues which include lack of clear economic vision to improve the lives of poor majority, lack of national cohesion and national security, and lack of initiative to attract Congolese people who are living in different countries to go back home for nation building.
If the regime of Kabila had an intention to build our country since assumed the presidency, it should have started establishing strong state institutions that would support our constitutional democracy. Building independent bodies that will ensure accountability, transparency, openness and responsiveness. However, Kabila has imposed his power in all the administrative machinery of the government and maintains a parallel network of decision making. This is an absolute power that is corrupting Kabila absolutely. There is no separation of power between executive, legislature, and judiciary in our country though it is stated in our constitution. We do not know who is controlling who, the country does not have strong institutions that consolidate our constitutional democracy.
There is no democracy in our country; people cannot speak out freely because of the fear of being persecuted. The strategy is to create fear in the minds of people so that the president continues to rule as a life time president. Despite, killings, disparution, torture, intimidation and threat of death, our people continue to resist to the point of shedding blind. The regime is trying all possible options to keep him in power but these options seem to fade away. The idea of constitutional amendment is losing momentum because of the voices that are rise from different dark corners of our country and different countries around the world. The Catholic Church has showed it position by pressuring Kabila not to dare touch our constitution. Civil societies in the country are also preparing to give their lives if it is necessary because of this cause.
International communities have also made it clear to Kabila not to amend the constitution. The Burkina Faso uprising served as a lesson to the regime of Kinshasa because our people are ready to use the article 64 in our constitution which empowers them to take action in order to rescue our hard-earned democracy that was achieved by bloodshed. All this pressure has made the regime to think twice before it embarks on this risk journey which will be painful and disastrous if the ruling party dares to do it without the consent and the sympathy of our people.
Even though the regime is aware of the risk attached, but it does not stop to initiate different strategy in order to maintain power. This is the reason why the national unity government was released early this month. Even though, it is said that it was established to maintain peace, restore the state authority, consolidating national cohesion, facilitating the electoral process and decentralization, and socio economic needs of our people. This is an illusion and farce, the regime is trying to buy time by manipulating local and international public opinion.
In reality, this new government has a mission of delaying 2016 elections through various measures such as destabilization of our country by provoking civil war and insecurity in some part of the country as we have all experienced recently in Beni, Katanga, Lodja, and oriental province. In Beni it was estimated that more than 250 people were mercilessly butchered by the so called Ugandan rebels. If this happens, the regime will declare the state of emergency for the period that will not be known and this will usher to the cancelation of the elections as it is stipulated in our constitution. The regime will also delay the publication of the electoral timetable for 2015 and 2016 local, provincial and national elections, and ordering a national census of population which will take three to four years to be completed because of poor infrastructure in the country. All these are the various measures that are on the table to rescue the regime. If the regime manages to delay the election process, it will enable Kabila and his inner circle to outright scrapping the constitution and initiate a new one by forcing our people to vote for a new referendum that will be in favor of the regime not of our people.
The problem of our country is not our people, but the leaders who want to overstay in power. Our people are now convinced that this is the time to reclaim what belongs to us; the solution of our problem is not in the hands of our politicians. We have voted them into power with a hope of bright future, but the people whom we trusted have turned into monsters and jeopardize the lives of millions of our people for their personal interests. It is up to us as Congolese people to take our destinies in our hands. Future belongs to those who struggle, future is revolutionary, and our revolutionary transformation can only happen if we stand together regardless of our political views, beliefs, cultures, language, race, sex, and region; and take responsibility to build our own country.
If we do not do that, nobody in this world cares about us, what people care is only about our natural resources. It is our sacred duty and call to unite our people so that we can build a new, uncorrupted, and disciplined political leadership that will look at the socio economic needs of our people, be able to manipulate the system in favour of poor people and national development. It is said that majority without unity is powerless, but minority with unity is power. We do not need any scientific evidence to convince us about what disunity has brought us in our country. The underlying realities in our country justify unity, drastic change, and this change can only happen if our people are united to pursue a common goal and vision of creating a new society in which men and women will live in peace and harmony, a society which is based on justice, dignity, respect, peace, and human right.
This is the reason why Congolese Solidarity Campaign will continue to preach the gospel of increasing awareness of the socio economic conditions of our people, uniting our people from near and far, home and abroad, continue to say no to the constitutional amendment, and plead to our brothers and sisters to start dreaming about returning home to build the country of our ancestors. We will continue to mobilize forces from all over the world to make sure that the cause that we are fighting for, becomes global cause. Congolese Solidarity Campaign will continue to appeal to black and white, Christian and Muslim, writer and researcher, journalists and people of all walks of life, to stand together to be the voice of the voiceless people of DR Congo. Let all of us save Congolese people in the name of Humanity

28, December, 2014
By Kapele Mutachi

The Congolese Solidarity Campaign and Abahlali Basemjondolo held a successful march on, Saturday, 8 November 2014 as thousands of members marched to Durban’s City Hall in solidarity to the violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo. A memorandum was handed over to the representative of the South African Ambassador for the DR Congo regarding the assassination and other violent crimes. The Congolese Solidarity Campaign demanded for peace and sovereignty in the DR Congo. They demanded an end to genocide and human right abuse. They also demanded an end to the balkanization of the DR Congo.
They also demanded an end to all sexual violence against women and children. They reject the DR Congo Constitution change and demanded an end to looting of minerals and other wealth of their country. The Congolese people who are living in South Africa wanted to show the local and international public opinion that the incidents taking place in the DR Congo are being ignored. Even though we are not at home in the DR Congo, we can make a change and show solidarity to our country. All we want is justice and peace and for the genocide to end.
The march was very vital for Congolese, just simply because we wanted to justify to South Africans why our people are here in their country, and some more people are still jumping borders to enter in the land of Mandela. We wanted to show them that the problem of DR Congo, it is not our people but the leaders who want to overstay in power. Most of South Africans did not know why our people are living in South Africa; some of them have been feed with wrong information. They say that we came here (Congolese) to take their jobs and women, but that day was the starting point for the South African public opinion to be given the appropriate information about our presence in the country.
They were able to know the reasons why our people are running away from their land of ancestors. We told them that there is no man on earth who wants to live away from his home. We told them that government, military, and police should exist to protect civilians, but in our country, especially in eastern part of our country, the government together with its securities establishments has failed and it continues to fail to protect, defend, and represent its own people. The government fails to restore state authority over our national territory and create opportunities to our people. As a result of that, our country is known is as a place of brutality, killings, torture, extortion, massacre, sexual violence against women, use of child soldiers, and economic exploitation. The South Africans were able to have some insights of some of security challenges that have forced millions of our people to look refuge in different countries in Europe, Americas, Asia, Africa, and particularly here in South Africa.
Our intention was to pass the message on to the public opinion so that they can have a better understanding of our presence in South Africa, and seek solidarity with people of South Africa to help us to be the voice of the voiceless to see whether the South African community and government will come and listen to the cries of pains, and sorrows of our people. We strongly believe that South Africa is like USA in Africa, if it fully involves in this matter, we are hoping that peace and stability can be restored back home. We wanted to also make clear to our African brothers and sisters in South Africa that, the instability of our country is not going to be cost free in South Africa, simply because people will continue to enter in the country which will increase immigration pressure on South African side.
South African government is busy amending the immigration law in order to curb the influx of refugees in the country, but I do not think so if it is going to be the solution because majority of people who are coming from war torn countries like DR Congo are not ready to live due to the insecurity, civil wars, human rights abuses, and lack of freedom of expression and association in their country. As a result, people will be willing to live without proper documentation. The only solution is for South African government to use its political and economic weight to push the government of DR Congo to institute sound democratic reforms so that its citizens should be free in their country.
South African government must make sure it uses its political leadership to other members state so that peace and stability can be restored in DR Congo and Africa. This is the solution that can help South Africa to avoid the influx of refugees rather than changing the immigration laws. The focus should shift from military intervention to political pluralism and private sector development to ensure accountability, openness, and responsiveness. Let us stand together to save Congolese people in the name of humanity.


by Bahebwa Kabamire
According to the history of the Tutsi in Central Africa, these pastoralist people travelled down the Nile Valley from Eritrea in search of grazing for their herds of livestock. Overtime the Tutsi came to be the rulers of the Great Lakes regions where they settled. This resulted in a feudal system that replaced an egalitarian clan system. The class barrier was kept by practices such as the high bride price for a Tutsi wife ( 30-300 head of cattle). Tutsi people are in Ethiopia, Eritrea , Sudan, Kenya and Tanzania where they are known as Masayi; in Rwanda and Burundi they are known as Tutsi. In Uganda they call them Banyankore, in Congo DR  they named themselves Banyamulenge. In DRC they named themselves after the name of village where they were living called Mulenge as one of the villages which was under King Lenge in Bavira territory. Name BANYAMULENGE – a tribe which does not exist in Congo, this means leadership of Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi where most of Tutsi are resided is where trouble is in central Africa.
For example in central Africa for genocide which took place in Rwanda 1994, later in Burundi when Tutsi from Burundi killed president Melchiory Ndadaye  then four years after in Democratic Republic of Congo 1997 up to now. When Genocide took place in Rwanda in 1994, the blemish was upon majority tribe call HUTU, saying that because HUTU were ruling Rwanda on those years under leadership of late Rwandese president Haviarimana. All the world were behind Tutsi saying Hutu are killing them because they are minority in the country. Main reason of that war was planned with the eastern countries and other international countries. At that time after late Rwandan President Haviarimana was killed in plane crash, on his way back from Arusha Tanzania conference 1994. That is when genocide started in Rwanda . The main reason of that Genocide was political. Many people are arguing saying why Hutu tribe did kill Tutsi tribe, again these two nations were living together in peace for long time so why did that  happen! After Haviarimana was killed,  Burundian president followed Melchiory Ndandaye and others. Later on the plunder was to clean up all those who would bring darkness in their way, that`s why they started with those Congolese neighbors president in order to come where there are today. In that case Rwanda was target, especially president Haviarimana as they know Haviarimana was affiliated with President Mobutu at that time and as many people from Bukavu were calling him colleague as he did his secondary school in one of Bukavu’s high schools.He was mentored by Mobutu.
But after time the truth was revealed that among number of people who were killed, most of them were Hutu. Number of people killed in Rwanda genocide was eight hundred thousand peoples (800 000), but most of victims was Hutu people, according to the expert who did the count. On that time in entirety in Rwanda, Tutsi were 500.000 people that`s why they were called minority. The main raison of genocide in Rwanda as I said, army which was leading that war was called INTERAHAMWE, the man who was leading that army was Paul Kagame the president of Rwanda today; see film on YouTube called ‘Genocide in Rwanda, uncovering truth’. This means everything was well planned before Rwanda became what it is now. That`s why people are saying Rwanda (Kigali) is the city of blood. So the grand plan of Tutsi people in central Africa was “neo-colonial grand plan” Tutsis, who are minority in each of these countries, are destined to be local rulers throughout the region to protect and defend foreign interests against nationals. Thus, Tutsis were promised to receive (and indeed they have received) American military training, finance and favorable media coverage worldwide in exchange for their service as a roving neo-colonial force. National boundaries are rendered obsolete. The cabal assumed the right to choose rulers as they wish.
The tribal named of Banya-Mulenge, meaning Tutsis who reside in Congo DR living in South Kivu region, surfaced during the invasion of Zaire by Tutsi troops from Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi in late 1996. In actual fact, this was a politically coined up name to legitimize foreign invasion that overthrew Mobutu’s regime. They claimed having lived in that part of Congo/Zaire for over 200 years which is lies. That is a total fabrication. Tutsis came into that region as refugees in 1959/60. According to a U.N. document which was confirmed by local elders, a U.N. official wrote in 1961 to Rwandese Refugees reminding them of their status and advising them to stay away from politics. It was written in French and Kinyarwanda. The French version is reproduced here with an English translation.
Refugiés Rwandais,
Vous êtes isolsé en ce moment. Les ponts sont coupés et il y a des barrages sur les routes, et pour cette raison nous ne pourrons pas nous rendre parmi vous. Cependant, nous espérons que le calme reviendra bientôt dans votre région.
En attendant nous vous demandons de rester STRICTEMENT NEUTRES. Vous avez obtenu asile au Congo à condition que vous ne vous occupiez en aucune façon de politique. Si quelqu’un vient solliciter votre appui, vous devez répondre qu’en tant qu’étrangers, refugiés et hôtes de le République du Congo, vous ne pouvez pas, VOUS NE DEVEZ PAS prendre part à quelque mouvement politique que ce soit. Restez calmes. Travaillez, comme vous l’avez fait jusqu’à présent en suivant les conseils de votre agronome. Que chacun reste à son poste, MAIS SURTOUT RESTER EN DEHORS DE TOUTE POLITIQUE. Le Délégué de la Croix Rouge
La Délégué du Haut Commissariat des Nations Unies pour les Refugiés
L’Administrateur de l’O.N.U.C.
Dear Rwandese Refugees,
You are isolated at this moment. Bridges have been destroyed and there are barricades on the road. For this reason, we cannot be with you. However, we hope that soon there will be peace and tranquility in your region.  In the meantime, we are asking you to remain TOTALLY NEUTRAL .You have been given asylum in the Congo on condition that you completely abstain from politics. If anyone comes to seek your support, tell him that as foreigners, refugees and guests of the Republic of Congo, you cannot and YOU MUST NOT take part in any political movement. Be calm. Keep on working as you have done in the past and follow your Agricultural Advisor. Let everyone remain at his/her station, but above all, stay away from politics. Red Cross Représentative UNHCR Représentatives  L’Administrateur de l’O.N.U.C. Furthermore, leaders of this invasion are not even sons of the above refugees but direct transplants from Rwanda and Uganda. A closer look at the self-acclaimed leaders of the “national rebellion” is further proof of their being imposters.
The African people are in a struggle for survival, freedom and self-determination. Political independence is a part of the unfinished agenda. The UN and OAU Charters clearly defend the principle of territorial integrity and strongly condemn armed aggression against member states. None of these organizations has defended the territorial integrity neither of Rwanda nor of Congo when they were invaded. Neither are the lives of African people been effectively protected as promised in those Charters. The way the UN responded to Bosnia and the way it has handled Congo and Rwanda certainly leaves a lot to be desired. The invasion of Congo is a tragic event; but a wakeup call to African states and their leaders. It has exposed the fundamental weaknesses in the OAU as a hollow and hopeless organization incapable of standing up for the people of Africa. Every African leader knows very well that Uganda and Rwanda do not possess the financial and military capacity to wage wars in the region. It is also known that these are proxy warriors for the U.S. neo-colonial interests disguised as the “NEW WORLD ORDER”. Yet whenever there is an opportunity to discuss the crisis in the region, most African leaders are afraid of speaking the truth or seek counsel from Washington on the basis of which they will discuss Africa’s tragic situations. The real problem is never addressed for fear of angering the powerful criminals, lest foreign aid  be suspended. Yesterday was Rwanda and Burundi; today is Congo. The next could be any of the neighboring countries, Tutsi hegemony is the main hidden agenda/ plan in Central Africa for an empire called ‘EMPIRE HIMA’
The fact is that Congo was invaded by Tutsis from Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi backed by USA. These countries are dominated by minority Tutsis who took power by force. The same clique is openly working for foreign interests who have taken upon themselves the right to determine who should rule Congo. It was a grave mistake for Kabila to team up with Tutsis in overthrowing Mobutu. He knew that they were not Congolese. He knew that they had a foreign master whose agenda was detrimental to Africa. Actually, Congolese people, who detested Mobutu’s dictatorship, did not fancy his being replaced by a foreign-dominated regime of Tutsis from Rwanda and Uganda. Some self-acclaimed ‘western experts on Africa’ have argued that “no country should send troops in Congo to save Kabila’s regime for he is a buffoon”. Their knowledge of Africa falls short of revealing that Kabila did not have a regime of his own but was riding on a foreign conquering force composed of Tutsis from Rwanda and Uganda. Those “experts” ignore the criminal part played by Uganda and Rwanda who invaded Congo in violation of the UN and OAU Charters. They also omit mentioning the U.S. criminal role in this invasion. Let us face it, Tutsis would not have posed a problem in the region without U.S. involvement. In the past some of these experts boldly condemned the Pentagon/CIA support for dictator Mobutu and denounced all its false propaganda. They are now resonating the Pentagon/CIA theme of calling the Congo crisis “an internal revolt” when all evidence shows that this is a Pentagon/CIA made “invasion” from Uganda and Rwanda using Tutsis as tools. They also avoid mentioning the genocide which Tutsis are committing in occupied eastern Congo. Museveni warned Ugandans few years ago that if they continue opposing his government, they will be treated like American Red Indians.
The issue is not whether to defend President Kabila against foreign invaders but rather to defend the national integrity of Congo and save African lives. It is no secret that Rwanda and Uganda are carrying out these barbaric military expeditions in the region on behalf of American interests who want to plunder Africa’s mineral wealth and depopulate the land. They display no regard to the lives and welfare of the African people. This is precisely what European companies did in Africa more than a century ago. King Leopold treated the Congo real estate as his personal estate. American corporations are currently pursuing the same, committing horrendous atrocities by proxy and devouring mineral-rich real estate in the Great Lakes region. The Congolese people should put aside their differences with Kabila and first defend their nation. The governments of Angola, Zimbabwe, Namibia and others who responded positively to President Kabila’s urgent appeal for help because “African brotherhood” is not meant to be hollow words. Other African leaders should to get more serious about defending African lives. Foreign conspirators (whether Americans or Africans) should never be allowed to recruit local surrogates whom they may send out to topple African governments as they wish while the rest of the continent is watching by the sideline. Tutsis have prostituted themselves to neo-colonial interests against their fellow Africans.
They are committing genocide in eastern Congo and one wonders whether the U.N. will institute a SPECIAL GENOCIDE TRIBUNAL for the Tutsi killers of Congolese. The African people are not blind to the ongoing conflict in the region. They know who the criminals are and where their support is coming from. It is very clear to most people that America is supporting Tutsi minority to dominate and exterminate the majority of people. All this is consistent with Kagame’s declaration on Radio Rwanda three years ago that he will have no problem “emptying a drum of water using a bottle cap”. America has lost respect and honor among Africans. Along with the United States, South Africa has become a major supplier of weapons to Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi. These weapons are now used in invading and killing innocent people in Congo DR and throughout the Great Lakes region. South Africa cannot be making blood money through sales of weapons to murderous regimes of Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi who are killing Africans in Congo and at the same time try to mediate for peace. One cannot be against apartheid in South Africa and at the same time turn a blind eye on Tutsi minority sinister campaign to dominate the majority with savage brutality which surpasses that of apartheid South Africa. The defense for human freedom and majority rule cannot be on a pick and choose basis unless one is suffering from voluntary selective amnesia.
Is there still any humanitarian service around the world?
Have you been corrupted not to break the silence?
Finally, this is an alarm of EMERGNCY call to:
Stop balkanization in DRC.
Paul KAGAME and his associates to stop their hatred and atrocious games in our ancestors’ LAND.
Joseph Kanambe (Kabila) and rebels to be tracked to the International Court of the Hague, accountability and transparency needed.
We conclude with what Archbishop DESMOND TUTU who says ‘if you are neutral on situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor’.
By Bahebwa Kabambire


New massacre in East of Democratic Republic of Congo

Beni, 20/11/2014

Congolese Solidarity Campaign “CSC” is saddened by the brutal killings of innocent people that took place near the town of Beni in the Eastern part of Democratic Republic of Congo. It is estimated that at least 100 people were slaughtered last thursday (AFP).
The latest massacre happened in the province of North Kivu where the so called Ugandan rebels ADF-NALU have been blamed for killing more than 200 civilians in a gruesome attack since October this year. This is the darkest moment through which our people are living for the individual and collective destinies for the human being. The future of our people is negative, dark, and scattered just simply because of poor, corrupt, and weak political leadership that fails to protect, defend, and represent its own people.

The president Joseph Kabila visited Beni shortly after the first massacre in October, and vowed to defeat the rebels. But what we are experiencing now, it is a circus and drama that is taking place in East. While in Beni, it is said that some people were butchered near the town of Beni, which led to a violent protest, the burning of Kabila’s ruling part flag (PPRD) and the destruction of his statue two days after he departed. The latest massacre shows the incapacity and inability of the government to deal with the security challenges that have affected our people for the last 18 years.

The government, army and police should exist to protect civilians, but in DR Congo, especially in Eastern part of the country, the government and its securities establishment have failed to restore state authority over our national territory and they are preying on the same communities they are supposed to protect. Thus, DR Congo is a failed, collapsed, pariah and stateless state in all its forms because it is failing to fulfill the three fundamentals function of any government around the world which is national security, revenue collection, and service delivery.

How can innocents women be raped and merciless slaughtered like this by Ugandan rebels ADF-NALU in Beni without a swift and effective response from Congolese army and a very expensive UN peacekeepers force in that region? While the region is under the control of Congolese army and UN peacekeepers. Our government pretends as if the massacre of more than 100 people is a business as usual, while we have seen countries like USA and Israel could go to war because of the loss of life of only one citizen. If you zoom in, and try to understand what is going on in East of Congo, one could conclude that there are some initiatives which appear designed to slow down the electoral process by destabilizing the Eastern part of Congo so that Joseph Kabila could stay in power beyond the constitutional limit of December 2016 and facilitate the balkanization.

However, our people are determined to divert any balkanization and prevent the regime of Kinshasa from amending the constitution, and this is one of the reasons why the engineers and architects of this conspiracy are trying by all means to destabilize the Eastern part of the country. The aim is to create a fragile and volatile situation which will provoke insecurity and civil war so that the 2016 presidential and legislative election could be cancelled as stipulated in our constitution.
The engineers and architects are trying to buy time as the idea of constitutional amendment is losing momentum because of violent protests we have experienced in DR Congo, different country of the world, and a peaceful march in South Africa in early November. We still anticipating a “Congo Spring” if the government continues to pull the string because our people are fully convinced that our lives are no longer meaning anything to anyone, and believe that our revolutionary transformation can only happen through peaceful democratic process which will guarantee changes and secessions of government. It is up to the people to take responsibility to fix and clean the house.

The pretext of Ugandan rebels killing people in Beni is an illusion and the strategy used by the same engineers and architects to confusion and manipulates the Congolese and international public opinion, the same way they did in previous years with RCD of Azarias Ruberwa, CNDP of Laurent Nkunda, M23 of Bosco Ndaganda and now with ADF-NALU Uganda rebels recently accused of a systematic massacre in Beni. It is like you put new wine in the old bottle.
This is a provocation that will lead the country into another deadly civil war that will enable the neighboring countries Rwanda and Uganda to invade our countries military on the rationalized information based on the ground of fighting and defeating these rebels and their influence in the region, the same way the army of Rwanda attempted to do some years back to track down FDLR who were responsible of genocide in 1994, but they changed the course and began to exploit the natural resources.

The UN peacekeepers (MONUSCO) were fully deployed in 1999, shortly after the Lusaka Accord was signed in Zambia by different belligerents. Its primary mission was to protect civilians and maintain peace and stability. However, since the arrival of UN peacekeepers up until today, brutalities such as killings, torture, extortion, sexual violence against women and children, use of child soldiers, and economic exploitation have become the currency of the day. Our people are brutal killed, and women and children raped in the presence of UN peacekeepers.
As a result, it is estimated that 11 million people have died. This is a holocaust and genocide that has never been told in any part of the world which is seven times bigger than Rwanda Genocide, and five times bigger than Cambodia genocide. Congolese Solidarity Campaign was informed this thurday that, some of UN peacekeepers from Ukraine were arrested in Goma in the North Kivu province along with Congolese soldiers smuggling the Congolese army uniforms to the rebels ( We still do not understand the mission of UN peacekeepers whether is to protect, maintain peace and stability or to fuel conflict.

Any rational, sensible and responsible person could ask and challenge the world, is UN peacekeeping force deviated its mandate of protecting civilians and become business corporate?, Why so much suffering, rape and death in DR Congo?, What the international communities have done so far to stop the untold and uncontrolled genocide that continues to be perpetrated by Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda?, Are the lives of Congolese people being sacrificed for capital monopoly benefit?, Will Congolese people continue to be homeless and nomadic people scattered everywhere around the world as refugees without any hope of returning home?, are Congolese people condemned to die in this great misery from birth to death?

The Congolese Solidarity Campaign will continue to struggle for social justice and equality and build a free, open and unified DR Congo with a special focus on peace and securing, freedom and justice, respect and dignity, human right and gender equality, social cohesion, good governance and development. Build a society in which men and women leave in peace and harmony.
It is the responsibility of every Congolese and every sensible and responsible human being wherever he or she is, old and young, man and woman, black and white, journalist and people of all walk of life to stand up in solidarity with the neglected people of Congo and take action to break the silence and become the voice of the voiceless to stop the cycle of death, rape, hunger, disease, economic exploitation and suffering of human kind in our country. Congolese Solidarity Campaign is a grass roots social movement which struggles to preserve people’s dignity.



By Jacky Kabidu 8/12/14

Since 1996, endless corporate-driven war has been raging all over the country of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Rape has been used as a weapon of war. Children and women are being compelled into sexual violence slavery. This is to terrorize and control the population. The fact that also men and boys are victims of rape is often not highlighted. Moreover, sexual violence is not limited to rape. It includes crimes such as abduction and sexual slavery, forced pregnancy and sexual mutilation. Sexual violence causes traumas, diseases, rejection and stigmatization. These consequences are aggravated by feelings of hopelessness, shame and abandonment because of the impunity of the perpetrators.

The eastern region of Kivu is a fertile ground for rebels because of its mineral resources. Civil war is a common occurrence in countries with bad governments. Some rare resources such as coltan and others like diamonds, gold,, tin, gas, uranium, silver, oil are causing re-occurring violence. Tyranny gives them their way. Poverty makes soldiering reflect as a top career. Mineral resources make power lucrative.

The eastern provinces have become a fertile ground of the killings. 100 people murdered on the 25th November and 200 on Thursday, 24th November 2014, by Ugandan rebels and 95 bodies buried in common grave. Just a few examples of thousands of such massacres.
While,the Congolese army has been demoralized, rebels are busy training even little ones in killing. They are being given drugs to compel their minds into committing abhorrent massacres. The DRC`s military forces (FARDC), however is not paid, has no food, no militiary equipment, no defense, (Tv5).Consequently this increases lawlessness and corruption amongst military personnel. It is a regular occurance that the Congo government forces (FARDC) sell even their uniforms to rebels. Stupidity and corrupted minds can opt for such dealings to fuel the nihilism of even their own nation.

We have never known such massacre in our existence; the abhorrent DRC Massacre is the deadliest in the world since the end of World War II. In this particular region of the world, moms as well as children are being chopped, slashed open with machetes, like grasses in the way of the path . Educating a woman is educating a whole nation, they say. Yet, they are killing, raping, not a woman, but, millions of women. Children are being forced into army at a very young alarming age… reproduction is being nullified and the leadership of tomorrow neutralized. Life is denied in this particular sphere of the world. A whole nation is being extinguished. The mission of the enemy is threefold- Precipitate the end of the DRC population -Move our borders and join the Kivu to Rwanda-No human being, no little one to grow or take revenge later on. The future of the country is shattered into darkness.
The country has celebrated its independence since the 30th June 1960. Though, wealthy in natural resources, it is declared economically to be the poorest country in the world. All the richness of the country is being exploited and enjoyed by others, the country is still under slavery up to the present time. It is under control of the unknown.
The Congolese Solidarity Campaign (CSC) hosted a joint Peaceful March with Abahlali baseMjondolo early November, to say no to the massacre and constitutional amendment in DRC . We need peace restored in our homeland and we need to return home. No place is better than home. We shall never be liberated until the DIASPORA stands up united and takes the issue more seriously. Those who are within the country are hopeless, helpless, voiceless and powerless. If you are Congolese and keep quiet on this chocking issue you would be failing your people. There is an emergency need to stand and take action, a step forward. There is a need to be voices for our country`s liberation. There is a need to stand for freedom. Home is home, no place is better than home.

The Congolese Solidarity Campaign is a Non –Violent Social Movement. It is dedicated to move the world for our cause. It shall never shake until the goal is achieved. The CSC boycotts genocide, balkanization, injustice and corruption. CSC stands for peace and security of the country. It conveys socio-economy –development and the end of poverty .It promotes gender equality and power balance and stands for the equal share of wealth. The CSC believes that everything has a start and an end. We believe the enemy will be defeated and the sooner the better. Despite these atrocities against humanity, we remain optimistic and believe in our dream as all will come to pass.
Democracy has been transformed into tyranny and free expression a symbol of jail, kidnapping and or assassination.The Media has been silenced. Horrendous, abhorrent events have been normalized and confined to a dark corner. Heaven helps he who helps oneself, they say. There is an emergency need of the DRC DIASPORA WORLD WIDE to stand and take action.
Stop trampling on our constitution, Joseph Kabila Kabange. Stop these abhorrent and horrendous killings in the East of the country. Fraudulent votes confirmed you President of the Nation. Stop abusing our power. It’s ours. Secure lives of nationals. Is your power feeding itself on the sacrifice of human lives? There is a need for transparency and accountability. We want peace restored. It is high time for you to go.The Congolese are not the idiots you abusively take them for. There is a need for you to be investigated at the international Court of The Hague.
Geneva, UN Headquarters in New York, do you still exist? UN Chief, are you deaf? UN Secretary General, Mr. Banki-Moon, are you mute? UN Peacekeeping in the DRC, are you peace-keepers, genocide perpetrators, just silent or bystanders? It goes beyond my understanding to comprehend you are complaining of being attacked by these rebels. How much more powerful are they than you? Blind the world is not. Corrupt not the uncorruptable. Human Watch, what are you watching, human or just a bystander? GENOCIDE WATCH are you fed up with these abhorrent events; events after events after events of the DRC? Human Rights, have you denied your mission? UN Women, can you put yourself into your fellow women`s shoes? Amnesty International, can’t you break the silence? Paul KAGAME, up to when will you be carrying on with these ‘’ngaga nyaga’’ in our land? Are you human or a monster? Won’t you admit defeat? Can you define human sense? Mr. Peter, is your nose pointing up to the sky? Aren’t you a mortal man? Museveni, is the short cut the better pathway. What did your mother teach you? Are you a monster or satanic? Are you ready to resist comeback? How would you feel if the slashing of human lives and raping applied to yourself, your wife, mother, sister, child, any relative or your own country? Minister of Foreign Affairs of South Africa; is this a United Nation of Africa or a Divided Africa? Will you withdraw or voice? African Union, Where is the African identity? Things Fall apart!

Is there still any humanitarian service around the world? Have you been corrupted not to break the silence?
Finally, this is an alarm of EMERGNCY call to:
Stop balkanization.
Any CONGOLESE wherever you might be to conscious of the situation and raise your voice.
Kabila to stop the genocide in the country.
To the international community stop blinding the masses, stop drugging genocide within the country.
P.KAGAME and his associates to stop their abhorrent and horrendous games in our ancestors’ LAND.
Kabila and rebels to be tracked to the International Court of the Hague, accountability and transparency needed. TO THE WORLD TO VOICE ON BEHALF OF THE DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC of CONGO.

We conclude with these words from DESMOND TUTU – if you are neutral on situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor



  1. We love you so much and we are praying together to see congolese mind are been transformed, to understand that wherever congolese people ffinding themself but “home is home” and no good place like home.


  2. RICHARD LION RDF participated in Kimia 1, Kimia 2, Umoja Wetu, Amani Leo, Amani Kamilifu. Most of these RDF are M23 reebls masquerading as Fardc. Unlike General Nkunda who is authentic true Congolese, Terminator Ntaganda is a Rwandese Citizen. But, Kagame wants the world to believe that Ntaganda is Congolese. Kagame wants to force Ntaganda down Congo’s throat as he did for Kabarebe who was MADE Congolese and Congo’s Chief of Staff. Today Kararebe has returned back to his Rwandese nationality of origin in Kigali. It will be the same for Ntaganda when he gives his place of birth, his home permanent residence and address in Kinigi, his past professional experience in the RPF (from October 1, 1990 to 1996 in Rwanda, and from 1996 to March 2013: RPF Expeditionary Forces in Zaire/Drc embedded in Afdl, Rcd-Goma, UPC-Lubanga in Ituri, Cndp and M23). Even his ICC arrest warrant clearly states he is of Rwandese nationality. President Kabila allowed RDF SPECIAL FORCES and DMI to carry out targeted assassination of Fdlr leaders on Congo soil. They killed the FDLR Chief of Staff Col. Mugaragu and an elite battalion’s commander Col. Kanzeguhera. Other several important Fdlr officers have also been wiped out by those RDF commandos. Kabila has done everything possible to comply with Rwanda’s security demands about Fdlr (this Fdlr thing being the underlying root cause of Rwanda chronic aggressions of the Drc, according to Kagamists). But, Rwanda is not an honest peace broker. It is Rwanda who created the current Fdlr leaders. It is worth to note that there are two Fdlr: One still commanded by General Rwarakabije, a former Fdlr Chief of staff who defected to Kigali from where he still coordinates operations inside Kivu aimed to sabotaging the DRRR (disarmament, demobilisation and repatriation, reintegration and resettlement) operations. It is this group that carries out massive rapes and killings in Kivu, and it is used to manufacture blackmails and treason charges against Rwandese opposition figures like Mushayidi, Ingabire, Rusesabagina of Hotel Rwanda, General Kayumba, Colonel Karegeya, etc. The Fdlr-Rwarakabije includes Fdlr combatants who are repatriated from Drc, sent to Rwanda, demobilized, and then sent back to DRC, when the need arises. So, it’s a vicious circle. THE FDLR WILL NEVER GO AWAY BECAUSE KAGAME WANTS IT TO REMAIN ALIVE SO HE CAN CASH ON IT AND BUILD HIS PROPAGANDA ON THE ENDLESS MENACE THE GROUP REPRESENTS TO RWANDA. The second group of Fdlr includes chicken and pig thieves, bandits who were in conflict with Rwarakabije in the bush; and who are afraid of returning to Rwanda; especially now that General Rwarakabije is the Head of Rwandan prisons. The problem for Rwanda is not this Fdlr-Rwarakabije or theses potato and goat thieves. The problem is how to open political space so that 15% of Tutsi and 85% of Hutus can share power, either by democratic means (one person, one voice), or by political design (like in Burundi: 40%-60%). Instead of burying their head in the sand and masturbating themselves politically, Kagamists have to realise that everything has a beginning and an end. This phony political discourse of saying that there are no tribes in Rwanda is a lie. How come then there are tribes in the sister republic of Burundi? How come then there are Tutsi in Kivu? Why does Kagame keep asking rights for Congolese Tutsis but keep silence about Rwandese Hutus’ rights? Why can Kagame ask Kabila to rule Congo BY RESPECTING ETHNIC REPRESENTATIONS yet Kagame himself does not do that in his own army in Rwanda? How many Hutus are in the High Command? Why does Kagame ask Congo to do what Rwanda does not do? In Congo, Tutsis represent less than 1% of the total population. Yet, in Kivu, 90% of colonels in Fardc are Tutsis. Congolese Tutsis are very much afraid of the M23 war backlash! They know that RPF will come and go, but Congolese Tutsis will have to live with their fellow brothers and sisters Congolese citizens whose families have been wiped out by Ntaganda and other criminals on Kagame’s payroll.

  3. the straggle of DRC is the astrggle of all Africa likewise to educate one woman you educate a nation, the liberation of DRC is a really freedom of all Africa countries, the history will never change DRC is our fatherland let us not allow it go with the naturalization citizens perhaps the finish all of us however the world shall not forget naturalization citizenship can be take aware that is the right of birth citizenship.

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