Spokesman for Tshisekedi Debunks Opposition Bunk

Spokesman for Tshisekedi Debunks Opposition Bunk

by PD Lawton, 13 January 2019

In an interview on SABC, Claude Ibalanky from the UDPS and also Special Advisor to incoming president Felix Tshisekedi had the opportunity to put the record straight on a number of issues being raised by Martin Fayulu and his foreign – funded campaign, sore losers in the elections.

Philippe Kasereka, spokesman for Martin Fayulu in the diaspora, confirmed what we already know; that the `international community` has been and continues to meddle in the DRC elections. Kasereka said Fayulu had not won because the money from the international community was not delivered on time to influence the election in favour of their chosen candidate, Fayulu. He said : “What we needed actually was the intervention of the international community to help with the finances to be able to organise elections ..we were not ready for the elections.”

Fayulu`s camp openly admits that foreign interests fund them. The opposition have been crying for the past 2 years about the delayed elections, now they say they didn`t have enough time!

Fayulu filled the shoes of Moise Katumbi who having been exiled, was not around to hand out stomach infrastructure to his supporters. Instead he has been busy dining `ensemble` in Brussels.

Kasereka says that CENI is not to be trusted, instead the Congolese must listen to the West. Kasereka says “if you want to check as proof” listen to what they are saying in Belgium and France, the AU and foreign embassies! Why is it that the Catholic bishops knew the results of the election before they were announced? Do they have a hotline to God and did God choose Fayulu?

What exactly is an opinion poll and who runs them? Does Kasereka know that in the UK, polls projected a majority Remain vote when in fact the outcome was a clear Brexit. In the US elections, polls predicted an outright win for Hilary Clinton. And like you the democracy- loving Democrats haven`t stopped wining yet!

Kasereka complained that the 1.2 million voters, prohibited from voting due to the Ebola outbreak, would have swung the results in favour of Fayulu. Whatever the curious reason for the outbreak of Ebola in August last year in the east, that region is in fact a UDPS ( Tshisekedi) stronghold.

The opposition, who for years have called for peace in the DRC, are now showing their true colours. Instead of applauding the first peaceful transfer of power from one living president to the next, they want to stir up yet more discontent! Kasereka threatened that ” we will never allow Tshisekedi to rule the country effectively.”

Kasereka noted his disappointment at not having Julius Malema`s opportunities (and his handlers) who sky-rocketed him into parliament in South Africa. Somebody please give Lord Robin Renwick`s phone number to Philippe Kasereka! He said “we don`t have the schools for political ideology in DRC”. By which he means the George Soros Open Society, Freedom House , Centre for Civil Society etc. that operate in South Africa and politicize citizens against their own presidents.

The idea of a power-sharing deal done between Kabila and Tshisekedi is a favourite being banded about by the opposition. Claude Ibalanky said on this so-called deal: ” Pure speculation, pure deception and pure manipulation.” He confirmed that all parties have met with President Kabila.

” There is absolutely nothing wrong with the incumbent and incoming presidents sitting down and discussing. That`s normal”. It is indeed a completely regular part of any transition in government in any country!

On President Kabila`s future role, Claude Ibalanky said that he will be made a Senator for life and he will be guaranteed immunity in the country. By which he means that DRC will rightly protect President Kabila from London`s kangaroo court , the ICC.

The SABC interview:


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