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Who’s Rob Hersov: An Intricate Look

Image: Robin Renwick, Julius Malema and Rob Hersov

By Baas Kruger

Who’s Rob Hersov, the man who holds the details of the meeting between British Lord Robin Renwick & EFF’s Julius Malema in London? Malema & Renwick having met under the Chatham House protocols of sworn secrecy, so who’s Rob to have privileged third party information? Chatham House is the 3rd most powerful society & what is said there stays there- you speak you die.

It’s well established that Rob Hersov is the son of Basil Hersov. Basil Hersov is former chairperson & shareholder in the former Anglo Vaal mining company, co-owned with the Menell families. In essence Rob Hersov is the heir to the Hersov family wealth, however keen to make his own mark- Rob left abroad.

Having worked as an executive for such companies as Wall Street listed Morgan Stanley bank, & Italian based pay-tv company Telepui owned by Richemont of Johann Rupert, Rob used his contacts to raise capital to form a company called Sportal in 1998 of which was a sports website development company, & secured contracts with various elite sports entities across Europe & even the South African rugby team.

With Rob as CEO, by May of 2000 Sportal was worth £270 million. However by March 2001 Rob admits the company is falling as investors start to pull out- Rob resigns as CEO, & in November 2001 Sportal is sold for £1, yes one pound. 2002 Rob Hersov founded the executive jet service Marquis Jet Europe of which was a successful venture of which he sold it to rival Netjets, controlled by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway in 2004 & Rob remained as the vice-chairman of Netjets Europe.

Fresh & jubilant from this success- Rob Hersov financially backed German businessman Lars Windhorst to launch an investment firm called Sapinda with Windhorst as CEO & Hersov as board chair, & was again wildly successful building up a balance sheet of more than £900million. However the financial sector global crisis of 2007 dragged Sapinda down as Sapinda was shored up by debt.

German prosecutors however investigated Windhorst’s management of Sapinda & eventually brought 35 charges of fraud, embezzlement and breach of trust, but Windhorst entered into a plea bargain & was fined £850 000 & admitted a breach of trust offence, for which he was given a one-year probation period & with a criminal record after Sapinda had left it’s investors with £60 million in debts.

Hersov & Windhorst were also jointly accused by Alki Partners an American hedge fund- of fraudulent market manipulation. In 2008 a company called Vatas was sentenced by the Berlin Court to pay €29m to Audley Capital a British hegde fund. In 2009 German Bank NORD/LB sued Vatas for €150 million. Vatas filed for insolvency after this. Vatas was owned by Hersov with Windhorst as CEO. There’s also a link of $35 million investment by Sapinda into USA tech company Azubu TV, of which was subsequently embroiled in a $9 billion money laundering ring.

Rob Hersov’s track record of questionable to downright shady business dealings & direct association with a convicted fraudster with a criminal record irks.
Rob Hersov is now back in South Africa, & the domestic media reports him as a “Successful Billionaire On A Mission To Save South Africa”.

In his short stint back, he’s again in the spotlight.

Rob Hersov is leading a campaign to get rid of homeless people in the Capetown suburb of Atlantic Seaboard, & this campaign targets any individual who’s charitable to the homeless, especially women who donate to the homeless.

Hersov personally established a WhatsApp group for this campaign & circulated a list of individuals to be targeted which came to be known as the “Atlantic Seaboard Hit List”.

Hersov referred to one such woman as an “evil bitch” and a “monster”, saying he “wanted to find” her. A message was subsequently sent from Hersov’s phone to the woman in question saying: “I know who you are. And a lot more.”

When an article was published in the Weekend Argus detailing various allegations against Hersov, he proceeded to threaten editorial staff that his business associates would withdraw advertising spending on the newspaper until the article was removed, although it has since been reposted online.

Thandi Magweba was such a victim of Rob Hersov’s campaign, & the tyres of her car were slashed. There’s even CCTV video footage of the culprit whom Thandi identified as a local lawyer Gary Trappler who was also part of Hersov’s clique, however the NPA refused to prosecute the matter after Thandi laid charges of malicious damage to property.

Another resident’s car was torched.

Councillor Nicola Jowell had been vocal against this campaign & she confirmed she received a very aggressive message from Rob Hersov on June 29 informing her that he would be working on her removal as ward councillor. Rob Hersov then financed the Local Government Elections campaign of VF+ ward councillor candidate Paul Jacobson who was part of Hersov’s henchmen.

Basil Hersov & the Menell family founded the Anglovaal mining company in 1933. It was unbundled & sold off in the late 1990s, but it’s subsidiary companies live on such as food processor AVI, glass maker Consol , & African Rainbow Minerals(ARM) of Patrice Motsepe. Hersov’s brother, James Hersov is a non-executive director of AVI. Rick Menell is ARM’s non-executive deputy chairman.

It must be noted that the Mennel family formed the Urban Foundation NGO with the Oppenheimers & Rupert families. The Urban Foundation payed for Ramaphosa’s law degree studies & Ramaphosa went on to work for the Urban Foundation from 1985 to 1990.

Further note that Lord Worked on the board of Rupert’s company Richemont from 1995 to 2020. The same Richemont that employed Rob Hersov under it’s subsidiary Telepui before Hersov established Sportal, so it’s still the same old order of influence.

Why are EFF’s Julius Malema & Nhlanhla Lux of Operation Dudula holding clandestine meetings with Rob Hersov. What’s interesting though is that Rupert’s employees are the ones holding meetings with Malema & Lux, but at least Rupert meets personally with Ramaphosa which shows a certain level of courtesy- although Rob Hersov recently publicly call Ramaphosa a “moron” & told Ramaphosa to lift the curfews of which Ramaphosa instantly complied.


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