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We all have one enemy in common, a financial system that operates as an empire. Thankfully we are currently living through the last dying days of this soulless, anti-human and distinctly satanic reign.


For over sixty years Africans have fought to liberate themselves and for over sixty years Empire has fought back. It has fought back under cover of the `blue helmets`, with synthetic revolutionaries and militias of assassins ; with famines and collapsed commodity markets, , with masked economic wars. It has fought back with empty rhetoric, propoganda , fake media,and fabricated evidence of the ICC.It has been the machine that has crushed each successive generation since the colonial powers first carved up the African continent.

Empire has imposed upon the people of this continent a financial system that has impoverished not developed, that has forced submission and not up-lifted, that has stolen and not given; that has crippled and not healed; that has spread among the nations a sickness that has set brother upon brother, that has made kings of the few and suffering for the many.

One by one the cream of African intellect was removed from power and replaced by stooges, government by proxy that would entrench those counties further into debt with IMF loans and World Bank white elephant projects that are paid for by the privitization of services,natural resources and the very earth of Africa. Leadership has prostituted itself in the name of a charade, pawns on an international chessboard.

Empire has set the wolves among the sheep and led people down roads that have ended in untold suffering. Empire has fed the world with images of Africa that show nothing but carnage and brutality in a carefully managed program of perception management that sells Africa`s poverty like adverts for washing-up liquid on Western TV screnes.

This empire is the empire of deception.It is the empire of dis-unity not brotherhood, the empire of gangs and counter gangs; of synthetic revolutionaries and identity politics.

This empire is a financial empire, it is a monetary system that values money above the value of the human being.It runs the world as a business model with its only objective of profit.

It places economic gain on the necessities of a dignified human life, it places profit on basic food, on homes, on healthcare, on education, on electricity, on water. The value of human dignity does not feature on the profit and loss sheets.

Africa does not need to be lectured in good governance and gender equality. Africa needs development, industrialization and productive economies that provide jobs and prosperous futures. Nations need democracy, transparent and unhindered, that provides every citizen with representation in government. Government is to serve not to rule, is not a job for amassing personal gain, it is to leave a legacy that benefits the nation.

Let the people of Africa unite, let the people be governed by those that are representative of them and not of corporations. And let Africa re-write the rules of financial engagement with Empire. Let wealth come from developing the physical economy of each country; that prosperity is based on production and infrastructure instead of borrowed worthless paper money.

Not the unity of an African federation but the unity of sovereign nations,each with its own magnificient ancient and not so ancient history, a unity of sovereign cultures celebrated by difference and not ruined by identity politics.

Without dignity there is no liberty, without justice there is no dignity, and

without (economic) independence there are no free men” Patrice Emery Lumumba


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PD Lawton

was born and grew up in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, she moved to Britain in 1987 to study at Exeter University. She did not finish her studies but followed a career in horticulture. She is now a writer and researcher of African affairs. Her work is not an attack on the British Isles. She loves the British Isles more than any place on Earth and understands that it is occupied by the City of London which does not and never had the best interests at heart for the decent and magnificent people who live on what she believes is one of the most spiritually significant places on Earth.

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