The Pursuit of Truth

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Sheikh Imran Hosein (Part I): The Pursuit of Truth

On 10 May 2022, UK Column’s Brian Gerrish, David Scott and Alex Thomson had the privilege of interviewing Sheikh Imran Hosein at length during his British speaking tour.

Sheikh Imran Hosein resides on Trinidad in the Caribbean and has developed a substantial worldwide following of Muslims—and latterly of non-Muslims—for his striking Qur’anic scholarship, his eirenic stance towards adherents of other religions, his passion for critical thinking, and his geopolitical and economic insights.

The remarkable conclusions that the Sheikh has attained arise from the combination of his scholarly tradition, which is informed by the work of Indian intellectuals in the late British Raj period such as Sir Muhammad Iqbal, and his secular studies, which have encompassed philosophy and international relations.

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