The Busy Little Isle Of Jersey

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The Busy Little Isle Of Jersey

The Busy Little Isle Of Jersey

(Excerpted from Chapter 10: The Iran/Iraq War: Big Oil & Their Bankers…)

Wealthy Saudis set up trusts on the Isle of Jersey which funded CIA weapons deals to both Saudi Arabia and Iraq during the early 1980’s.

CIA arms dealers Mike Adkinson and John Riddle used the accounts to arm Iraq, while CIA asset Jack DeVoe and Castle Bank crony Lawrence Freeman used two Isle of Jersey fronts- Compendium Trust and Sandsend Financial Consultants- to launder Columbian cartel drug money and loot Texas S&Ls.  Freeman and Devoe were business partners with Paul Helliwell, the OSS veteran and Trafficante mob partner.  Freeman was legal counsel for Helliwell’s Castle Bank. He was later indicted for money laundering.

Adkinson was a partner at West Belt National Bank in Houston, which was owned by contra supporter Jimmy Lyon, friend of George Bush Sr. and Marcello gofer Walt Mischer.  Lyon’s name came up many times in Oliver North’s diaries, once following the name of Clement Stone, a Chicago insurance magnate whose family controls the world’s largest box maker- Smurfit Stone.  Stone’s son-in-law was president of Edward Du Pont’s Avro Aviation.  Mischer’s CIA son-in-law and Trafficante mule Ray Corson used Avro planes for his money laundering junkets to Latin America.

Smurfit Stone owns a huge paper mill at Panama City, FL, near a mill owned by Alfred Du Pont’s St. Joe Paper, which was involved in shady land deals with Corson, Adkinson and Freeman.  St. Joe chairman Ed Ball owns a castle on the Isle of Jersey. [431]  CIA money launderer Richard Rossmiller also had accounts on the Isle of Jersey.  Rossmiller did business with Castle Bank associate and Richard Nixon friend John McCandish King, who was praised by Billy Graham when he founded Youth for Christ in Singapore.

New York mobster Mario Renda, whose father-in-law ran the Bank of Sicily, brokered the construction of the Saudi National Guard headquarters in Riyadh for the Long Island Construction Company in 1976.  The following year Renda partnered with Lockheed arms salesman Adnan Khashoggi to build precast concrete homes in Saudi.  Renda built hotels in Ivory Coast and negotiated to build a cement plant in Haiti through his International Planners & Developers (IPD).  But Renda saw green in the desert Kingdom. In 1979 he quit IPD and became Treasurer for the Arab International Bank of Saudi Arabia.  Renda worked with Khashoggi in looting S&Ls and helped Hungarian Steven Sandor Samos launch the Miami-based Free Trade Zone Corporation.

Samos married into the powerful Chiari family in Panama and helped numerous corporations set up tax exempt off-shore status.  Samos helped CIA drug peddlers Tony Fernandez and Ray Corona buy Sunshine State Bank of Miami.  He also owned part of Amalgamated Commercial Enterprises (ACE), which in 1985 merged into Southern Air Transport.  ACE controlled Nicaraguan contra accounts at the Banco De Iberoamerica in Panama City, which was owned by Arab Banking Corporation.

Renda was close to the CIA.  He helped CIA agent Jack Chapman loot Teamsters pension funds, wiring the funds via S&Ls to a Haitian bank called Banque Commercial which was owned by Haitian dictator Papa Doc Duvalier’s personal banker Clemard Joseph Charles.  Charles, a CIA asset since 1963, controlled the nation’s banking and insurance industries as well as Port-au-Prince’s main wharf.  He worked with the Bonnano family to set up Haiti’s first casino in 1963 and sat on the board of St. Charles Pacific with Watergate burglar Frank Sturgis.  In 1967 Papa Doc tossed Charles in jail when he discovered a CIA plot to invade Haiti being planned by US Army intelligence with help from Charles and George deMohrenshildt, the CIA Oswald handler who managed Clint Murchison’s meat-packing interests in Haiti.  de Mohrenschildt had his own business interests in Haiti, including a share in a Haitian government hemp-growing project. [432]

While Adkinson and Riddle used Isle of Jersey Saudi-controlled accounts to arm Iraq, Shah-loyalist Farhad Azima’s Global International Airways flew Enterprise arms to Iran.  Azima launched Global with loans from Boeing. It soon became one of the biggest private airlines in the world with a fleet of 20 jumbo jets.  Global ferried arms to Egyptian President Sadat on behalf of Ed Wilson’s EATSCO and his handler Ted Shackley.  Air Force investigator Gene Wheaton says Global was an arm of EATSCO and a Houston investigator claims that Wilson, Tom Clines and Richard Secord incorporated Global.  The US Defense Department was the company’s biggest customer. Azima also owned Capitol Air and Aviation Leasing Group.  Azima’s jets were used to ferry twenty-three tons of arms to the Iranians, while delivering Chinese arms to the contras. [433]

FBI agents say Global was also shipping drugs. Columbian Fernando Birbragher was a business associate of Azima and the CIA.  He teamed up with Manuel Garces to start International Finance Corporation (IFC).  CIA Pilot Jack Devoe used Bush Sr. pal and United Brands owner Carl Lindner’s Key Largo estate to land cocaine for IFC.  In 1982 Birbragher was indicted for laundering Medellin Cartel cocaine proceeds.  In 1982 Global was hired to fly Liberian President Samuel Doe and his entire Cabinet around the world to ensure Doe’s loyalty to DeBeers diamond and Firestone rubber interests in his country, where Permindex crony Louis Mortimer Bloomfield and BCI owner Tibor Rosenbaum had established an offshore banking center and expropriated the Liberian flag for their fleet of smuggling ships.

Global worked with Southern Air Transport and Evergreen Airlines, whose Intermountain Aviation affiliate blew its CIA cover when it flew the Shah into exile.  Global went bankrupt in 1983, costing US taxpayers $600,000.  A year later Capitol Air went belly up. In 1988 Utica National Bank & Trust of Tulsa collapsed after being looted by Azima’s Aviation Leasing Group.  Azima owned Buffalo Airways.  When his empire began to crumble, four officers in Buffalo suddenly became executives at James Bath’s Skyways Aircraft.  Two other Skyways officers worked at Saudi Arabian Airlines. [434]

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