South African History Revisited

In any case, when Responsible Government was granted to the Province and an election was pending, many British Afrikaners joined the late E.P. Solomon (brother of the late Sir Richard Solomon, and the late Sir William Solomon) in founding what was called the National Party.”


according to that quote the National Party was originally formed by the Uitlanders or British Afrikaners


As  mentioned previously, a matter which occupied my attention at this time was the cutting of diamonds. The Rand papers, especially the “Sunday Times”, had taken the matter up, largely on my suggestion.

I once spoke to Ewald Esselen on the subject and this is what he told me. He said: “I asked Rhodes why he did not cut diamonds in South Africa, and he replied: ` That is one of the things my masters, the Rothschilds, will not let me do`”.

In his book “An Ulsterman in Africa” the Hon. R.H. Henderson confirms what Esselsen told me about Rhodes and diamond cutting. Mr. Henderson writes: ” I remember Joe Goldie, a friend of Rhodes, saying `I have just been told by Mr. Rhodes this evening that there was only one thing on which the Jew beat him and that was to cut and polish all diamonds in Kimberley`.”( Note: one of the conditions of the loan which Rhodes obtained from the Rothschilds when floating De Beers was that all diamonds should be cut and polished in Amsterdam.)”

pg 205 -206

Cecil John Rhodes was a frontman for the Rothschilds; he considered them his masters

I have reproduced these excerpts because they are interesting; because so much of South Africa`s history is lied about and because I want to know what went wrong after Verwoerd was murdered. I am not anti- British, I am not a White nationalist, nor do I hate Jewish people or Black people or Muslims . I just want to know how the City of London manipulated and continues to manipulate its colonies. We already know why.

Source of quotes : “The Secret History of South Africa or Sixty-Five Years in the Transvaal” by H.R. Abercrombie,J.P., F.R.S.A., F.R.E.S.

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