Saudi Terrorist Indoctrination Program Hidden Within Bin Naif Rehabilitation Program

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Saudi Terrorist Indoctrination Program Hidden Within Bin Naif Rehabilitation Program

[As you can see in the links posted below, the subject of Guantanamo secret brainwashing and mind control have been a favorite topic on this site for a long time, especially relating to the idea of “proactively targeting terrorism from captured terrorists.”  There is a body of common evidence which describes the relationship of Guantanamo prison to virtually every major Sunni terrorist group in the world.  Every terrorist group embraces those militants released from Gitmo, where they always take leadership positions.  Guantanamo has cultivated a generation of militant, radical Islamist leaders, under the guise of “terrorist rehabilitation and reconditioning.”  The intimate symbiosis between Guantanamo and the Saudi rehabilitation center, Prince Mohammed bin Nayef Center for Care and Counseling.  The Saudi reconditioning program is the model used by nearly every Western country which has a terrorist rehab program, including Pakistan.  If the Saudis are really running a terrorist training program disguised as a rehabilitation program, then all of these countries are knowingly, or unknowingly, doing the same.  (SEE:  TRANSCRIPT OF DETAINEE ISN682/20160623 U ISN682)]


Guantanamo prisoner claims …

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