Reign of the Insane

geo-political analyst Harley Schlanger gives rare and much needed clarity on world affairs.

on Trumps speech at the UN:  his message that has been eclipsed  by the media was that the USA under Trump is no longer interested in carrying out regime change in foreign countries. Trump : “We need a world of sovereign states and that all states have the right to economic development”.

on the Deep State ( Washington neocons/ Wall Street/ City of London banksters) : “The hatred of industrial production and real physical economy is what`s driving all this. On the one hand bankers are still making profits from buying and selling worthless paper; there`s nothing new about that. That`s been going on for centuries. But those bankers now control governments, they control media, they control institutions like the Congress that used to debate these things. And so instead of offering solutions they`re stuck in a paradigm that has collapsed.”

Source: Rogue Money

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