Pacifique Sukisa Foundation

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Pacifique Sukisa Foundation

The Pacifique Sukisa Foundation (PSF), an initiative by Mr. and Mrs. Sukisa-Makasi, was established in March 2007 and is registered (Nonprofit Organisation: 057-448) with the Department of Social Development.

PSF’s vision is to effectively contribute to men and women’s commitment to try and make the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Africa and the interdependent world a better place.

The main objective of the PSF is to promote an effective solidarity/diversity tolerance among the people of the DRC living in South Africa, while also promoting social cohesion between DRC nationals living in South Africa and the hosts – South Africans – in line with the International Declaration of Human Rights and Democracy principles through activities such as Bible-based gathering, sport (football), DRC music concerts and other mutual activities.

The secondary objectives of the PSF are to:

  • Work in collaboration with other national and international organisations mainly based on Christian, human rights and democracy principles;
  • Empower the management committee members of the PSF with the necessary skills for the PSF to successfully achieve its objectives;
  • Ensure that the PSF members know and understand their rights and obligations in South Africa; and
  • Represent the PSF members at the South African Institutions such as Home Affairs, Police stations, courts, etc, when necessary.

Main activities and services – projects, programmes and events

To promote Human rights and gender-related issues with a main focus on children education.

The PSF wishes to support, annually, at least twelve kids struggling to attend primary education. Based on its wish to play an effective role in promoting gender equality and social cohesion among itself and the surrounding communities, the beneficiaries of this project will come from both the DRC and South African. The number of boys will have to be equal to the number of girls. In South Africa, the criteria will be based on the black and white principle while for Congolese beneficiaries, the criteria will be based on the Western/Eastern DRC principle. In order words, the Lingalaphone and Swahiliphone principle.

The PSF mains challenges are lack of funding and skills. There is growing hatred between Congolese people living in South Africa and also a lot of mistrust between the Congolese people and some South African communities. The project has potential to vitally contribute towards promoting tolerance, especially among children.

It is unfortunate that website developer has shut down the PSF without consulting the organisation. The website assisted asylum seekers to access information on asylum seeker permits, etc. The organisation prevented the deportation of many DRC asylum seekers from the Lindela Repatriation Centre. It also freed many from police custody, helped many kids to access education and others to healthcare services. During the recent xenophobic attacks on foreign nationals in South Africa, the organisation worked with undocumented migrants and especially children, in partnership with the United Nations agencies; United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, the United Nations Children’s Fund. In addition, the organisation also worked with South Africa’s Chapter nine institutions; the South African Human Rights Commission and the Commission for Gender Equality, as well as with non-governmental organisations; Save the Children, United Kingdom; Consortium for Refugees and Migrants in South Africa (CorMSA), and the Coalition Against Xenophobia, etc.

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