Listen up students in South Africa – the Master Plan is Division and Hatred

Source: Anthony Brian Logan

MTV Continues Their Triggered Crusade Against White Males With 2017 New Year Resolutions (REACTION)

Published on 21 Dec 2016

MTV News recently released a very short video on their YouTube channel (which they quickly deleted) entitled “2017 Resolutions for White Guys.” The purpose of the video was supposed to be advice from a “diverse” group of people. Allegedly. The true purpose of the video, according to the actual content of it, was simply for a variety of people to lament their grievances towards white men. CISHET style white men of course (straight white men). Franchesca Ramsey of Decoded would normally be the voice behind a video like this, but this time she was not present and a cast of random useful idiots took her place.

For a channel that produces content that rails against racism in all of it’s many facets, they sure seem to exude a lot of racism themselves. Maybe it’s because being racist towards white males is en-vogue and acceptable. It’s never OK to be racist towards a non-white person, especially not a black person in the United States. But white males? Fair game. Nobody really seems to care and it’s sort of a joke at this point. But does that make it right or a good thing to do? Of course not. Especially not for an establishment that claims to be so anti-racist.

Therein lies the rub. Far left extremist liberals claim to be so tolerant and loving of others … but that love is not unconditional. Believe as they believe and behave as they behave or be banished into oblivion with the scarlet letter of a racist on your back.

At this point, society seems to be undergoing a shift of sorts. Away from the silly, over the top, and bogus behavior of the left in favor of a more middle-of-the-road mentality. Not necessarily conservative but definitely not far left either. In the center of everything usually presents the best opportunity for people to get along instead of being hunkered down in their respective echo chambers.

This particular video on MTV News’ YouTube page actually represents unity very well. At the point in time when it was removed, it had over 22,00 dislikes and only about 300 likes. That represents unity across the board as people from all walks of life watched it and agreed how terrible it was. One can only hope that MTV and outlets like them take note of that feedback and improve. Or they won’t and they’ll fall as a result. Either one would be the benefit of online media and society in general.

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