Geo-political Analysis of our Crazy World

extremely insightful views in this interview, how the Western msm lies through its teeth about the incredibly successful recent visit by Pres. Trump to China. The Chinese think Pres. Trump is great, he was received with a very warm welcome, the Chinese consider his visit the most important state visit in recent history.

Trump is doing his utmost to lead America into a new paradigm and away from the old, decaying and disgusting uni-polar, globalist, central bankster, empire -led world of chaos, regime change, poverty and endless war.

In Europe where cowardly politicians remain under the jack-boot and in the pay of the Banksters the economy is dying if not already dead. In China,  which has liberated itself from financial vampirism by implementing Glass-Steagall and basing their economy on the PHYSICAL ECONOMY instead of derivatives trading of worthless paper money; the livelihoods of millions of people have  hugely benefitted.

In violent contrast – in the last few weeks European central banks have legislated into their banking constitutions a new form of financial cannibalism. They have legislated that there will never be a limit put on derivatives trading ( trading of currency/money – worthless paper money of the PAPER ECONOMY) and they have legislated to ban Glass-Steagall, that there will never be a separation of the banks. THEY ARE INSANE

Source: Rogue Money

Hanging with Harley (11/16/2017)

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