Gangs and Counter-Gangs in South Africa

King Tsotsi of South Africa

Julius Malema gave a speech recently on South Africa`s Youth Day. Malema continues to fulfill his role in South African politics as the City of London`s revolutionary agent.

His narrative is interesting. He uses 75% of the truth. He is talking the talk and walking the walk of a modern African revolutionary. He is all into `colonialism, imperialism, wealth inequality`.

Yes, wealth inequality – a cheap shot here, King Malema, from me to you and one that has been noted by others many times.If you care that much about the poor – why the ferrari? why the designer suits and super bling ? Oh yes, that is when you are not in your communist man of the people outfit. You condemn Zuma for his presidential palace but hey – what for you it`s ok?

Cool man you are King Malema, super cool!

Malema you are the epitome of everything that the Empire in Africa has ruled through for more than 70 years. You are the brainwashed revolutionary that DOES EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT.

Malema YOU are what should be ejected from this continent. You are the rock bottom opposite of the callibre of human being that Africa has to offer.

Malema, for the City of London,  YOU ARE PERFECT.

You call for revolution in South Africa when South Africa is in the process of the only revolution worth fighting for. Man alive, Malema you are one duped idiot.

Malema, your narrative is a very old refrain, it`s a really old, worn -out story in Africa. It is a refrain that has been sung by other synthetic ferrari owner revolutionaries just like you.

Malema, men of your calibre have demonized and assassinated the very best leadership this continent has to offer and like you they have also used the young, naive, impressionable YOUTH to do this. Malema, making you headmaster is like putting a shark in charge of the swimming pool.

Malema, face it man – you are a City of London agent. Why don`t you come clean about your funding from a billionaire? Did he buy you the ferrari and the bling watch? Does he feed you your wealth inequality lines?

Hey- let me tell you Malema – they must really drool over you in the City of London. Well they gave you the red carpet – didn`t they – an interview with Jon Snow on BBC primetime. Highlight of your revolutionary career! And all that during the Rhodes Must Fall campaign that was run by a Rhodes scholar and friend of the family- hey Julius , yes family connections and millions there.

Malema, I reckon you hate White people, I reckon you hate Black people, and I certainly think you want nothing whatsoever to do with resolving the poverty endemic in your country, I reckon you hate Poor people as much as you hate Rich people. I reckon you see poverty as something like filth on your shiny shoes. When you have your palace you will get away from Poor people like getting rid of shit off a shovel.

Africa knows your kind. Africa is sick to death of your kind and the only people you have left to dupe are the young.

Malema, I happen to like Dada Idi Amin, but I really don`t like you. You are a perfect prototype for the Empire in Africa. You are lacking in every human quality, most especially a sense of humour. Man, you are one hell of a set-up. You saying Zuma must fall makes you one and the same as the DA. Which you are, Malema – TWO FACES OF THE SAME COIN.


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