Exposing Media Subversion – “take me to your leader”

Source: Richard Hall

Published on 14 Jun 2015

In July and August 2014 Richard D. Hall toured the UK lecturing on a range of subjects including media subversion. Some very sinister practices are being used within our media to subvert and demoralise society. The most innocent of TV programmes contain subversive content, which it is argued have been constructed deliberately to dumb down the public in order to make them politically impotent. In this talk we report on the votes cast by Richplanet viewers as to which are the most subversive TV programmes. One viewer said the TV show Emmerdale made the Whicker man look like the Archers! Another viewer explained why the seemingly innocent programme “Peppa Pig” was damaging his relationship with his 3 year old daughter. Is this an accident – we don’t think so. Our advice is to throw your television set out of the window. — See http://www.richplanet.net/ for more information.

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