Dear President Donald Trump

Dear President Donald Trump

Tomorrow you will be meeting with Teresa May. She has said that she will bring you up on your attitude towards women. If she does, would you be so kind as to take the opportunity of telling her that a woman`s role is to nurture young children. Perhaps you could show her an image of Mary holding Jesus in her arms to remind her of this Christian value.

As you are already aware , perverts are not only in the highest echelons of American politics but rife in Westminster. In fact many of the better informed of the British public, understand paedophilia to be the controlling force behind the British establishment.

Teresa May and previous administrations have collectively, done nothing to protect young children in Britain from perverts. Instead they have taken extreme measures to protect perverts.

You possibly have not heard of a woman called Melanie Shaw. She has been exceptionally brave in speaking out about the sexual abuse of children  in northern England. For her extraordinary courage she has now spent 9 months in solitary confinement without  charge in this bastion of democracy, justice and human rights.

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