Coup of Kabila?

Coup of Kabila?

by  Raphael  Bahebwa Kabambire   7 December 2017

This article is intended as an early warning should we witness future changes happening in the DRC.


Rumours are circulating about a power grab of the Kinshasa government of the DRC.It appears that there are people planning to capitalize on the recent change of leadership in Zimbabwe that removed the 30 year long presidency of Robert Mugabe.

However if this planned coup in DRC is for real, it is a case of a face transplant for the Rwandan/Ugandan controlled government in Kinshasa.

Today the Congolese diaspora face a continuing state of rejection from the world at large, our voices are never heard and the facts of life that the Congolese are faced with are never presented to the general public; we are therefore in serious doubt as to how the International Community will respond to future changes in our country. For decades we have witnessed silence from the United Nations and many human rights organizations that have stood by and allowed our country to be ransacked of its resources by a handful of multinational corporations while we, the Congolese, remain among the poorest nation in the world. This injustice and the torment, murder and torture that our people continue to live with has remained an ignored issue. While the Congo remains a failed state the perpetrators continue to conduct their affairs with complete impunity.

As people we have come to the point of deeply examining and re-examining the situation in our beloved country.While people are protesing about Kabila and Tutsi power being the cause of our genocide while holding up the image of Kabila as the poster of all our suffering, we have come to the point where we realize that one man alone cannot be the cause of suffering for a whole nation.

At this point in time we come to discourage such thinking and to bring people in the Congo and the diaspora back to focus on the real problem and the real enemy.Our problem is not in the hands of one individual. We are fighting with a system and not just one system but a global system.That global system has as its motive the potential of our country`s resources and the interested parties are all set to benefit from them.The vested interests of the international community hinder the ability of our people achieving peace and prosperity.This is why our country is occupied by proxy forces. Those proxy forces that are used to terrorize and kill us are the other side of the same coin, the coin that is supposed to protect us. We know that is a fact. This system is what blocks any meaningful media coverage of what is happening to us so that we are faced daily by the ignorance of other nationalities who are unaware that they are deliberately being kept in the dark as to what has been and is taking place within the borders of the DRC since 1997.

It is not only in the DRC that such events are taking place but also in many other African states such as South Sudan. Our stories are presented on the world`s stage as ethnic wars, that we Africans suffer from `tribal intolerance.` In Congo the proxy forces are made up of foreign nationals, in other language one would call them mercenaries. But these foreign nationals are given Congolese identity so it would appear to be domestic violence and not international violation of our national sovereignty. In the case of our beloved country, soldiers from Rwanda and Uganda are used. These soldiers are the proxy forces of the hidden hand that has controlled the Kigali regime since 1994 and the Kampala regime since 1986.

Kabila is just the fall-guy for a system that is much bigger than the DRC. There are forces now who are in the process of giving the Kinshasa regime a face-lift. They are the forces that have kept this man in power , a man happy to cling to power despite the millions of political deaths that have taken place in his time. Now this system is manufacturing a solution to Kabila`s unpopularity. They are attempting to copy and paste from recent events in Zimbabwe meanwhile the story is not the same. For the DRC such an event would only be a solution for the art of politics. Unfortunately many of our Congolese citizens will be fooled by this by believing that the solution was to remove Kabila.

It is by military force that Kabila will be removed if this coup takes place. The military that we suspect will be used is the mercenary force that is used in all the Great Lakes countries when destabilization and terrorization are required to make the people submit. M23 are used as `crowd control`. Sources in Uganda say that it was M23 who were in Kampala and used by Museveni to force last year`s election.They say that people heard the M23 soldiers talking and that nobody in Kampala recognized their tongue so they were not Ugandan military.M23 have a well known reputation as extremely brutal killers.This same army are now said to be preparing to enter Kinshasa from Shaba/ Katanga province.

This coup if it takes place, is being planned in the same pattern as the assassination of Pres. Laurent Kabila and his replacement by Hippolyte Kanambe alias Joseph Kabila.Are we the Congolese, about to witness the rise of the next Hima-Tutsi manchurian candidate? If so then for us and the entire Great Lakes region our house is on fire.


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