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the following are articles coming soon from this website:

Fort Hare and the Imperial indoctrination of Africa`s leadership

African Union – purposes, controllers and political union vs sovereignty and real economics

Sierra Leone – Tony Blair, British Foreign Office, Ebola and comparisons to the Haitian earthquake of 2010

Gangs and Counter Gangs – Imperial War Strategy in Africa

The Vatican – genocide as a commercial venture in the Great Lakes

Genocide of the Afrikaner – City of London Imperialism and Germanophobia – history revisited – The Jameson Raid – catalyst of World War 1 and the rise of the Commonwealth

Malaria – Bill Billionaire Gates vs Chinese Natural Medicine

King Tsotsi of South Africa – the rise and funding of Julius Malema

Marketing Democracy in Africa – slime salesmen and the power of corruption/money

AIDS – how millions of lives can be saved by de-indoctrinating current `science`


(for anyone who has watched the Hollywood film `Oblivion` which seems to me to be one of the most representative films made about the reality of life today and the role of `real people` vs the ngo/environmental industrial complex; please note the date of apocalypse for America is 2017 – according to that film)


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and here is some wonderful philosophy (love of knowledge/wisdom) that I found written in the homework journal of a 12 year-old of France in 1951. Discovered under 4 ft of pigeon poo in the attic of an old building – discarded but not forgotten…..

Tout homme qui est un vrai homme doit apprendre a rester seul au milieu de tous. a penser seul pour tous, et au besoin contre tous”

Romain Rolland

apologies for the lack of accents in French – must get a new keyboard



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